Author, Entrepreneur and Community Advocate Raises $4M towards Fighting Human Trafficking, Sex Abuse & DV – Announces Upcoming Retreat

Meet Sophia A. Strother, a Board Member of Allies Against Slavery and the Facilitator for the Texas Human Trafficking Survivor Leadership Council. Her passion to rid the world of human trafficking along with enhancing communities one family at a time has led to her raising over $4 million dollars by assisting nonprofits, faith-based organizations, and small businesses through producing live events, grant writing, and crowdfunding.

Sophia founded Empowerment Driven by Knowledge Coalition (EDKC), a nonprofit organization that managed a statewide awareness campaign on sexual abuse, domestic violence and human trafficking titled #GETLOUDGETOUT.

In August it’s a time to acknowledge and appreciate black-owned businesses across the nation as we celebrate Black Business Month.

What a great time to spotlight Sophia, a rising star in the entrepreneurial world. Additional businesses she has founded include L2E Industries, LLC, a premier courier service that is one of Amazon’s top contracted delivery service partners.

Also, she’s the co-founder of Meraki Medical Associates, a mobile clinic to fight the negative impact of COVID-19 toward Black and Brown communities.

Sophia is gearing up for the Learning 2 Exhale Symposium & Retreat. This event is empowering and to not be missed. You’re not alone! Rise above your now and be free from the past, people, and self-imposed barriers. All it takes is the desire to succeed and implement the ‘Learning 2 Exhale Restoration Philosophy. By the end of this symposium, you’ll have the keys to change your mindset and take control of your wealth journey.

What was the inspiration behind you becoming an entrepreneur?

I wanted to be able to give God’s people the keys they needed to prosper.

Who do you feel is your target audience for this retreat?


What do you define as success?

Success is peace via my MIND, BODY, SOUL, and HOME.

What is your proudest business accomplishment?

My proudest moments are hearing the testimonials from my team that they were able to buy their first home, get a new car, or start a family while working for L2E!

What’s your best piece of advice for aspiring and new entrepreneurs?

Build out your support network and plan for obstacles. You may not be able to identify all of the barriers that may arise however you can condition your mind for resiliency and being able to pivot if something arises.

More on Sophia A. Strother

Sophia is the author of two books “Sophia I’m Back” and “Taking My Life Back” 9 Week Study Guide detailing her own journey of survival and helping others to overcome their adversities. She has spoken at numerous conventions including the Global Human Sex Trafficking Prevention and Awareness Virtual Summit, the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault Conference, and the Light the Way Human Trafficking Conference hosted by The Texas Department of Family & Protective Services to name a few more recently.

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