Rikki McBride Shines Light on the Urgency of Dream-chasing: Celebrating the Success of Royal Glow Aesthetics

Hello Queen!!! Can you tell us about your journey from the corporate world to becoming an entrepreneur? What challenges did you face along the way?

Certainly, my journey from the corporate world to becoming an entrepreneur has been a transformational adventure, marked by both challenges and personal growth. Initially, I thrived in the structured environment of the corporate world, gaining valuable experience and insights. However, over time, I began to feel the constraints of the corporate grind and the desire for greater autonomy and creative expression.

The transition to entrepreneurship was not without its hurdles.

Rikki McBride

One of the significant challenges I faced was the uncertainty that comes with leaving a stable job to pursue a passion-driven venture. The fear of financial instability and the unknown can be daunting, and it took a considerable mental shift to overcome these concerns.

Another obstacle was the learning curve associated with running a business. The corporate world had its well-defined processes and hierarchies, whereas entrepreneurship required me to wear multiple hats, from marketing and finance to operations and customer service. It was a steep learning curve, but it allowed me to acquire a diverse skill set and become a more versatile professional.

Perhaps the most significant challenge was self-doubt and fear of failure. The entrepreneurial journey can be unpredictable, and there were moments when I questioned my decision. However, these challenges ultimately became opportunities for personal growth. They pushed me to become more resilient, adaptable, and determined.

Through perseverance and a deep commitment to my vision, I overcame these obstacles. Today, as an entrepreneur, I have the freedom to pursue my passions, make decisions that align with my values, and create a business that reflects my unique vision. While the journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurship was challenging, it has been incredibly rewarding, allowing me to chart my course and experience personal and professional fulfillment on my terms.

How did your personal experiences with your son’s health complications influence your decision to leave your job and start your own business?

It was a life-altering moment that compelled me to reevaluate my priorities and make a significant change. Witnessing my son’s health struggles firsthand created a powerful shift in my perspective. I realized that life is too short to spend it solely dedicated to a traditional job, especially when it was keeping me away from providing the care and attention my son needed.The challenges we faced as a family during his health journey illuminated the importance of flexibility and the ability to be present when it truly matters. Starting my own business allowed me to regain control over my time and work on a schedule that accommodated my son’s needs. It became a way for me to strike a balance between nurturing my professional aspirations and being there for my family in times of need. Moreover, my son’s health journey instilled in me a deep sense of resilience and determination. It reminded me of the fragility of life and the urgency of pursuing my passions and dreams. This experience served as a powerful motivator to take the leap into entrepreneurship, as I wanted to create a better future not only for myself but also for my family.

Can you share more about your successful business, Pink Rose Monograms? What made you stand out in your small town?

Pink Rose Monograms was my first venture into entrepreneurship. I went in head first after hit the ground running. I went to ever trade show, every pageant in my town (because those were HUGE there, and I always perfected my craft. I made sure to stay on top of all of the latest trends and constantly be seen and I was never afraid to give back.

How did your upbringing and watching your mother run her own businesses inspire you to become an entrepreneur?

My journey into entrepreneurship was deeply influenced by my upbringing and the remarkable example set by my incredible mother. She’s truly a treasure, possessing a heart of gold! From as far back as I can remember, she was always at the helm of her own businesses. It’s almost amusing to think about it because even her daycare in Miami, Florida, was named after my sister and me – a testament to her unwavering dedication.

When our family moved from Miami to Georgia, she transitioned into a role as an instructor at the local college. Later on, due to health reasons, she decided to step away from teaching and embarked on yet another entrepreneurial endeavor by opening her next brick-and-mortar business.

Reflecting on those formative years, it’s almost as if the stars were aligning for me to follow in her illustrious footsteps. I can’t help but marvel at the thought of trying to fill her shoes, as her resilience, determination, and passion for entrepreneurship have left an indelible mark on my own journey. She’s not just a mother, but a role model who’s shown me the way to pursue my own entrepreneurial dreams.

What motivated you to pursue a career in wellness and skincare? How did you manage to juggle multiple jobs and attend esthetician school at night?

Well, you know, the journey to pursuing a career in wellness and skincare has been quite the adventure for me. It all started with a deep passion and a personal journey towards self-improvement and self-care. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of helping others look and feel their best. Seeing the transformation that skincare and wellness practices can bring to someone’s life is incredibly rewarding. So, that initial spark of motivation was born out of a genuine desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives. I’ve been in the medical field for over 5 years now. I’m a certified Medical Assistant, Phlebotomist, and Allied Health Instructor. I’m also certified in CPR.

Wellness has always been HUGE for me. With my son having the issues he has, myself dealing with Cervical Cancer and having to have a full hysterectomy at the age of 26, wellness is so important to me. juggling multiple jobs and attending esthetician school at night, it wasn’t a walk in the park, that’s for sure! It required a lot of dedication and time management. I had to meticulously plan my days, allocate specific hours for my various jobs, and then head to school in the evening.

It was challenging, but my determination to gain the knowledge and skills needed for a career in skincare kept me going. I believed in the importance of investing in my education, even if it meant burning the midnight oil after a long day of work. Plus, the support of my family and friends played a crucial role in helping me manage my busy schedule.

Looking back, I can proudly say that all the hard work was absolutely worth it.

Rikki McBride

It not only allowed me to pursue my passion but also gave me the tools to help others on their journey to healthier, more radiant skin. It’s a constant source of motivation, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to combine my love for wellness and skincare into a fulfilling career.

