July/August COVER Story: Brittany Passion, Live Laugh Love!

Hello Queen!!! Please tell us more about who you are and what you do! Please tell us what life was like for you as a child!

Hey yallllll!!! It’s ya girl Brittany Passion, no talk all action. I believe I was born to soar and shine my light and energetic personality on everyone around me. That is truly my purpose and passion. I love igniting the fire in others.

I am a Booking Agent, Brand Consultant, the CEO of The Passion Xperience Agency/Resource Hub and Uphoric Xpressions Skin, Beauty and Wellness line. I am  also a Media Personality, Actress and Model as well as a

 Self-Care,  Womans’ Empowerment and Mental Health Awareness Advocate. Lastly, I am a Case Manager/ Counselor working with foster care kids and at risk youth.

Life for me as a child was rough but it made me who I am today !! Im from Dayton OH or The DYT as we call it. Dayton, OH is very small, hard core and a lot of people do not make it out. As a child I grew up way too fast having to help raise my younger sisters at an super early age, my father being in the streets and not in my life then him eventually an addict, running away at 16/17, having to protect/defend myself and my sisters constantly, getting bullied/ jumped on for bring vibrant, pretty and smart, seeing my mother struggle and making numerous sacrifices, working multiple jobs to provide for our family, etc.

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There have been numerous obstacles that I have had to overcome, and those obstacles are the driving force behind my passion and purpose…Ultimately Dayton, OH taught me how to survive and thrive in adversity, so I know that there is literally nothing in this world that I cannot do. Without Struggle there is no progress.

When did you know you were interested in performing arts and entertainment?

I knew at an early age yall. My mom had me in dance, modeling, cheer, violin, flute, theater etc. I also would line up my stuffed animals, barbie and baby dolls and use my karoeke machine mic to entertain and talk to them. My aunts and grandmother would tell me they knew I was made for this because I would take their hats, heels and makeup and put I’m a show. For me thus was therapy, an outlet and I knew that it would someone always be a part of my life. Using all of my gifts to touch and inspire others.

What were some of your initial industry fears when you decided to seriously break into the professional industry? How did you overcome?

When I decided to break into the industry I didn’t have any idea of the how or what . I literally took a leap of faith because I felt God was calling me. A few fears I initially had were:

1. Not being taken seriously/ being judged

2. Rejection

3. Lack of support 

And the crazy thing is, at some point I’be experienced each one of those things collectively and individually but I did not give up. I learned to embrace the journey and channel those fears.

I’ve learned you have to be vulnerable, authentic and put yourself out there sometimes for a vision that nobody can see but you.

Brittany Passion
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What has your support system been like along your journey?

Support, support, support. My support system along my journey has been up and down. I’m a huge supporter of anyone in my life and just a cheerleader of people reaching their highest potential all around. I’m a natural nurturer and giver so I want everyone to win. So, at times when it has not been reciprocated, it would hurt . Hurt like hell.

I’ve lost friends, relationships, tough talks with family etc throughout this process. But I gained self discovery and awareness and realized, those who are meant to be in my life are here and that those seasons with other people have passed. And that it is okay. I was not okay with that for a while. Because I couldn’t wrap my head around , how people could not support me trying to better myself and go after my wildest dreams. But sometimes people aren’t ready to go after their dreams so those insecurities are projected onto you. Or people feel that yall were once on the same level and they don’t know how you did it or feel they’ll be left behind and some are just haters or want to keep you in the box they put you in so they start acting weird or trying to make you feel guilty for wanting and doing more.

But none of that matters because you have a calling and a purpose and those people who you thought would be there will be replaced with those you will truly be there. And during your process, youll learn that in the beginning you may have to walk alone at first for a bit because your next level requires a different you and everybody can’t go. But eventually your tribe will find you. 

