Pamper Me Total Beauty Looks Forward to Expansion: A Beauty & Spa Industry Success Story; True to This, NOT New to This

Hello Queen!!! We are absolutely honored to have the pleasure of speaking with you today!!! Please tell us more about your back story! What was life like as a child and where are you from?

I was born and raised in Nashville Tn. Surrounded by a close-knit family that always encourage me to push toward my dreams and goals. I was raised by a single mom of 3 daughters that had a great support system. She taught us that hard work pays off. My mother is one of the hardest working women I know. Even though looking back I see the major woes and obstacles we overcame, and I dare not say that it was a perfect childhood. But I learned a lot of lessons and saw a lot as a child.

I think the discipline that was issued by my mother and other relatives was used as a bumper to keep me moving back on the right path. As a child I also played in the band and then marching band in high school. I also took cosmetology in high school which was my passion from as early as I can remember.

I remember as a child having a natural talent to style hair. I was often asked by relatives, neighbors and friends to come and do their hair. The desire to be a cosmetologist was always in my heart.

Were you always focused on entrepreneurship? How did you learn more about becoming your own boss and tackling the challenges of starting a new business?

Shortly after high school I worked in various industries for a couple of years. Got married in 1994 during this time I worked at Kindercare learning center as a toddler teacher. It was around this time I realized I needed to focus on my true passion.

So, in 1995 in I enrolled in Jon Nave University which is where I received training for my master cosmetology. I began working at Karen Hair Design in 1995-1996 before I graduated cosmetology school. I also turned a room in my home into an at home salon and began taking clients at home. In ended up leaving school and not finishing for about a year and then enrolled back into another cosmetology program to finish my hours in 1998.

In 1999 my husband and I moved to Atlanta where we didn’t know anyone. I got a job working as a beauty adviser for Estee Lauder Companies at Riches. About one year later I was a business manager for the company and this is where I learned so much about running a business.

The company I worked for inspired me to always make it happen. They would invest a lot of training into there managers and employee. I also received elevated esthetic training through the company where I was 1 of 5 chosen to receive this training in all the US. In this position I became a Spa specialist that I would travel all over doing pop up spa event doing luxury European facials selling their skincare. This was purpose and destiny. Preparing me for my company.

Essentially it was part of the process. I call it purpose and destiny that working for this major company would be what I needed to equip me to run a business. After all I ran their business. I would begin to see myself doing this for my own company.

Is there any advice you can offer rising beauty pros and estheticians/stylists etc who are looking to open a physical location?

My advice would be to get a mentor and ask the tough questions about the industry. Don’t be to prideful to work under someone else to develop your skillset. You can always learn more. Try to do your due diligence before opening a business to prevent making large mistakes.

We love the way you combine skin, body and hair! Please tell us more about that “Total Beauty” experience, offered only at your place!

We believe that all people no matter what, need to take time out for themselves. Our goal is to create and promote selfcare experiences that will promote relaxation, restoration, and a time of refreshing. We offer hair, body treatments, skin treatments, teeth whitening and wellness options that our clients can curate the perfect selfcare experience that is perfect for them.

We like to have a thorough consultation and ask questions about what concerns they have, what re their goals in terms of hair, skin and beauty. And then create the perfect self-care journey to solve their problems from head to toe. Whether its hair and scalp issues we have a healthy hair club that will address their concerns or breakouts and hyperpigmentation on the skin and body we will customize a treatment plan to get them to their goals.

Considering the full family, what are some services you recommend for men or for couples that families should take advantage of?

For male special occasions and things like Father’s Day we offer customized packages “The Men Zen Experience” that include a Gentlemen Facial with hand and arm treatment, back Scrub with back massage, and a foot treatment. “The Royal Treatment” includes a the facial, body scrub, massage, and foot treatment with ionic foot detox.

What are some things you wish more WOC knew about self-care maintenance and wellness needs?

We can give only what we have.

LaShondra Swanson

Therefore, making sure your self is taken care of to be able to take care of others is paramount. Putting your selfcare and wellness needs first will be the key to making sure you have the mental peace and energy to help and care for others.

Please tell us about your products!!! What do you offer, what are the benefits and what are some takeaways you have from the process of creating and launching your own products?

We have our own clinical private label of skincare that is cruelty free, vegan, and free of all harmful ingredients that deliver great results. Our most sought after is our even skin treatment that will help to dramatically diminish uneven skin tone. We also carry a physician formulated skincare line that is effective anti-aging repair. We offer yoni oil and cleansers, body butters as well as haircare products that will help with hair growth.

With summertime upon us, what are some total beauty tips you can share with our readers to help them slay the season!?

I believe that every woman and man should have a skincare and beauty routine that help them have a fresh healthy glowing complexion. I highly recommend a daily skincare routine which include a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and spf daily, plus use an eye cream to keep the eye area look more youthful. For body make sure to exfoliate to reveal a more smoother glowing skin on the body. We offer full body scrubs to help with that! For a super cute hair look we can help you define your natural curls for a simple cute curly look, Or a sleekponytail that add a youthful and elegant look.

But, the best beauty tip I would offer is stay hydrated with water and moisturizer and get plenty of rest.

With all your knowledge and experience, what do you feel is next for your brand and business? What can we look forward to within the next year or so?

I have a list of things I want to implement for the brand and the one that I will share is opening another location and offering more online products and memberships to add value to the client experience.

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