Trauma to Triumph: The Success Story of Brooklyn Sky Collection Owner, Laurencia Burt

Some of Brooklyn Sky Collection Owner, Laurencia Burt’s most proudest accomplishments as an entrepreneur include pitching and becoming a supplier with 5 GNC stores, becoming a supplier for Zoet Beauty Supply Store, and becoming a Women Owned Certified business in October of 2022 to name a few.

However, it took a lot for Laurencia to get to this vast point of the successful career she has now. During National Black Business Month, it’s vital to highlight the trauma and setbacks that turn into victory and resilience on the path of conquering goals and having dreams come true.

The Brooklyn Sky Collection founder Laurencia Burt struggled with homelessness as a child where she and her family sometimes slept in churches and even their car. This fueled her passion to become a social worker as an adult. She wanted to be the person she needed as a child. She went on to get married, have children and thrive. Just when Laurencia thought that life traumas were over she was sexually assaulted at work. Due to the way in which she was treated by her company after reporting the assault, Laurencia decided she needed to build a brand so that her children and others would never be stuck in an unhealthy, toxic or unkind work environment. Thus Brooklyn Sky Collection was born.

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Due to her resilience and hard work, she was able to get her products into GNC stores. She did this by simply walking in a store and pitching her products with no prior knowledge of retail and no previous relationship with the company. This shows her determination to win.

What do you define as success?

Success is having my family and friends who truly love me to be apart of this journey with me.

Do you believe in work-life balance? If so how do you maintain it?

Yes, I believe in work-life balance. However, I’m still a work in progress. I’ve had to begin creating a calendar for myself to try to create a measurable family/work calendar. Sometimes it works and then sometimes it’s an epic fail. Now, I really try to keep open communication with my family on carving a calendar schedule that works for them while I also add my self-care days too.

August is Black Business Month. How important is supporting other Black Businesses?

It’s very important we support Black businesses. We make up only about 6% of brands on retail shelves and are underfunded.

What motivates you daily?

My late mother’s love motivates me daily. Knowing and seeing everything she had to endure while doing her best to take care of us. She was diagnosed with Lupus and began having medical complications when I was age 11/12. Shortly, she had difficulty caring for herself to severe joint pain and wasn’t able to work at times as a school teacher. We were homeless several times throughout my childhood until I went away to college. Even through those times, she still tries to keep her children’s spirits up when we sleep in a car, a church or sleep on someone’s floor. Knowing she is always with me keeps me grounded and wanting to make her proud.

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