Serial Entrepreneur Netasha B. Reed Gears Up for her SUMMER Speaker Tour & 40K Program, Helping Entrepreneurs Scale 40K Months

As we approach Juneteenth, it’s important for us to showcase women of color who are our ancestors wildest dream. Author Netasha B. Reed latest book is called “The ABC’s of Being an Entrepreneur”. This is a step-by-step guide on how to run your business and MAKE MONEY while doing it. This book is for both seasoned and new entrepreneurs. Available for purchase at

In addition to being a author, Netasha is also a Speaker, Business Coach, and Health and Wellness Advocate. As well as the Founder of Jazzy Lady Printing (Texas), Jazzy Lady Printing (Georgia), Jazzy Lady Management & Promotions, Maximum Tax Pros and Consulting (4 Locations Texas and Georgia) She recently opened several new businesses including Krissy Auto (Forth Worth, Texas), Kaptivating Event Rentals and Selfie Studio (Fort Worth, Texas), Cru Hooka Lounge (Forth Worth, Texas), The Original Hot dog Factory (Fort Worth, Texas) and Start, Grow, Fund.

Netasha is a true Visionary that uses her proven I.M.D method to Inspire, Motivate and Demonstrate the success of a serial entrepreneur. Netasha now teaches her renowned I.M.D business model through her course ( Her success and failures are an example of how your mindset can change everything.

What’s happening in the entrepreneur world of Netasha B. Reed as of late?

I recently had my grand opening of 2 new Franchise’s in Fort Worth, Tx. The Original Hotdog Factory restaurant and Cru Hookah Lounge so I’ve been extremely busy. I’m one of the newest Franchise owners. I am gearing up for my summer speaking tour leading up to the next session of my 40k program which teaches entrepreneurs how to scale to 40k months consistently in their business.

How would you describe your entrepreneurial style?

I’m a risk taker! I believe in playing big to win big, which is why I’m so successful.

Netasha B. Reed

I believe I can have anything that I want and I immediately take action and I don’t take no as an answer. I’m always manifesting my life. As soon as I see it I’m going to grab it. lol in my Lil Baby voice.

How have you been able to manage numerous businesses at the same time?

See that’s the crazy part people actually think I do all this alone lol. I have a full staff for every business. I have accountants, Managers etc. I do not personally work in any of the business’s unless we are short staffed and I am needed.

What does it take?

For me it takes a lot of Delegation, Determination and Knowing that it has to work. That it will work if I work. It takes a lot of belief in yourself and then put some massive action with that belief. Oh and it definitely takes some Money and Lots of it. But as my mentor says, “If money is the problem then its really not a problem.”

Your latest book is called “The ABC’s of Being an Entrepreneur”. This is a step-by-step guide on how to run your business and make money. What went into creating this book and are any more books in the works?

This book is like my business bible. I put everything I have learned over the past 20 years of being in business into this book. It has the best of both worlds in this book. It tells you what to do and what not to do in simple terms from A to Z. I have lessons in here from what was and was not making money in business. It’s a guide on how to actually Profit and Make Money Period. I am working on my latest collaboration project about Women in Business and their stories of success while being Pretty and Sexy.

Are you currently seeking assistance of any kind with your companies? If so, what are you looking for at this time?

I am always looking for educated and self motivated individuals to join my team. I will be franchising my printing company in 2024 and I am so excited about providing the opportunity to others.

What are you most excited about for the rest of the year?

I am excited about hitting my income goal for this year because I am on track. I am excited about my upcoming vacation with my family that we take for about 30 days every summer. It’s what I worked for.

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