Has Social Media Ruined Romantic Relationships?

With social media being used almost 24/7 today, wsat back and looked at the good and bad it has caused. Social media can be great for businesses and can also take a toll on many relationships, essentially causing friction in your romantic relationships. There are so many different people that you can connect with within a short amount of time. These platforms also give you the ability to chat with someone in different states, cities, etc. This can cause a lot of tension in relationships because the options have gotten bigger and bigger, and your partner now feels they must compete with someone online. Some of the people that you meet online may be in your area and some may be in a completely different state, but the attention you show a stranger can cause problems that weren’t even thought about in the early ’00s and previous years past.

They ask why relationships don’t last like they used to or why marriages now can’t hold a candle to marriages before? We’d say that there are a lot of options and some of these options don’t mind being an option which makes it harder on the relationship.

Depending on your social media usage, a few of these things can occur if you utilize them frequently. — Things such as jealousy, distance, anxiety, and depression to say the least. All these things can happen when it starts to take a toll on your relationship, negatively. Arguments now are not like arguments in previous years past. A simple “Why do you constantly like this person pictures?” can cause a problem. It may sound small, but this can lead to a full-blown breakup. Social media can bring out a lot of insecurities that we as humans try to hide or suppress. Small things can become massive, and the next thing you know you have an all-out war in your home and relationship because someone liked a picture, or someone left a comment, or someone sent a friend request.

By not addressing the small things it makes it worse and it builds and builds until someone explodes. It’s easy to say it’s just social media and it’s not real, but people can invite it into their reality without knowing or having the intentions of doing so. — According to an article published on HG.org regarding Facebook and divorces: “A study shows that one in three marriages end in divorce due to Facebook.” To avoid that road, attack and address things early-on and make your intentions clear as to why and how you utilize the platforms that you do. It’s not about being a warden it’s about making that other person feel secure in a world filled with insecurity.

Social media can be a fun place for a few laughs and business promotions, but when it comes to your relationship, make clear boundaries ahead of time before problems that started off small turn into a big mess that could have been avoided with a quick conversation. Learn your partner; and realize cutting back on social media usage to take time to just focus on each other can make a difference in your relationship.

Remember that your partner has feelings and allow them to express themselves, while assuring that room is made for you to express so as well. Social media can help promote or connect with new businesses, but when it’s time to step up and grab your relationship by the horns, go about it the right way and reassure each other. Another key thing to remember is that social media can be a lot of smoke and mirrors. Respect each other and grow through life’s adaptations.

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