NYC Nurse & CEO, Rhondelle Adams tells Bedside Nurses to Bet on Themselves & Explore Entrepreneurship

Hello Queen!!! We are excited to have this conversation with you today!!! Please tell us more about your journey earlier on! What was life like growing up?

Life growing up was not easy. My family were immigrants from Trinidad and Tobago and migrated to New York when I was a child. I come from very humble beginnings and my upbringing definitely has had an impact on how I operate my life and my business to today. 

What do you think of the NYC business market? What can you share with others looking to relocate to the Big Apple?

I would say  they should do their market research first and make sure there is a need for the service you are offering.  If there is a need, but there is also an overflow of providers that increases your competition in the area, and can potentially decrease and affect the number of clients you have.

How did you become interested in Nursing and how long were you a Nurse before deciding to open your Med Spa?

I have always known I wanted to be a nurse. when I was a little girl in school teachers would ask everyone what they wanted to be. Most of the children would say if you wanted to be a doctor, a lawyer, but I was usually one of a few who always wanted to be a nurse.

Growing up with two chronically ill siblings has allowed me to see from very early on the medical field and watching the nurses care for my sisters really motivated me to want to be a nurse and help others .

Is there anything you’d like bedside Nurses to know about their opportunities in the entrepreneur market?

What I would like bedside nurses to know is that I have been there and done that and I know the feeling of wanting to have a steady income from your bedside job. However, if you just bet on yourself and give yourself credit for all of that medical knowledge you have in your head, you can absolutely monetize it in many different ways as an entrepreneur, and make much more money working for yourself than you could ever make working for a company.  

Was it difficult to define your brand strategy and stand out amongst your industry colleagues? What were some of your initial steps?

Yes, initially it was very difficult. Mainly because I knew nothing about business or  marketing or Social Media or marketing on social media  at all really .  Initially I had no strategy or guidance and really had no idea of what I was doing.  Along the way I have developed a brand identity and it is much easier now to find my target client. In a city like New York where you can find providers on literally every corner , it can be very hard and challenging if you are a new business who is not well known as yet . 

We love that you have a specialty! Please tell us more about IV Hydration! What are the benefits and who is an ideal candidate?

I absolutely love IV hydration. I love performing it for my clients and I love getting them done on myself.

Rhondelle Adams

What’s amazing is that whatever vitamins or minerals or medication that we put in the IV bag goes 100% to your bloodstream, but a pill form in the same medication will yield a much lower concentration of the medication because it has to pass through the digestive track in order to absorb the nutrients. I urge everyone who has not tried an IV hydration, drip to book an appointment and come and see us if you are on the East Coast. If you are not, then search a reputable provider in your area. It will change your life!

Please share with us the other services you offer and why it is important to prioritize our self-care and wellness?

We have a host of other services aside from IV hydration. We perform medical weight loss services, facials, massages ,  chemical peels, body contouring  treatment , teeth Whitening, laser hair removal and sexual health. 

It’s amazing that you’re paying it forward and teaching others to do what you’ve done! Tell us about that decision and what inspires you to help others build?

I decided to be a mentor after so many people slid in my DM’s asking me how I did what I did. When I started in this industry, I had no one . All of my friends were nurses and they did not understand, nor were they supportive of my decision to leave bedside and pursue entrepreneurship.

I also had no colleagues in aesthetics, which made it hard for me to figure many things out early on. This is why I am so passionate about mentorship and guiding new nurse entrepreneurs so they will not have to make so much trial and error mistakes like I did.

We’d love to hear your perspective on how to avoid blocking blessings due to fear of competition or of working with those within the same industry! What’s your insight?

I am a firm believer of collaboration over competition, and I stand on that.  The thing is, I do not have to be nervous or worried about any competition because although we may do the same thing, our technique could never be the same.  Therefore, my clients will always gravitate to me. That is my firm belief.  God will send you clients who belong around you.  Deciding to compete instead of collaborate is definitely a bad business decision. It is much easier to collaborate than it is to compete.  I do not know everything, which is why I love being around my peers and colleagues because I always learn so much when I’m around them I do not feel threatened or feel the need to compete. I would much rather collaborate share ideas, and I work together, then be as enemies.

What’s next for Luxe Beauty Bar NYC? How can we keep in touch or in the know regarding your updates and announcements?

Luxe has so many things coming down the pipeline that I’m so excited about and cannot wait to announce. For those interested in following the journey or want to hear the big announcement, please text the word Luxe to 888-592-1501. You can also check us out on all platforms, Instagram , Facebook , YouTube , twitter @luxebeautybarnyc