Author DeShonda Jennings Discusses Her Passion for Early Childhood Education and Empowering Families

Introducing DeShonda Jennings, a devoted mother, grandmother, experienced Family Childcare Business Owner, passionate Childcare Coach, speaker, and insightful author, she has dedicated her life to empowering families and children.

DeShonda developed a love for children from a young age. Her unwavering desire to make a positive impact on their lives led her on an inspiring journey that has touched the lives of countless families and fellow educators.

After being blessed with her miracle baby, DeShonda completed her studies in Early Childhood Education and ventured into the world of family childcare, realizing the immense potential it held in providing a nurturing environment for not only her children but so many more. With unwavering dedication and an innovative approach, she established her own family childcare business, DJ Shining Stars Daycare which quickly became a beacon of excellence in Family Childcare.

DeShonda’s passion for early childhood education and her commitment to empowering families has also found expression through her writing. Her books, How To Start A Quality Home Daycare, Learning Through Play, Life of An Entrepreneur, and Creating Outcomes & Action by Changing Habits, and Journey of an Early Childhood Educator,” has become valuable resources for parents and educators seeking guidance in the childcare industry and enriching environments for children. With step-by-step guidance and practical strategies, DeShonda’s books offer a roadmap for starting a home-based childcare business, setting it up, and the pros and cons of entrepreneurship.

At Woman To Woman Talk Magazine, we celebrate your success as a business owner and author. Please tell us about your passion for early childhood education and your commitment to empowering families.

DeShonda: When it comes to my passion, I am also the owner of DJ Shining Stars which is a home-based childcare business. I also serve as a mentor and coach to other women that have or wish to start a home-based childcare business. In my own business, I empower families. A few ways that I do this is by building strong partnerships. The partnerships consist of parent-teacher meetings to discuss the children’s learning and development. I also have parent meetings to discuss any changes to the program, and to get feedback from parents. Even in the partnership, there is a respect for the cultural backgrounds of families. The goal is to create a nurturing and inclusive environment for children. I also share these strategies with other early childhood educators.

Your books have become valuable resources for parents and educators seeking guidance in the childcare industry. How does this make you feel as a professional writer?

I feel proud and grateful to share the experiences. My journey in this field has taught me many lessons. There have been some bumps along the way as well as some great achievements. I believe that sharing those ups and downs throughout my journey may help other business owners in their business.

Your books also have offered a roadmap for starting a home-based childcare business. How was the journey for you when you first started your business compared to now?

Oh my goodness. When I first started, I wasn’t taking vacations. I was providing a full week of service and then allowing families to pay me at the end of the week. Even then, some people didn’t pay. In fact, they still owe me today. LOL.

I wasn’t charging my value. What I mean is although I was operating out of passion, I wasn’t applying business skills such as creating a budget to know what amount I needed to pay myself as well as operate a quality business. I didn’t have any written contracts.

I was allowing people to tell me what they could pay me for my services. Even when I first started, I enrolled back in college to obtain a degree in Early Childhood Development. Fast forward, today my business is a 6 figure business. I have Full and Part-time staff.

I have written contracts in place which are reviewed annually. I charge my value. I realize that the families that are assigned to me, will be able to pay me. We run a full Preschool during the school year.

I believe that the turning point for my business was when I knew who I was and what value I bought to this industry.

DeShonda Jennings

Let’s continue to chat about books. You’re part of a collaboration book, “Journey of An Early Childhood Educator” which will be launching this Fall. How did you get involved and what can we expect from your chapter without giving too much away?

I am actually the collaborator of this book. This project came about as part of my passion to provide a tool for aspiring and current early childhood educators. The goal was to provide insights from current early childhood professionals sharing their stories and expertise in this industry. A little on what you can expect include strategies for creating positive and inclusive learning environments, the roles that parents play in the success of your business, and advice for someone who is interested in pursuing a career in early childhood education or starting their own sustainable business in this field.

How would you describe your future literary and early childhood education path?

Without sharing all the details now. I would say, my future literacy will be a series of children’s books. Stay tuned, more details will be shared soon.

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