WOC in Cybersecurity: Meet V. Venesulia, Working in the Spaces Of AI, the Metaverse, Cryptocurrency & More

Consulting services offered by V. Venesulia who is the CEO of Vicar Group, LLC are provided to clients through the Cyber Division that focuses on emerging technologies such as the metaverse, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency and the mitigation of fraud in these and other aspects of cyberspace.

We’re honored to showcase V as a powerhouse Woman in Cybersecurity who has become highly successful as an expert in her field which is male dominated.

Thank you for your service! Please tell our readers about your experience as a Marine and how you’ve transitioned into a career in tech as well as cybersecurity awareness and covering national security.

Becoming a United States Marine was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was an honor and a privilege, and I would do it all over again. My time in service was one of the highlights of my life and has been very difficult to top. It was unparalleled, and I have only recently had the same sense of achievement that I felt from serving my country.

After my time in the Marine Corps, I transitioned into building companies. I spent time leading teams in financial sector operations, which involved consulting internally on fraud mitigation, cybersecurity, information security, digital transformation, and organizational development.

Simultaneously I was consulting externally on emerging technology, such as digital currencies, the Metaverse, and artificial intelligence, in addition to cyber security awareness and fraud mitigation. Cybersecurity and emerging technologies impact national security in some cases. It’s been a natural evolution and an extension of my service to the nation.

How have you been able to successfully navigate operating in male-dominated industries?

Essentially I’m focused on my business goals and the task at hand. Only when I attend a conference or walk into a room with 200 people do I pause because there are only a handful of women there. I’m also part of Women in Cybersecurity, and on the board of the Florida chapter, so I see a lot more women in the industry because of that. However, statistically, the numbers are still small.

Also, I was in the Marine Corps, where men outnumber women. I’m used to being in those scenarios and focusing on the task at hand, not necessarily the gender of the person on my right or left. That’s been helpful.

As a business owner, what can you share about your company and the services you provide? Who is your target audience?

Vicar Group LLC is an operations and management consulting firm for the federal government, businesses, universities, and individuals. Our cyber division covers emerging technology, artificial intelligence, GPT, the Metaverse, digital currencies, and other emerging technologies. We also have a Workforce Development Division and Leadership Development Division focused on cultivating an engaged and equipped workforce. I also own Vicar Group Omnimedia, my production company that produces my television show, Down to Business with V., to amplify messages that we bring to corporations and bring awareness to issues that impact the wider public.

What have you been wholeheartedly sounding the alarm on as of late and what will you be sounding the alarm on in the future?

I am sounding the alarm on deep fakes, how they impact the general public, the potential to spread misinformation and disinformation, and impact elections and national security.

V. Venesulia

The implications regarding the general population are a considerable concern. Typically when people think about targets of deepfake technology, they think of celebrities and politicians, but we see that every day people are being targeted and victimized. The FBI released a public service announcement in June 2023 to shed light on the fact that these technologies are being used to create explicit videos of everyday Americans. Because the concerns surrounding deepfakes touch so many levels, I will continue to discuss the topic on my television show, Down to Business with V., and in my column, Infosector with V. Venesulia on Newsmax.

What else would you like our readers to know about you and the work that you do?

I’m constantly researching for my column on Newsmax and my television show Down to Business with V. If readers have a story they’d like to share or a topic they think would be interesting, I’d like to hear from them.

Also, sponsorships and advertising to keep the message going forth on Down to Business with V. and there are people and companies out there who share my passion for and want to partner with me in this work. Just reach out to me at VicarGroup.com.

You can also check out my Newsmax column, Infosector with V. Venesulia, for the latest news and information, and bookmark the page for quick access! https://www.newsmax.com/insiders/vvenesuliacarr/id-840/