Talking With Luxury, Self-Care and Decor Mogul Judith Eloy, Owner of J Luxe Brands

According to the survey published via GiftsandDec.Com, The National Candle Association‘s candle survey explores leading factors that influence candle usage and purchasing decisions.

Results show that fragrance is the most important factor in a candle purchase, ranking even higher than cost. The survey also found that candles are enjoying increased popularity as a go-to gift and home décor enhancement.

It is our distinct pleasure to introduce our readers to Judith Eloy, Owner of J Luxe Brands who is currently growing her candle company and providing that go-to item adored for any occasion, candles.

Originally from New Jersey, Judith Eloy gained her versatility and expertise from spending time in various states and achieving multiple professional degrees. Judith’s tenure in leadership roles at a Fortune 500 company is what led her path to entrepreneurship. Judith placed a priority on succeeding in organizational leadership by obtaining additional credentials which continued her success in managing large departments within companies. She currently spends her time operating her business and educating the youth. In Judith’s spare time, you will find her exploring Atlanta, traveling, networking, spending time with her loved ones.

When was J Luxe Brands established?

Judith: J Luxe Brands was established in January 2020, and since its first day, we’ve brought the best selection of products and merchandise to our customers.

What is vital for our readers to know about J Luxe Brands?

Judith: When you think of J Luxe Brands you will think of luxury, wellness, self-care, and decor. The candles are created with quality ingredients to meet any self-care, wellness, or decor needs. J Luxe Brands offer a variety of scents that will ensure an option to meet any fragrant need.

Why do you think J Luxe Brands has become a well-known name throughout the entire Atlanta? 

Judith: J Luxe Brands do our best to ensure a variety of consistent luxury items that make the brand stand apart while also offering limited edition and seasonal items to fit any budget.

Is it true that your candles are long-lasting?

Judith: Yes, our candles are long-lasting and can serve as really nice gifts or décor pieces.

What do you love most about the work that you do that has brought you so much recognition?

Judith: I love candles and giving nice gifts. 

I accomplished a lot by creating and having a brand that could be placed in retail in only a few months.

I received a lot of recognition and brand exposure in a short time.

Judith Eloy

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