Can you tell us about the journey of opening your thriving day spa in Atlanta? What challenges did you face during the process?

Opening my day spa in Atlanta was not an easy task! It has been a lot of crying days and sleepless nights. A lot of blood sweat and tears went into this. I moved to Atlanta so that I could open this spa because I was always a dream of mine to have my own location. While in school I knew I did not no longer want to work for anyone else and this would be my opportunity to do just that.

It took me a FULL year after I moved here to even jump out and get started. I was terrified but in a good way. I finally jumped off the porch and business was NOT business like I had played in my mind and I knew I had to do something. I found a mentor (Candace Holyfield) and I haven’t regretted it one bit. I went from barely booked to booked out for weeks at a time, now servicing Celebrity Clients, working events and all the things I came to Atlanta to do. I came here with one a one track mindframe, to become a Celebrity Esthetician and serve my community while doing what I love.

How has mentorship and collaboration with industry experts like Six Figure Spa Chick and Candace Holyfield impacted your business and personal growth?

Collaborating with industry, Six Figure Spa Chick; Candace Holyfield has been an absolute game-changer for both my business and personal growth. To say that my business would still be struggling without their guidance would be an understatement. She has played a pivotal role in my journey.

Candace Holyfield has not only offered invaluable insights but have also provided a clear roadmap to turn my vision into a reality. I remember sharing my aspirations with her, and she promptly offered a comprehensive game plan and blueprint to achieve my goals. It was then up to me to execute her strategies, and I can proudly say that I’ve been exceeding expectations, thanks to the wisdom and knowledge she’s shared.

Candace Holyfield, has taken me under her wing, and I owe a significant portion of my current success to her. Her mentorship has been a lifeline, rescuing me from the challenges I faced when I initially moved to Atlanta. At that point, I was stuck, hitting roadblocks, and struggling to step out of my comfort zone. Candace helped me realize that to truly excel, I needed to embrace change and adapt quickly. It was something I had known I should do but never took action on until I started working with her.

She not only serves as my personal accountability coach but has also become a trusted business partner. I’m forever grateful to have Candace in my life and on this transformative journey. Her friendship and guidance have been immeasurable blessings, propelling me towards greatness and inspiring me to reach new heights in my business.

As an Accountability Coach for new Beauty CEOs, what advice do you have for beauty professionals seeking accountability in their own unique journeys?

As an Accountability Coach specializing in guiding new Beauty CEOs on their entrepreneurial journeys, I understand the importance of accountability in the beauty industry. For beauty professionals seeking accountability in their own unique journeys, I recommend a few key strategies. Firstly, it’s essential to set clear and specific goals, both short-term and long-term, that align with your aspirations. Once you’ve defined your goals, break them down into smaller, actionable steps to make your journey more manageable and less overwhelming.

Creating a timeline with deadlines for each step ensures you maintain focus and make steady progress. Staying organized is another critical element of accountability. Invest in tools and systems that work best for you, whether it’s a physical planner, digital apps, or project management tools, to keep track of your tasks and deadlines.

Establish a routine that aligns with your goals, whether it involves daily practice of your craft or dedicated hours for your beauty business. Be prepared for setbacks and failures, as they are part of the journey. Rather than getting discouraged, view them as opportunities for growth and learning. celebrate your wins, no matter how small, to boost motivation and reinforce your commitment to your journey.

Lastly, remember that your path is unique to you. Avoid comparing yourself to others and stay true to your vision, adapting as needed and refining your goals as you gain more clarity.

Can you share more about your involvement in the Pitch Competition Sponsor for the 5th Annual Black Spa Expo?

My journey alongside Candace, who has been an invaluable mentor, has been incredibly enlightening. Among the many lessons she’s imparted, mastering the art of pitching has been a standout.

This event, the 5th Annual Black Spa Expo, is more than just a competition; it’s a celebration of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship within the beauty and spa industry, particularly among Black professionals. To contribute to this platform, to be part of a community striving for excellence and empowerment, is something that resonates deeply with me. To me, this involvement signifies a commitment to supporting and uplifting emerging talents, fostering growth, and paying forward the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained. It’s about providing a platform for individuals to shine, share their vision, and bring their dreams to fruition. As a judge, I look forward to witnessing the incredible ideas and talents that will undoubtedly grace the stage and being part of the journey as these entrepreneurs take their next steps towards success.

How has shedding imposter syndrome and embracing your true self impacted your confidence and success as an entrepreneur?

Shedding imposter syndrome and fully embracing my authentic self has been an absolute game-changer in my entrepreneurial journey. It’s like unlocking a hidden power within.

Firstly, it’s given me an unwavering sense of self-belief that has propelled my confidence to new heights. No longer plagued by self-doubt, I can approach challenges with a fearless attitude.

This transformation has also had a profound impact on how I present myself and my business. Authenticity breeds authenticity, and by being true to who I am, I’ve attracted like-minded clients and partners who resonate with my vision and values. My brand has become more relatable and genuine.

Furthermore, shedding imposter syndrome has allowed me to take more calculated risks. I no longer second-guess my decisions but trust my intuition and expertise. This willingness to embrace opportunities, even if they seem daunting, has opened doors to remarkable growth and innovation. The shift from imposter syndrome to authenticity has not only boosted my personal confidence but has translated into tangible success as an entrepreneur.

It’s about stepping into my true power, embracing my uniqueness, and using it as a driving force to achieve my goals and make a meaningful impact in my industry.