Gospel Artist Latrice Pace Releases Highly Anticipated Album “Exodus: The Journey of Obedience Volume 2” Accompanied By A Music Video, “It’s Morning”

ATLANTA, GA – July 2023 – Embracing her Gospel heritage and fueled by unyielding faith, renowned Singer-Songwriter Latrice Pace emerges from a transformative four-year hiatus, marking a significant milestone in her musical journey and releases her sophomore album “Exodus: The Journey of Obedience Volume 2, today. Brien Andrews produced the album, a long-time friend of the Anointed Pace Sister family. To glimpse into her remarkable journey, fans can enjoy the album’s first single, “It’s Morning.” Drawing inspiration from the powerful words of Psalm 143, “It’s Morning” carries a profound soul-stirring significance, preceding the heartbreaking loss of Latrice’s beloved sisters, Duranice and LaShun, as well as her mother, within the span of two years.

She shares, “he told me that 2017 would be my EXODUS, my exit from fear and doubt, then put me in the wilderness to experience everything that should have brought on more fear and doubt. In the depths of sacrifice, servitude, loss, pain, exhaustion, depression, and disappointment, I wanted to faint. I swam through my Red Sea. He didn’t hold back the waters, nor did He let me drown. I am stronger and trust Him more.”

With unwavering devotion, Latrice Pace poured her heart and soul into creating the captivating single “It’s Morning” and the entire “Exodus: The Journey of Obedience Volume 2” album. This collection of songs not only represents her act of obedience to God but also signifies a momentous accomplishment and the fulfillment of a divine calling.

To further heighten the excitement, the official music video for “It’s Morning” has premiered on Latrice Pace’s YouTube channel. Executive Produced by Terrance Crowley Productions, and it is sure to captivate viewers with a visual representation of the song’s powerful message. The music video can be viewed here.

Exodus: The Journey of Obedience Volume 2.” can be found on all digital platforms.


Latrice Pace is an extraordinary talent, seamlessly embodying the roles of Singer-Songwriter, Actress, and Serial entrepreneur. Hailing from Atlanta’s renowned First Family of Gospel, The Anointed Pace Sisters. Her music transcends boundaries, blending inspirational melodies with a unique style of psalms that carry a profound message of motivation and upliftment, touching the hearts and souls of listeners.

Latrice Pace’s album, “Exodus: The Journey to Obedience Part 2,” is fresh on the scene of Summer 2023. This album continues her musical odyssey bringing solace, happiness, and enlightenment to a world facing tumultuous times.