June/July COVER STORY Just Being Briana: Show Up For YOU!

Hello Queen!!! We are ecstatic to have the opportunity to speak one on one with you today!!! Please share with us a little bit about who you were as a child, and what life was like for you growing up!

Omgggg as a child I loved playing dress up. I would go to school in one outfit and come home and change into something else immediately. That’s when my mom said I should be a model. I love taking photos.

Growing up my parents split but I still had the best of both worlds my dad still came to visit me and made sure to build a relationship with me.

What were some of the first talents and hobbies you noticed within yourself as a little girl?

I love to model and I love dancing. My mom had me in ballet and in praise dance team at church.

Please tell us more about your professional journey prior to meeting your ex-husband? What were your career interests and how were your nurturing those areas?

I went to school for healthcare and received my Associate, Bachelor and Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration. I was modeling and working at the hospital as a Patient Registrar. I was working on both because both were my passion.

I love helping people and I always have since I was a little girl.

Just Being Briana

Your talent is evident through the many modeling projects, skits and collaborations we’ve seen from you over the years! Tell us more about your love for content creation and influencing!

I love being able to inspire, uplift and encourage women. With my content I always wanted to be transparent and authentic with women so they know we are the same no matter what level we are at in life.

Tell us more about your role as a mommy! What do you love most about it and what have been some of your biggest challenges there?

I love seeing my children smile, I love seeing my kids be able to share special moments with me and I love that im able to show up for them since I make my own schedule.

I love spending time with them and learning my children as they are all individuals. My biggest challenges is raising black sons now that I’m single I find it hard to teach or show them how to be men and show them how society sees them. I want to protect my sons and my biggest fear is them being racially profiled.

As a family unit, we’ve seen you be the glue and the rock that seems to hold everything together! Can you share any tips for busy moms, wives and business women looking to gain a better grip on balance and self awareness?

I can’t stress this enough please start prioritizing yourself and your mental health. Please pour into yourself before pouring into everyone else. We get so lost in titles that we tend to forget about caring for ourselves first. Self love is soooo important. Once you balance that everything else will become natural to you.

When did you begin to realize there were red flags or warning signs within your marriage, and how did you first attempt to fix or address these issues?

I realized the red flags the first year of marriage but I ignored the red flags because I was too busy trying to fix him. I’m a fixer I love overloving and going above beyond for my loved ones that I thought if I could just do a little bit more and be just a bit more understanding to his traumas that he would change.

When the truth is, I can’t fix anyone especially when they don’t want help. The only person I can fix is myself. That person has to want help for themselves. I tried counseling and it didn’t work. I tried venting and discussing issues with family members by having them be the mediator and it didn’t work.

The moment I had to start covering physical abuse that was enough for me and I began planning a safety plan to escape and never look back.

As a woman with a large social platform and big influence in a positive way, how did you navigate breaking the unfortunate news of abuse to your supporters?

It wasn’t planned. On that day I was just trying to protect my dad by going live thinking things would deescalate but it didn’t it only got worse. And once I went live I knew I had to stand in my truth there was no more covering.

What have been some of your biggest challenges dealing with the public and social media arena when it comes to your healing journey? What would you like them to know about the way they judge and respond to influencers?

My biggest challenge is ppl thinking I’m not human. Just because I’m an influencer doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes , doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings and doesn’t mean I’m above them. After coming out my story I was humiliated and bullied for months because my abuser lied and said he didn’t do anything for months.

For months I went live pleading my case to my supporters w/ evidence to back up everything I ever said.

My abuser created a smear campaign and paid content creators to bash me and post things about me that was untrue even bullying my children. Even had them posting my address and I had to move twice because I didn’t feel safe.

Stop being so quick to judge and come down on someone because it isn’t fair especially when we are just trying to be transparent to help the next person. Stop bullying and humiliating influencers because you feel that we are different from you.

We aren’t better than you, we aren’t above you and we are all human who go through things just like you. That’s what you guys think and put those feelings off on us. The same way you would like to feel if you reached out and asked for help is the same way we would love to feel.

Please tell us about your newest rebrand, “Just Being Briana”! What is your mission behind this and what do you hope fans and friends takeaway from your experiences?

I’m stepping into who Briana is without the titles of being a mom and entrepreneur but just BRIANA. I’m learning who I am and falling in love with who I am flaws and all.

How have your children adapted to the new way of life and your new safe spaces of happiness and self love?

My children are sooo happy now. They love that I’m happy and they love to be able to be free and be themselves without having to worry about mommy. I love seeing my kids open and just simply able to be themselves again.

What are some current projects you’re working on and what can we look forward to from you Business-wise?

I am currently working on a new tv show called Dear Future Husband, Season 2 of Just Being Briana and Modeling. I have a book coming out soon which will help women heal from being broken.

Are there any pieces of advice you’d like to offer to women with similar experiences, who are aiming to find joy and peace within themselves and their lifestyles?

Live your life unapologetically. I just want women to know you can start over be thankful that you can start over because some ppl do not make it out of certain situations.

Abuse is Abuse if it feels like a red flag it is. Abuse isn’t just physical it’s also emotional. Starting over isn’t a bad thing because this time around you are starting from experiences. Stay strong and don’t give up you can do it. Pray and meditate and I promise you God will do the rest.

We love how you are so unapologetically yourself! Do you have any tips for public figures that struggle with the fear of mass-criticism and social attacks on their personal choices, lifestyles, beliefs and/or interests?

Be authentically you and don’t care what no one has to say about it. You gotta live for you. Life is too short to not be you.

Just Being Briana

When you leave this earth you should want to leave feeling whole and complete. The only person you gotta answer to is GOD.

They talked about Jesus so what’s makes you think you’ll be different. They are gonna talk regardless whether you do good or do bad. Whether you do everything they say or go against what they say. So just be you and do you!

What are some ways we (the public and our readers) can be of better support to you and what you are trying to accomplish with your brand and mission?

I would just love to have a support team full of positivity. Let’s stand together and come together we do not need to be in competition we can win together as a team.

How have you grown over the past year and what are some ways you’d like to continue to grow over the next few years?

I’ve found peace. I no longer look to please ppl or seek validation from them. I seek validation from within. I am no longer trying to prove anything to anyone but myself and the only person I need to please is GOD.

Is there anything you can share with us about your new perspectives on love and relationships, and also what’s new in that space for you personally? Are you dating?

My new perspective on love and relationships is just me simply taking my time. In the past I was always in such a rush to settle down. I went from being a mom with my teenage love to jumping from girlfriend to being married at the age of 24 as if I didn’t have time. So now I just wanna have fun and live!!!

So at the moment no I’m not dating anyone.

I’m just enjoying getting to know who Briana is and loving every moment I get to learn more about me. I became a mom at the early age of 18 and then jumped into a marriage at 24 that I really haven’t had time to live and enjoy just being Briana. One day I hope to find a man who will love me and my children unconditionally and willing to be authentic with me as I am willing to be with him. I hope he is also GOD fearing. In Gods timing.

How can we keep up to date with all your news and upcoming projects!? Where can readers get connected to your network?

You can stay connected with me on all social media platforms at Just Being Briana.


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