I’m grateful for my family and friends who genuinely supports me no matter what I have going on. Even though I do get super busy at times and can’t see them as much as I would like , they love me unconditionally and want to see me win. So many prayers and blessings to my family, my close friends, business partners, supporters, strangers, the passion posse, fans, mentors, my sorority sisters and industry peers, I love yall and thank yall for being my rock and community. We need people and I got yall !!!

What has dating been like for you? Is it difficult to find people who are genuine and not looking for opportunities?

Dating for me has been up and down as well. Its like the whether in Atlanta. Some days it’s nice out and others a thunder storm. Previously to switching career paths/ breaking into the industry I had no problem with dating. I stayed booed up or in a relationship even though some of them were not the best. Those relationships made me who I am today. The good, the bad, the real bad and the ugly. But fast forward, now dating has been difficult and it is extremely hard to find genuine men sometimes.

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Some are looking for the next opportunity or they are intimidated by my accolades and go getter mindset.

But I want a partner who is just as secure in himself and his goals. Someone who can understand me and my purpose and not be afraid of who I am or what I do. Someone who we can build our dreams together. I know God has someone for me and I’ve been intentionally doing my part as well now and putting more effort into my dating life like I do my career so pray for ya girl yall.

What does it take for a mate to be understanding and supportive of a professional model/actress or entertainer?

Whewwwww great question. It is not easy dating an entertainer. This is not for the weak I will tell you that. But it’s no different than dating athletes, music stars, surgeons or entrepreneurs. It takes a lot of prayer, meditation and wine lol. For a mate to be understanding and supportive it also takes trust, flexibility and empathy of our demanding schedules and pressures that come with it.

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If you’re dating or want to date an entertainer you can help by being a source of motivation during their success and setbacks, showing interest in their work by attending events, offering emotional support, creating a safe space for them to open up, celebrate them , be patient, encourage self care and be intentional about yall time spent together. I love flowers, seafood and massages lol. 

What are some things you wish were different about the current dating scene and why?

Honestly, I wish the current dating scene was more transparent and equally yoked . I’ve noticed a lack of intentionality , respect and upfront communication of wants, needs and desires.

These days some of us have felt the need to dim our lights for the comfortability of finding somebody or people aren’t as secure with certain things but fail to communicate it. It’s like people just tell each other what they want to hear but that can only last so long. And the effort is very lack luster. We all need to learn and love ourselves first . I am super hopeful and ready because once you do the work within you will attract what you need at the right time and it will all be worth it.

Please tell us about your experience on Reality TV, vía OWN TV’s “Put A Ring On It”! What was the process like from casting to production?

This was definitely an Xperience !!! I was super ready and excited to hop back on the dating scene and started being real international about it and then I was brought an opportunity to date on national TV. I’m like God… you are funny. But I guess when you manifest and speak your hearts desires, you will attract just that. Just never thought I would be knowingly dating someone else’s man in front of the world so it was interesting yet needed.

The casting process was a few months and I had about 5 different interviews with quite a bit of people. They definitely have to vet people out and make sure you aren’t crazy lol. I was worried because you never know how you will be portrayed or how they will edit everything. But honestly, I enjoyed the journey and learned a lot about relationships, dating and myself throughout this process. This show is not scripted at all so it was real and in the moment (whewwww chile). 

I now understand why people don’t watch themselves or read the comments because babyyy … I was called extra, thirsty, too much , man stealer and some other things. But I didn’t let it get to me or deter me. And when I come to think about it , they didn’t lie.

I am extra and I am a lot. I have a lot of love and passion to give.

Brittany Passion
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If I had the opportunity to do it again I would. I always go so fearlessly after my goals so it’s time I do the same thing for love. And what’s for me will find me and it won’t be somebody else’s man. I am the prize !!! If you haven’t seen Put A Ring On It Season 4 make sure you tune in. I think I come in on episode 4.

What have your dating experiences been like since the show has aired? Any success stories or horror stories? Lol

Since the show has aired my dating life has been quite interesting. Listen, the men are definitely coming out lol. And I’m not sure if it’s due to the show or because of the energy, prayers and the MAN- infesting post I’ve been doing. No success stories yet but it’s definitely coming. Might have some contenders soon. Lol.

