From Surgery Complications to Creating a SAFE Resource for Other Women with Body Goals

Stormie Andeson, RN has been practicing as a nurse since 2009. She has resided in the city of Detroit her entire life and completed her associate’s Degree at Schoolcraft College. Her training and specialties consist of ICU, med-surg, tele and long term acute care. She also has an extensive background in wound care.

Stormie has ventured into health and wellness to serve as an advocate and educator of her community. Her certifications include but not limited to Colombian training in Pre/Post-op care, Body Contouring modalities, IV Hydration Therapy, Yoni Therapy, Vaginal Rejuvenation, PRP, Intimate Bleaching and a host of others. Stormie loves her community and is dedicated to giving high quality service.

Hello Queen!!! What a pleasure it is to talk with you today! Please share with us… How did you get started in the beauty and wellness industry?

It all started with complications of my own in cosmetic surgery. Unaware or misinformed of the post-op process led me to deal with the aftermath myself. After months of dedication to my own progress, House of Contour was born. We started off in a single room offering services in lymphatic drainage, body contouring and educating women on the post-op process and how they can get their desired results. But we felt we were called to do more. 6 months later we upgraded to a 4 room suite where we offer a caliabor of services that are aimed at giving non-invasive options to those looking to better their appearance or their health. We have not only grown in space but also as a team. Our med spa consists of me, an RN, a Nurse Practitioner and a Medical Director.

Furthermore, we have maintained a 5-star business and have serviced 1000 plus clients.

What was your transition process like from traditional nursing to entrepreneurship through your Med Spa?

This transitional process for me is a journey. For the last 14 years of my life I have dedicated myself to being a nurse and providing above and beyond care to my patients but with starting this business venture I now had to wear 2 hats. A nurse but also a business owner which meant I had to jump into unknown territory with learning how to scale my business and marketing techniques and being consistent within my business. Having no knowledge prior too caused me to make a lot of mistakes and lose money. It’s hard but it’s not impossible. 

What were some initial fears you had and how did those areas turn out? What is your feedback now on those things, since you,ve grown and established a successful business?

When you are doing something you are passionate about, the fears of failing and doubting if you are good enough comes across your mind once or twice. It was no different when it came to me and starting House of Contour. As well as joining the spa industry in a predominantly white field dawned on me too but looking back on it, my feelings and hesitations were valid but in the same breath I didn’t  know what the future holds. I didn’t know I would have the #1 Med Spa in the metro Detroit area but I did know I was going to give it everything I had and then some.

Tell us about your most frequently rendered services and the benefits they offer. Please also share more about the more slept on services!

A sought after service in our Spa would be our “Acting Brand New” Weight Loss Program. Which consist of 3 tier levels that offer options from weekly Semaglutide injections, which suppresses your appetite, or Messotherpy also famously known as Liquid Lipo,which melts your fat permanently, and even a combination of both. Results can be seen within as little as 7 days. We help individuals lose weight and get the body of their dreams without going under the knife. A “slept-on” service would be our vaginal rejuvenation which can be beneficial as it can firm and tighten the vagina for improved sexual intercourse, will see improvement in lubrication and also reduction for infection. This service requires no wounds, no recovery and doesn’t require multiple treatments. Another service would be hair restoration through PRP,platelet-rich plasma. This is a great service for those with thinning edges, hairline or for those who want to have a sense of security within themselves.

What can you share with the WOC who have yet to prioritize self-care and beauty wellness. What can you say personally about how you manage your own personal care plan?

Life is going to happen and it will continue to happen whether we like it or not, but we have control over how we handle the journey of life.

Stormie Anderson

We have the capability to stop and acknowledge the stress and be able to reground ourselves. I want to say take your time and digress, don’t feel guilty doing something you feel will alleviate some of that stress.

Pertaining to being a WOC and business Owner in Detroit, what can you say about the culture of your city and how it has shaped the way you operate as a person and as a business? What are some attributes of maintaining success within a busy urban city?

Detroit is known for its glitz, glamor and culture but we also home to a lot of hustlers and tenacious people. Meaning self-care isn’t always at the forefront of things which leads to exposure being the number marketing strategy for us. We do events a few times a month to push our purpose and educate people on the benefits of health and wellness. Maintaining success in a city like Detroit will require consistency, planning and exposure.

What do you love most about the work you do and what do you think your clients love most about House of Contour?

House of Contour has a certain vibe and energy we exude that we take pride in. We are a safe place and judgment free zone. We are dedicated to creating a unique experience for each client and their goal. We recognize each individual has a specific situation so we make sure we tailor their experience with us in a unique way while still educating them.

Our clients feel a sense of sincerity and devotion which leaves them satisfied every time. Seeing them happy and informing me on their progress warms my heart. To hear them speak more positively about themselves and changing the way they see themselves is a beautiful sight to see.

Please tell us about your Radiant Renewal E Book. What can we find there and who is it geared towards. How can we purchase?

The Radiant Renewal is a free downloadable Ebook that talks about the 7 secrets to ageless beauty and radiance for the professional women. In the Ebook you can find ways to help you build and exude confidence in any stage of life. It is available to be downloaded on our Instagram through our linktree.

Is there anything us WOC can prioritize specifically in this season as it pertains to self care and wellness. What do your recommend every women adds to their spa routine?

I would recommend doing something you have been eager to try and make an effort to do.

Whatever has been holding you back from catering to yourself you need to relinquish it and make that appointment or set up that consultation.

Whats next for you?

One word to sum it all up is expansion. Our mission is to make House of Contour a household name. Also we want to extend the satisfactory experience and continue to help people achieve their desired results with non-invasive options. Also hope to stay up to date with new services and techniques to ensure we are giving our clients the most optimal results.