A POP-UP Cover Story: Genise Johnson; Only The Strong Strive

Hello Queen!!! Can you start by telling us more about your experience starting the first accredited public relations school in Atlanta and how it has impacted aspiring individuals in the entertainment industry?

It was the most beautiful thing to help others and give them real education at the same time! I am blessed to be chosen to do so!

How do you balance your roles as the Owner and CEO of SL Next Level Entertainment and Management Company, as well as being a wife and mother?

I balance all of my responsibilities by praying and have a big support system. Sometimes I sit and think wow you are truly blessed to have created a family, a career and a successful business. Still have the strength to build more.

Could you share some of the challenges you faced while transitioning from property management to becoming a personal publicist and later a celebrity talent manager?

Woooo!!!! So let’s start by saying “Only The Strong Strive” the Challenges I face then and now is that you can’t think everyone is your friend. The biggest one is don’t take it personal. The worst one of all is leaving my husband and kids to go out to work.

What strategies have you implemented to help your clients gain exposure and appear on top hit television shows, music award shows, and Oscar-worthy films?

My strategy is simple just stay true to the brand to their brand but mostly your brand. Meaning know your Clients and their brand every aspect of it!

How has SL Next Level evolved and grown over the past 10 years, expanding from public relations to a multifaceted company offering services such as management, brand awareness, and activations?

Ohhhmg! The way my brand has grown is amazing! I went from wanting clients to no I can’t take anymore lol. My knowledge has grown soooo much.

There’s absolutely nothing I can’t do in this industry!

Genise Johnson

Can you give us some examples of the most memorable events you have planned and executed in major cities like Atlanta, New York, and Miami?

Wow! I planned sooo many events in my career that everyone of them are rememberable. This one particular event I was in LA throwing a Google event when the head Director gave me thanks that was my first time hearing my name in front of thousands of people that made me feel like my recognition has been recognized so I was grateful and I thank God that night for giving me the opportunity to feel that feeling.

How do you select and manage your diverse client list, ranging from Bravo & VH1 Celebrity TV Personalities to World Renowned Doctors and Top Billboard Artists?

How do I choose my clients, Thats easy if you don’t walk with God you can’t walk with me! No but honestly I have to believe in you or your brand, you have to be passionate, lastly you have to stand for something! I think I see a little bit of me in all of my clients lol

What are some of the key lessons you have learned throughout your career, as a woman of color in the entertainment industry and as a 10-time award-winning publicist?

Well I feel black women have it the worst. In this industry. In my opinion, we don’t respect one other as we should. The love it’s there and others see that.

Could you tell us about some of your experiences and challenges along the way that helped shape you into the successful go-getter you are today?

One of my biggest challenges is communication meaning I know how to communicate with myself because I see the vision but communicating with others sometimes it’s a little bit difficult because it’s like I know what I’m doing. I know how to get it done just let me get it done And the details are coming later once it’s done lol I always tell my clients just let me work lol I focus on results so if I don’t see results, it becomes a huge problem for me.

My second challenge is time management. I usually get things done as soon as it hits my desk I do not like lingering or waiting for things to get a little dust on it, so that can bother people that work around me in my office because it’s like, come on I need it done and I need it done now and that could be aggravating and become a challenge on both ends; mine and theirs.

The last challenge is organization I organize things totally different from others so my mind works totally different from others and the way I like these organized is totally different from others so that is a huge challenge in the industry for me but my organization always makes lots of sense in Indian people will say oh Gen that was a great idea lol

What advice would you give to aspiring individuals who are looking to make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry and seek recognition for their talents?

Network network network network! The industry is about who you know and what you know and always maintain to be yourself and don’t get stuck in the shenanigans. The sky is the limit and the world is yours, so go for it!!!!!