Be Magnified: An Interview with Carolyn Wilson — Triumph & Transformation

It’s always refreshing to witness the transformation of people who are determined to be their best and live their best life regardless of their past. We at W2WT Magazine love to celebrate WOC who transcend legacy, hard work and relentless efforts towards success. 

The following interview will encourage you to share your story and have the audacity to thrive in life and have your life be a beacon to help others.

W2WT: Who are you and where are you from?

Be Magnified:Thank you for taking time for this interview. I truly appreciate this honor and look forward to your readers getting to know a little about me. My name is Carolyn Wilson and I am from the city of Brotherly Love & Sisterly Affection also known as Philadelphia. So basically, I’m a Philly Girl!

 W2WT: Can you tell us about a time when you knew it was time to do something different with and about your life?

Be Magnified: I can think of many life altering moments. The 2 most memorable times were from a discussion I had with an old supervisor back in the 90’s who said 4 powerful words that made me see things differently from the lens I was creating. I was complaining about my job and how I wasn’t getting anywhere and he simply asked me “why are you here”? Well, that made me think really hard. The job wasn’t all that bad and I actually did like it there. From that point forward I had a positive outlook and have adopted those 4 words whenever I am in a situation that doesn’t seem satisfying. Asking that question allows me to make a choice to change my circumstances to best suit me. The other time was when I found out some devastating news about my father who was my abuser. I made a bold choice at that moment based on another simple yet powerful question: 4 more powerful words someone asked me “what you gonna do?” — I decided to stand up and no longer be silent about the abuse and take a stand because no one did it for me. Because of this choice I knew it was time to do something different with my life and since then it has never been the same.

W2WT: What keeps you going and motivates you to do so much?

Be Magnified: You know it’s truly the spirit within me that keeps me going. I am often amazed at myself when I realize what I have actually accomplished and continue to create. God is the source that motivates me to keep going because I know somebody needs what I have. Somebody needs to hear my story. Somebody needs to see my life and a living testimony. Somebody needs to know that because I did, they can. Besides I love what I do, it’s what sets my soul on fire!

 W2WT: Do you have a mentor and how involved are they in your planning and goals

 Be Magnified: I’ve had so many official and unofficial mentors along this journey. But yes I presently have both.  I have invested in many mentors that are great resources because they have been where I am going. And, the ones that truly make the difference comes from my sounding board which comprises a selected few individuals who I can run ideas by and they offer insight when needed. Even with these mentors I truly am led by the spirit which is my ultimate mentor that I trust even when I don’t understand the full scope of the assignment. I just trust that if the vision was given to me that all needs will be met in order for me to execute it in the way God sees fit. . 

W2WT: Can you share about your health and wellness journey?

Be Magnified: Sure my health and wellness journey has been filled with stop and go, ups and downs, gains and losses. I have tried all kinds of “diets” and biggest loser programs but it all ended back to where I started and that was on the road to becoming unhealthy. My turning point was in October of 2019, I clearly heard “BE READY”. So I immediately thought ok God is about to do something big and I need to be ready. My life had already changed significantly from the moment I decided to use my voice and help others in the process. I had my empowerment events, my conference, my book, and a growing book tour. However, I was exhausted and I knew I needed to be ready in order for God to continue to do His work. Besides I was about to turn 50 and my mother didn’t live to be past 51 so I was on a mission to be ready for whatever was coming my way. So instead of wanting to do a diet to lose weight I opted to start on a journey of adopting a healthy lifestyle. I just wasn’t too sure of the how. And that’s when the opportunity came to be part of a program with Dr Oz and the rest is history.

70 lbs lighter, an award winning film, a school for lifelong learners to thrive, a collaboration with Les Brown who is one of the top motivational speakers in the world later and the list goes on. All because I asked myself those 4 word questions again and I made a choice to change.

Two years later I can say I am more in alignment with my mind, body and soul more so than I’ve ever been because it has become a new way of living. .

 W2WT: What advice can you give to WOC about stepping out and following their dreams? 

Be Magnified: The best advice I would give to a WOC would be to just go for it. What else does she have to lose? If she does nothing with her dreams she will 100% get nothing in return. Now if she does something with her dreams she now has a 50/50 chance that it just might be something. So, just go for it because you never know it might turn out greater than what she could have imagined. Do it even when you are scared! Do it when it doesn’t make any sense! Do it when you don’t see a way! Do it when you think you can’t! Never stop dreaming, be patient, trust the process and be grateful every step of the way stumbles, mishaps and all. 

W2TW: You have a beautiful smile, what makes you smile the most so far?

Be Magnified: Thank you! The thing that makes me smile the most is to see other people happy. Seeing other people happy makes me happy and brings me joy. Especially, when it comes by way of something I have created with that sole purpose in mind whether it’s via my book, blog, empowerment events, my film, coaching, mentoring or speaking engagements. When it boils down to it the giveback is essential to my soul. I love seeing people win and having a breakthrough from where they were to where they are going regardless of what their past circumstances may have been.  

 W2WT: What has been the biggest obstacle and most rewarding moments so far in your career?

Be Magnified: Wow, I sure can think of obstacle after obstacle that I have encountered personally and professionally. But, I would have to say that the biggest obstacles overall have been balancing my own self care, personal development, family, work, career, building a legacy and maneuvering through unchartered territories in which I am led based on God’s Plan for me all while being as a single parent. Sounds like a lot, well just note that’s only the tip of the iceberg. But, just writing that was rewarding in itself when I think about it and all that has been accomplished even with the obstacles. The most rewarding moments are when I can actually see how all the hard work and sacrifice has paid off with dividends. If I had to only choose one it would be becoming a filmmaker hands down. I was faced with so many obstacles and barriers leading up, during and after creating my documentary The Good Life. This is a true testament of my life and just how resilient I truly am and proof that you can have a good life. The bonus rewards all those that come from others becoming inspired through my journey merely confirms that there is more to come that will be even greater later. 

W2WT: What do you do to relax and take time for yourself?

 Be Magnified: When I want to relax, I simply pull out my candles, bath salts, essential oils and my kindle to take a nice relaxing bath. I take time for myself by going for long car rides to the nearest park or someplace with water. I like to be near water and nature. It’s extremely relaxing and a way for me to be centered, grounded and recharged.  

W2WT: What can we expect to see from Carolyn Wilson?

Be Magnified: You can expect to see Carolyn gracing many more stages on the global level as well as being a sought after speaker and master trainer on health & wellness, transformation, resilience, being fearless and the power of using your voice especially after past trauma & abuse.  All, while growing my school MYE Institute where lifelong learners can come to learn, grow and thrive both personally and professionally. And whatever else God has on the agenda to be divinely determined! 

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