I Am A Surivor: An Open Letter Presented By Yolanda Brathwaite

Yolanda Brathwaite’s journey as an author and creator is a testament to the power of personal experiences and the profound influence of her mother. Raised by a single parent, Yolanda’s life has been shaped by the strength and resilience she witnessed in her mother.

In an open letter about being a survivor, Yolanda bravely shares her story, drawing inspiration from her own triumphs over adversity. Her words resonate with readers who have faced similar challenges, offering hope and encouragement.

Through her writing, Yolanda aims to inspire others to embrace their own journeys of healing and growth. She believes that by sharing our stories, we can create connections that transcend our individual experiences.

Yolanda’s unique perspective as a survivor fuels her creativity as an author and creator. Her work reflects the depth of emotion and authenticity that comes from drawing on personal experiences. Through her storytelling, she invites readers into a world where vulnerability is celebrated and strength is found in the face of adversity.

As Yolanda continues to navigate life’s ups and downs, she remains committed to using her voice to uplift others. Her open letter serves as a reminder that we are all survivors in our own right, capable of finding strength within ourselves even in the darkest moments

I Am A Surivor: An Open Letter 

Presented By: Yolanda Brathwaite

Being molested at a young age forces you to grow up fast. Some turn gay, have sex issues, bad attitudes, trust issues, love too hard, live in fear, etc. Some grow a shell and others do anything it takes to be loved because most times we miss that part and don’t understand and just want to feel, be wanted, or needed because you don’t know what you did to be hurt the way you were. Most times by a person who is suppose to love you. A family member or a family friend or maybe somebody who just took advantage of you and you blame yourself for things that nobody could control. I’m a survivor of it. I used to struggle daily, get upset, love hard, get hurt easily, and at times I used to get very emotional. Maybe TMI but.. I Am NOT ashamed! I am a survivor.

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Yolanda’s talent and creativity are undeniable. Her latest book, “Tales of a Grown Girl: Sex, Drugs, and Freedom,” achieved best-seller status on Amazon. Her author journey has been so profound that her work has been transformed into a captivating stage play. The premiere of “Tales of a Grown Girl” as a stage play took place in Hempstead on September 16, 2023.

By transitioning from the pages of a book to the dynamic stage, the audience truly experienced the depth and emotion of her narratives. The stage play format offers the opportunity for visual spectacle, live performances, and a unique connection between the characters and the audience. Theater enthusiasts who see the play are in for an immersive and captivating experience. 

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