What’s your ideal date? From the ideal person to the ideal experience?

My ideal date would be to just randomly and spontaneously get on a plane and travel to another state we haven’t been to for a weekend getaway. We would stay in a luxury hotel, go to an upscale restaurant I’ve wanting to go to, explore the city and just talk, laugh and dance the night away.

Are there any relationship tips you can offer to the younger girls coming into the entertainment industry, who are trying to maintain romantic happiness outside of their careers?

Hmmm. I would say while trying to maintain romantic happiness outside of your career, know exactly what you want and your boundaries. Don’t adjust or lower your standards , stick to your boundaries and be open about your intentions. And it may be difficult especially in the industry but remember to remain open, dont be afraid to make connections , put yourself out there and have fun.

We understand that you own a model/acting booking agency! Please tell us more about that and what you do to service clients.

Yes!!! My company is called The Passion Xperience and it is based in Atlanta, GA however we currently serve the majority of the Southeast. We are a Full Service Resource Hub/Agency that provides talent (actors, models, media personnel, influencers, dancers, designers, hosts, artists, brand ambassadors etc) with comprehensive resources and services that enable individuals to develop their skills, navigate the industry, and achieve their professional goals.

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Our mission is to empower and support various talent throughout their journey to success in the areas of arts and entertainment such as media, fashion, film, modeling and more.

 As a resource hub/agency, we understand the importance of fostering a supportive and nurturing environment, so it is important to provide a platform where actors, models, etc can connect, learn from each other, and grow.

From casting opportunities and audition support to workshops, training programs, and mentorship, we aim to equip individuals with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in the competitive world of entertainment.

Our other services include casting for our clients, event staffing and career brand consultations. 

Please tell us about your product line! What’s your mission there and how did that come about!?

Uphoric Xpressions is my Beauty, Skin and Wellness Line. With Uphoric Xpressions I wanted to create an experience that helped women look and feel their best while also promoting mental health awareness, breaking the silence of fibroids, creating positivity, embracing mindfulness and self-expression.

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I’ve always been a huge advocate of mental health awareness, positivity, self-care, creativity and women’s empowerment. Uphoric Xpressions shows how important it is to make time for yourself especially with demanding careers etc.

After overcoming my own skin insecurities, domestic violence, anxiety, neglecting my own health and putting the needs of my clients/family/friends before my own, I started using products with essential oils, practicing aromatherapy and meditation to help me focus, relax, express myself and boost my mood. As a result, I noticed an overall improvement and knew it was important that I help others do the same. I started loving myself again and being comfortable in my own.

Where would you like to see yourself in five years? Wholistically.

5 years from now I see myself thriving in all areas of my life. I will continue to elevate higher towards my passion and purpose. I will be married to my amazing God sent husband with my 2 kids and will be in the best shape of my life. I will continue to build generational wealth and legacy for my children. I will have about 2 books completed along with my women’s empowerment platform, doing tours and speaking to the world. I will be on Forbes 40 under 40, opening my group home for teens and domestic violence victims as well as spreading HBCU awareness to highschoolers. I will be owning multiple properties with my spouse, traveling the world, doing couples conferences with my man and expanding my brands and last but not least , I will be a well known entertainer and advocate on various mainstream TV shows and Movies.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations along this journey called life? Why do they inspire you?

– Some of my biggest inspirations along this journey are the women in my family, Brittany Miller, Mr. Tyler Perry, my peers and just women in general. They inspire me because they push me to go after my wildest dreams, keep my faith and always give back. They believe in me and no matter what they have been through or may currently be going through, they always find a way to keep going.

Do you have anything coming up you’d like to share with our readers?

I have a few projects coming up from new business ventures to ebooks launching, speaking engagements, movies, reality TV and more. But sshhh you’ll have to follow me to find our more

How can we keep up with you and stay in touch with your work and news?







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