SageMoon Wellness Amplifies the Medical Healing Significance of Massage Therapy

Hello Queen!!! We are so excited to have this opportunity to talk with you today! Please tell us about your background getting into the massage industry!

Peace Goddess!!!

Thank you so much for the opportunity as well! My background getting into massage therapy started from a need of wanting to pour back into myself. I was living in Thailand at the time and massages there were equivalent to about 7 dollars. I received them often and in doing so I started to bring balance to a long issue I had with my reproductive system. My body started to heal itself through this healing modality of touch. I decided to take a course in Traditional Thai Massage while still in Thailand and I was SOLD!

What are some things you learned about the art of massage in general, that you didn’t know before pursuing the craft?

What I have learned about the art of massage is that it’s much more than just birthdays and special occasions! It is extremely healing, balancing and centering to the body. Along with guided breathwork and stretch therapy, massage allows you to release pent up trauma that is stored in the muscles you didn’t know you had. It is a way in which you can truly heal and work on yourself in a totally different light/perspective.

Can you share with us some of your most challenging moments while building business, and how you overcame them?

Some of the most challenging moments in building my business was not having a mentor to guide me and inform me of the investment it cost to run a business. Without proper funding I literally bootstrapped my business from day 1. I had to go through a lot of pitfalls and fix them on my own while still maintaining my practice.

We love your specialty in Emotional and Physical Pain Relief. Please tell us more about the emotional side of things. What services do you offer and what are some of the benefits?

Emotional & physical pain relief is very much centered around trauma informed healing.

SageMoon Wellness

My clients that come to me generally are fighting a battle much more than they can understand and comprehend.

It shows up in their bodies as lower back pain, neck pain, overthinking, can’t relax, not knowing how to surrender. It can also show up as anxiety, depression, stress or burn out. The work that I do with them is a combination of bodywork, breath work, stretch therapy and visualization. Sound therapy is also a HUGE part of my practice. Going through my own trauma over the years that is one thing that has always calmed me down. For this reason I curate and incorporate sound healing in every single session and event I offer.

My pivot is very much needed in my field. I have a wealth of knowledgr that i have acquired over the last 12 yrs and it would be selfish of me to keep it all to myself. The Most High gave me a mission to teach and mentor and that is exactly what I’m doing. Running a business truly isn’t for the weak. It takes drive, leadership and a go getter mindset. If you aren’t encouraged and pushing yourself in manifesting your dreams, it’s gonna be hard to see it come to fruition and have others see it to.

Stay the course!

This is the main reason that I had started mentorship now. I am affiliated with 3 local colleges here in NC where I go in and mentor the students. The passion became bigger and now our first big 6 week mentorship.

We’re curious to know more about your experiences as a massage therapist and how you decided to make the transition to mentoring. Can you give insight there?

My experiences as a massage therapist working in wellness has been a beautiful journey. From reversing my own 12 year infertility battle with massage and learning how to deal with trauma on a personal level I have been able to assist my clients in ways that I never thought I could. Being a trauma informed massage therapist it has allowed me the space to navigate a plethora of issues people deal with on a day to day and come up with long lasting solutions to their problems.

I started to see the need for what I do but no one in my area really doing it (or at least making it known out loud). With having a background in teaching(my time in Thailand) and my love for massage therapy it only made sense. I was on a mission to educate one client at time now I’m on a mission to educate the masses!

As a now mentor, what have been some of your most fulfilling moments while working with clients?

Some of the most fulfilling moments have been to see it just CLICK in their heads. There is an unspoken shift that naturally happens from fear to faith and they go full throttle.

Their confidence shifts to something higher, they are educated on what they are doing so it helps with how they move forward. Taking the guessing work out of what you do truly helps and sets you up for success.

Can you share with us some of the common struggles you see professionals having in the field?

The most common struggle I see with professionals is no marketing or lack thereof. It is the forefront of your business and without it in any way shape or form your business will fail I learned this much later in my career but the moment I started to take it more seriously my business grew literally overnight!

What are some things you love about the massage industry, and what are some things you’d like to see change or improve?

What I love about the massage industry? Is it is a true healing art and can help so many different walks of life? No matter what it is that you are going through. There is a healing modality for every single person, even cancer patients.

What I would like to see change is that it be recognized more in the medical industry and given as a means of treatment vs pumping people with drugs. It is truly a healing art!

Is there anything else you’re doing that you’d like our readers to know about or support you in? How can readers connect with you further?

Outside of massage I work heavily in wellness. From being a Reiki Master in 2 different traditions, a high intuitive and natural empath, my gifts allow me to work in a few areas. We also offer many events & retreats with Sage Moon Wellness. Do stay connected with us on Instagram @sagemoon.wellness, Sage Moon Wellness on Facebook or our site