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Woman to Woman Talk Magazine is the official Storytelling Sanctuary and Digital online Magazine for Women of Color. We highlight the stories of melanated women with Large Platforms, and/or Powerful Positions, for the purpose of spreading Valuable Life Lessons, Restoring Hope, and Promoting Wholistic Growth, Concepts and Productions within the WOC Community.

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Experience the Skindigo Difference: Science-Based Care for Radiant Skin

Are you tired of having bad skin days? Look no further! Skindigo Wellness, located in Covington, Georgia, offers a unique approach to skincare that combines nursing expertise, leadership, and a deep understanding of the science behind beautiful skin. Led by the versatile and skilled esthetician, Ms. Karma Fouch, Skindigo Wellness is dedicated to providing exceptional…

The Unprecedented Sound of Cheryl Cooley: Crafting the Beat that Shattered Norms

In the world of funk, R&B, and pop music, Cheryl Cooley stands as a pioneer and trailblazer. As the heart and soul of KLYMAXX, the first all-female funk band, Cooley’s electric passion infused the rhythmic beats that shattered norms and redefined the music industry. This outline delves into the multi-faceted talent of Cheryl Cooley, exploring…

Rikki McBride Shines Light on the Urgency of Dream-chasing: Celebrating the Success of Royal Glow Aesthetics

Hello Queen!!! Can you tell us about your journey from the corporate world to becoming an entrepreneur? What challenges did you face along the way? Certainly, my journey from the corporate world to becoming an entrepreneur has been a transformational adventure, marked by both challenges and personal growth. Initially, I thrived in the structured environment…

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