Dr. Kameika is Using Collective Storytelling to Help Women Heal Through Infertility & Grief

As the CEO of Grief Release Publishing Inc., Dr. Kameika Hinson teaches men and women how to properly grieve and heal through writing. Dr. Kameika says that after she focuses on grieving and healing, she then figures out how to put their manuscript together to show how they overcame their grief. Dr. Kameika Hinson enjoys being able to coach a person through their grief but the added portion of helping someone to put their story out into the world is beyond words to her. She feels that this is a part of her purpose and her purpose is to help change the stigma that is centered around grief and mental health.

You’re best known for your empowering work helping women who’ve experienced the pain of infant loss. Please tell us about some of the latest and upcoming work you’re doing with fellow Angel Moms.

I am currently working on a collaboration book where women who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss, will get together and share their stories and what they did to heal from their grief. A collaboration book provides a platform for different people to share their stories and by sharing their stories, they can create a sense of community, support, and understanding among people who have been through similar situations. This sharing can help reduce feelings of isolation and provide validation for their emotions.

In what ways has becoming a storyteller helped you cope, heal and flourish?

Being a storyteller can be a powerful tool for coping with grief. I was able to channel my emotions and experiences into narratives. This creative outlet allows you to process and express your feelings in a symbolic and meaningful way. Stories have the ability to explore deep themes and universal truths. By crafting stories, you can search for meaning and understanding in your own grief journey. It helped me make sense of my emotions and I found a sense of purpose amidst the pain.

What backstory set the “Breaking the Silence” book into motion? What can we learn from your latest literary creation?

The “Breaking the Silence” book was created because there is a huge stigma centered around pregnancy and infant loss. So my main goal in putting together this project is to raise awareness. Compiling these stories in a book can definitely raise awareness because the topic is often surrounded by silence and stigma.

Increased awareness can lead to better understanding and support from society, helping to break down barriers and misconceptions.

Dr. Kameika Hinson

Collaborative books can often include insights, guidance, and coping strategies and you will learn all of those things in the “Breaking The Silence” book. The book will include practical advice, self-care techniques, and resources that can help women going through similar experiences find support and healing.

What else are you up to as of late?

I will be speaking at the Ignite to Profits Conference happening in Atlanta, GA. I will be doing a PowerTalk on, “How To Embrace Healing For A Life Worth Living”. I’m so excited to be a part of this conference because I know that every time I speak, I only get better. I’m also scheduled to speak in Rome, Italy as a part of the Author’s Retreat. Now honestly, I may not be able to make the trip to Italy but I’m believing in my Heavenly Father for a miracle.

As you continue to ascend above adversity while inspiring others to do the same what else do you aspire you do on this journey?

My aspiration is to create a global movement in changing the stigma that is placed on miscarriage and mental health. I’m so passionate about teaching women and men how to properly grieve and heal from their grief.

I truly believe that sharing your stories with others can create connections and foster empathy. When others can connect with your story, it can lead to shared experiences and a sense of community. This support can provide solace and support during times of grief. So with the help of others, I already know that this is going to be a global movement.

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