POP UP Cover: Bella Blaq Gears Up for NEW Music, Dirt Roads

Hello Queen!!!! Your rise to success has been truly remarkable. How do you stay grounded and true to yourself amidst all the fame and attention?

Aww thank you . Staying grounded is really important . Sometimes it’s a challenge but the main thing is knowing when you need those moments to self . Usually for me these times are often in the tub with some candles and bubbles or something , that keeps me kind of grounded along with proper planning and trying my best to not overwhelm myself with things that aren’t in alignment with the journey and goal .

Your unique style is one of the things that sets you apart as an artist. How would you describe your personal fashion aesthetic, and how does it influence your music?

First thing first I would love to give roses to all the artist right now . It’s beautiful to see how creative everyone is . As far as my asthetic I have always love Marilyn Monroe , Eartha Kitt, and Billie Holiday. I’ve always beeen obsessed with Hollywood glam and vintage fashion . Also I’m really into thrifting so I love to take pieces and try different things . I feel that my fashion influences my music because it’s more so of a feeling with the body and eyes and appearance and all together it flows with the creativeness of my fashion .

With over 120 million views on TikTok, your presence on social media is undeniable. How do you navigate the online space and stay connected with your fans?

I actually have a subscription based fan club . My team and I partnered with Rivet to get it converted over into one space . I had fan clubs all over each platform but I really didn’t feel like I was giving them that personal connection I wanted to have with my fans so my fan club now allows me to do so as well as accumulate data from my supporters so we can stay in touch and continue to build our family . Also Fya Man and I have our Ghetto Revivals which is a sage place for us and our fans to come together and support one another .

Your lyrics are often described as groundbreaking. What inspires you to create such powerful and impactful music ?

My music is my safe place.

Bella Blaq

When writing most times I’m telling stories of things I’ve experienced and finding different ways to share my stories with my fans and whoever will listen lol . I actually study jay z , j Cole , and Andre 3000 a lot .

Endorsement deals are a testament to your influence and success. Could you share some of your favorite collaborations and what they mean to you?

Wow. I’d say maybe my favorite collaboration was all of them . It’s so difficult to choose . I’ve partnered with Kopari Beauty , Califino Tequila, Walmart , Popeyes , Hallmark Mahogany and more . I’d say the most heartfelt collaboration was definitely Hallmark as of now .

The Pass The Crown campaign was beautiful. It allowed me to give someone I looked up to and adored her crown and flowers . Hallmark Gave us these nice gold crowns , heartfelt cards and this necklace . We were allowed to pass the crown to someone who had. Positive impact on us and that was everything . Also Meta with giving me the opportunity of Meeting Tyler Perry and Ambassador Nicole Avant was pretty amazing to .

We’ve heard rumors about major things in the works for you. Can you give us any hints about what we can expect in the near future?

I’ll be dropping my Project Dirt Roads which is executively produced by Fya Man who is a Grammy and Emmy winning producer . He’s also produced and written for Kanye West , Jay Z , Nle Choppa And so many more .

Representation is vital, especially for WOC in the music industry. How do you use your platform to empower and inspire other women of color?

Actually I have a show coming soon titled “ The Bella Blaq Experience .

The Bella blaq experience is a place where women can come, live their best lives and create magic. It is designed to help restore the confidence of these women by offering a fun and exotic experience where they can be themselves without fear of judgment. The best part of the experience is that anything these women want to do, I will do it with them .

We have done experiences like body painting, , tattoos, Spiritual healing journeys photo shoots and so much more to ensure they have the best time of their lives. I reach these women by posting on social media or meeting them in person and asking them to share their stories with me.

As an artist, what role does self-confidence play in your journey, and what advice do you have for aspiring musicians who may struggle with self-doubt?

Never doubt yourself . Even when things get shaky just know there’s always a bigger plan .

How important is it for you to connect with your fans on a personal level, and do you have any memorable fan interactions you’d like to share?

Connecting with my fans is really important to me that’s why I made the fan club lol . TikTok kept banning for me and often these platforms will shadow ban your content so you need to be able to stay in touch with ya real supporters .

Also knowing that everyone isn’t on the internet so focus on those word of mouth fans as well . One time I actually flew to visit a fan out in Alaska it was real cold but so amazing .

Lastly, could you tell us about your proudest moment of your career and why it resonates with you the most? How also can our reader stay connected with you?

I’m proud of every moment . We must always focus on the journey and the Dirts roads we cross and always know it’s never the end goals but always the paths we take.