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Woman to Woman Talk Magazine is the official Storytelling Sanctuary and Digital online Magazine for Women of Color. We highlight the stories of melanated women with Large Platforms, and/or Powerful Positions, for the purpose of spreading Valuable Life Lessons, Restoring Hope, and Promoting Wholistic Growth, Concepts and Productions within the

WOC Community.

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Dr. Kameika is Using Collective Storytelling to Help Women Heal Through Infertility & Grief

As the CEO of Grief Release Publishing Inc., Dr. Kameika Hinson teaches men and women how to properly grieve and heal through writing. Dr. Kameika says that after she focuses on grieving and healing, she then figures out how to put their manuscript together to show how they overcame their grief. Dr. Kameika Hinson enjoys…

Shante James Created a Business and Solution for Kids Who Suffer From Allergies & Sensitive Skin

Hello, Woman To Woman Talk Magazine readers, Meet KID LIFE Founder, Shante James. We are confident that our readers would be attracted to her story because Shante created a brand that cares for her customer’s kids just as much as she cares for her own and wants the best for them! KID LIFE is the…

Serial Entrepreneur Netasha B. Reed Gears Up for her SUMMER Speaker Tour & 40K Program, Helping Entrepreneurs Scale 40K Months

As we approach Juneteenth, it’s important for us to showcase women of color who are our ancestors wildest dream. Author Netasha B. Reed latest book is called “The ABC’s of Being an Entrepreneur”. This is a step-by-step guide on how to run your business and MAKE MONEY while doing it. This book is for both…

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