AUG/SEPT COVER Story: Survivor & Champion Dr. Dee “Dee Soul” Screen

Hello Queen!!! We are blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to talk with you today! – Please share with us, what life was like for you as a little girl? Where did you grow up and what were some of your fondest memories?

I grew up in between Hollywood, Fl. and Tampa Fl. My happiest moments were always at my granny house. Every Friday everyone gathered at grannies house for what they named “Fish Fry Friday’s”always cooking grits biscuits and frying fish. They would sit around outside in the yard and on the porch playing old school music while us younger ones would play hopscotch and other games. These were my happiest moments and my grand Dad whom everyone called Dad and my uncle Bopeet played a major role in that happiness. They would drink they beer and say some of the funniest things that had everyone laughing.

I stayed with my granny until the age of six years old then relocated to Tampa Fl to live with my mother whom I had never met due to my granny raising me from birth. I wish I could say the transition began with good memories, but that’s not the case.

By the time I was 8 years old that’s when my nightmares began. My childhood innocence was stolen and these traumatic experiences carried into my adulthood.

How have some of your childhood experiences shaped you to be the woman you are today?

Going into my adulthood I had to look back and reevaluate and it made me realize that this was the only way I would be able to evolve and walk in my purpose because old things have past away and who I was is not who I am in this day.

My strength and Faith are so strong and God keeps me with order and allowing me to use my experience in changing lives one day at a time always remembering who’s I am. That keeps me standing on who I am.

In reference to dealing with sexual abuse in the home as a child, what are some things parents or other loved ones can look for as signs this may be happening to a child in their family?

Behavioral changes

Afraid of being left alone with the individual who’s abusing them

Changing eating habits 

Sleeping order changes

The knowledge of sex at a very young age 

Inappropriate Behavior 

How did this terrible time come to an end for you and how have you managed mentally and emotionally, with processing everything that happened to you?

It came to an end when I broke my silence and used my voice and stood up to my abuser

By speaking to other victims and sharing my story and them hearing and physically seeing the strength of change in me gives them a mental breakthrough of hope that things can change and get better.

Please share with us your experience with domestic violence in your own relationship. Do you think there’s a connection here, to the trauma you experienced as a child?

I was that child that lived through the disfunction and seeing my mother abused and fighting so to me it was the norm and even though I remember saying as a kid that will never happen to me, I walked right into those familiar doors and attached it to the childhood drama I was still silently carrying adding layers of pain because at that time in my life I didn’t have or knew the first step of healing

What are some things you learned about yourself and about the abusive people you’ve come in contact with?

I’ve learned that in order to know how to love, I had to learn the process and trust the process of healing.

Dr. Dee Screen

What is life like for you now and what is some good advice you can share with other women looking to heal and prosper from their own past traumas?

I always say, in order to find me, I had to first seek thee to began my journey of healing and knowing true meaning of not just how to love, but to receive it as well.

What has your support system been like during your life’s trials and transitions?

Before my granny passed in 2011 she was my confidant whom listened and never judged me and she was my safe space where I always felt protected.

As a Mother throughout everything, what has it been like keeping your children safe and teaching them to become healthy and successful adults?

I was and probably still is very over protective over my children and I’ve always kept it real with my children and told them the truth whether it was inside our home or speaking about the streets and as they got older we had those talks about protecting themselves sexually, the talks I never remember having with my parent.

We love what you’ve done in your own professional career! Please tell us more about that; how you got started in the beauty industry and what your planning to do going forward.

Some that know me, misinterpret me of trying to be perfect because of my OCD, but I just like things such as myself and my home perfectly clean cause my granny use to have a saying “A cluttered space is a cluttered mind whom doesn’t know whether they coming or going in which way of life to start.

So I believe in matching your inner you by helping you de clutter and heal your mind to feel good along with your outside, so I just long helping people feel good about themselves in a whole. My goal is my next to purchase no longer rent and complete my one stop Spa.

Please talk to us more about your product line. How did you go about finding good manufacturers and what are some of the missions behind your brand?

My product line came about do to my kids and I share sensitive skin and some suffers from eczema and I shop numerous of products that worked but never lasted, so I started playing around with oils until I came across a recipe that actually worked and then began to search for a manufacturer that would agree to my ingredients and the rest is history and I’m doing very well with the mission of all natural vegan products that do not irritate the skin and works with all skin types.

We understand that you also work within the music and entertainment industry! Tell us more about your background there and what you’re doing in that space today.

I use to manage my daughter for years which she is 37 now and found I had a love for all types of music especially Gospel and music that’s motivating towards change for better. The older I became I reared away from music always talking about sex guns and violence. I love music with substance and meaning.

I took a break for a minute because I kept running into artist who think they manager supposed to pay their way up in through the industry and some that just wanted to perform but not put in the work because they are not completely focused and lost the real reason they do music. And let me make this very clear I’m not trying to live my dream through anyone cause music has never been my dream and absolutely no one will ever use me again. Where I’m at now I do have someone I’m working with and that’s all I’m going to say.

How do you manage to balance all of the roles you have? How do you keep it all organized and in motion?

When you’ve been doing it for so long you know when to turn each level off and on

What role does your faith play in your success journey? And are there any words of encouragement you can offer for the WOC who is losing faith and/or hope?

I know at times it may seem tough, but stand on your faith and push through and even when you feel lonely, you are not alone.

And it may not seem easy, but I know you have what it takes and surround yourself with women who not afraid to pray with you, collaborate and not compete and celebrate you instead of silently tare you down.

Have you been inspired by anyone you’d like to give props to? If so, what was so inspiring about them and what did you learn by being a witness to their journey?

My God sister Yolanda Norates in Florida whom always tell me I inspire her. She and her husband have three night clubs and recently opened a restaurant and they both younger than me, but she’s always speaking life in me and pushing me to my greatest and sometimes we all need a little push.

What do you hope our readers takeaway from your story?

No matter what situation you are in, anybody can change and change is in everyone.

What does legacy mean to you and how does the work you do now help shape your legacy?

My legacy means a lot and I will be well remembered for my humbleness and generosity of always helping others.

What are some tips you can share with our readers, when it comes to prioritizing their long-term success and being disciplined in the present day?

Get you a journal

What can we look forward to from your platforms within the next 6months to a year?

New marketing strategies and advertisements

How can we stay connected with your work and initiatives?

And Da Soul Touch on other platforms.


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