Romance… & What Love Used to Be vs. Love Now

It’s that time of year when the balloons, cards, chocolates, and champagne are all overflowing. That time of year when you celebrate yourself or your significant other. Some even shower their children with sweet sentiments as well. You guessed it; Valentine’s Day. This day means so much to so many and they pull out all the stops to show that special someone how they feel.

We see it every year and each year the gifts get bigger and better, but what happened to the love and romance we had for each other back in the day? — We played the quiet storm and cuddled up with each other! Love back in the day, compared to the way we show love now, seems to be completely different. We had Luther Vandross speak so eloquently for us in a song. Let’s get that back; or how about BabyFace letting the women know that he thought of us on 2 occasions, which were both day and night, with ease. Songs like that mixed with you and your partner, simply slow dancing in the living room and enjoying each other’s company.

Some still tap in the nostalgia of what used to be and can sit at a restaurant and laugh for a while and just stare into each other’s eyes. The 1997 classic Love Jones which starred Lorenz Tate and Nia Long showed love and the power that it has if it’s real. Love now, is different than the love we knew and experienced back then. Love and romance now seems to come with social media approval or acceptance. Whereas back in the day, sending your love something to their place of work made them feel on top of the world.

No need to show the world what you got your partner; show your partner they are your world. — Simple dates that can still mean mean a lot, are things like dinner and a movie. Little things like that make for a great time for Valentine’s Day.

Fast forward to the present day; they still have simple, yet exciting things to do that will bring you and that special someone close. Indoor sports activities, escape rooms, and a huge couples favorite, sip and paint. So many new ideas and creative ways to say, Baby, I love you. Now, we’re not saying don’t go all out for your lives, just comparing the then and the now, and how back then things could be so simple, yet the romance was so pure.

Things change as time progresses, but there’s still so many different options to choose from as far as what to do and where to go. All in all, for yourself or your significant other, do what comes naturally for you and give gifts from the heart. Speak their “love language”. Plan good quiet time or time to be mentally and physically close. Smell good, look good, and feel good. Share air, space and feels throughout the day to build up a romantic anticipation for more later.

Take the time to share some thing your partner didn’t know you knew about them. — That will make anybody smile.

Love is in the air, and it does feel good for someone to show you extra attention. Even if that person that shows you attention is yourself.

Spa dates with an included massage never hurt anybody. Enjoy each other and/or yourself on this special day; whether it’s taking a trip down memory lane and going back to the heart of what dates used to be or keeping up with the time and trying something popular in the present day. Be happy on this day and remember to give and love with focused intention and do it straight from the heart.