April/May COVER Story: Nathalie Nicole, Rich & Free

Hello Queen!!! What an amazing opportunity this is to talk with you! Please tell us, what was life like growing up in the DMV?

I grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland. After my parents divorced, we moved into my grandmother’s 4 bedroom home that forced me to have no room of my own or bed of my own when growing up. As much as my mom and dad loved me, that’s where the hunger for success started.

In a predominantly jewish school system, as the “pretty dark skin” girl, I always knew I was special and didn’t belong in regular environments. I wanted more for myself and was determined to make something of myself.

We love that you were a youth mentor! How did that come about and what were some of the lessons you learned through that experience?

I became a mentor when I got to Howard University. It was great accountability for me and helped me realize the importance of leadership and being dependable. As an ambitious college student, I was more interested in chasing money so working with mentees helped me stay grounded.

Lessons I learned:

  1. Showing up when you don’t feel like it will help break the barriers of your past. It will open up doors that God has already prepared for you because of your obedience.
  2. Ask God to lead you always, let him give you the wisdom every time he gives you the gift of his people 
  3. Share your failure with others to move forward victoriously. It allows you to learn from the past and move forward with confidence. 

Talk to us about your passion for Wellness, Beauty and Business! How do you mesh them all together?

I have always loved business and beauty. 

I started my beauty career in 2007 on the campus of Howard University as a make up artist and hair stylist. In 2012, I opened up Plush Beauty Box, a beauty lounge located in the heart of Washington, D.C. In 2020, I relocated to Houston texas and opened up Plush Rx, wellness and beauty lounge for women , we changed our name to NNbody in 2023 after I discovered the importance of prioritizing self care.

Our self care destination provides quality beauty and wellness products to our customers. From nutrition, active wear, skin care and hair care, the women has exactly what she news to feel good and operate as her best self.

I merged everything together seamlessly by believing that it is very important to embed beauty and wellness in your everyday regimen as a feminine woman + boss!

Tell us about your launching process of Plush Beauty! What were some of your biggest challenges back then as a new business owner and how did you overcome them?

We changed our name to NNbody in 2023! Throughout the years I have faced a lot of hardship that triggered this name change. I realized that ultimately when building a brand your have to believe in every aspect of what your selling and providing to your clients. As time changed, I had to make sure our brand provided the hottest products that are sustainable to our clients.

Some of my biggest challenges were:

  1. Capital – I got into network marketing to help provide a stream of income to help keep my doors open. It is very important to have multiple streams of income as a business owner to ensure you are sustainable and can keep up with the demand.
  2. Employment- we live in a day in time where so many people desire to be entrepreneurs. I love the desire but when you have no skin in the game, how can you be successful? Most of the employees I hire see my life and they think it’s easy. I love inspiring my girls, but I need real support. My dream is always to build a team where I can eventually franchise and give shares to my team. I have big goals for NNBODY, having support is necessary to reach them.

We are also excited about your TLC accolades! What are some words of encouragement and advice you can offer to new distributors of Total Life Changes?

  1. Don’t allow others to talk you out of your dreams and goals. Most people shame the industry because of past experiences without giving it a real shot. Guard your ears and guard your heart.
  2. Focus and work your business. Network marketing can work if you work. Create a routine for yourself everyday so you can make time to work your business.

What makes TLC a great brand to get behind? And how does team work play a role in the overall success of independent distributors?

I love how Total Life Changes has been around for 20+ years. From the brand integrity to their cash positive years, I felt confident in th4e partnership. When I decided to join the company, I needed to know 3 things.

  1. Do the products work?
  2. How do we get paid?
  3. Do we have a support system to ensure sustainability?

When I saw that those 3 boxes were checked off, I was so excited about the journey. Our world cares a lot about health right now, people are more conscious of what they are putting in their bodies and love our products. Outside of the emotional connection, TLC has paid me for 7 years non stop even when I was in a very bad depression that forced me not to work. For anyone considering TLC, this is the perfect time.

Diving into your book, “Becoming a Brand”, what can readers expect? And what did you learn from your Best-Selling author journey?

  1. Becoming a brand is written for the person that wants to grow a purposeful personal brand . They will learn how you to implement my 12 simple keys to build a personal brand that pays you. I go into detail about how to build brand credibility and create a solid foundation for your brand.
  2. I learned a lot about my author journey! I learned that words are powerful and when you share a solution with others the gratitude is unmatched. I love helping people and seeing their brand transpire into greatness.

Becoming a multi-millionaire… How does it feel!? Are there any “millionaire” myths you can clear up for our readers?

Becoming a multi millionaire was not a walk in the park. There was so much I had to learn about money that I was not taught. I had to operate in a space of gratitude and really allow God to navigate my path. I would tell anyone who desires to be wealthy/ rich/free, start creating healthy money habits now so when God blesses you, you can sustain the wealth.

Can you explain your personal perspective on financial wellness? What are some things more WOC should know about the wealth journey?

Being financially well means you have a healthy relationship with money . You can begin by knowing what to do with a dollar. This a principle I live by and do my best to follow.

Here’s what to do with a dollar:

1. Self 15% (When your money goes up 20%)

2. Tithes and offering 10%

3. Taxes 25%

4. Household expenses 20-25% 

5. Reinvest 10-15%

6. Savings 10%

It was tragic to hear that you were robbed at gunpoint! So sorry about that experience! – was there anything you learned or can share to help other victims to heal/cope?

After two years of pointing the finger, I learned that bad things happen to good people and its important to forgive to move on.

Nathalie Nicole

Allowing God to lead, guide and order my steps is the blueprint to getting free from trauma. It is not an overnight process but it’s a process that eventually gets better with time. In addition, going to therapy is healthy, once you start getting to the root of what you’re feeling….your perspective changes and healing continues.

What has life been like relocating to a new city and state? – What are some of your favorite features about Miami, and what are some things you wish you could bring there from the DMV?

I love it here! It’s so beautiful and scenic. I believe if you can financially afford to relocate to obtain a second home, DO IT! It adds so much flavor to your life. I love working from the beach, jacuzzi and creating a healthy lifestyle for myself.

I love the DMV, my family is there. I believe I had a great experience there, I love visiting but I do not desire to live there as a single woman. Maybe if my husband was there lol

Tell us about your spiritual journey! What keeps you spiritually grounded and how do you keep a good work-life balance?

I grew up in church, my mom has her doctorate in divinity and my father is a faith based life coach. So Jesus has been living inside of me for a long time. As an ambitious woman, I had to experience my own faith walk. Through ups and downs, God has never left my side. God plays a major role in my life and my decisions. Anytime I neglect him, my life gets flipped upside down. I refuse to live the rest of my life without walking with God. Even if I fall, I know he has my back.

We are SUPER excited about your NNBODY Franchise!!!! – Please explain for our readers what it is all about, and what consumers can expect to experience through supporting you?

NNBody franchise will be located all across the world. We will provide an elite self care experience that will help more women feel like the best version of themselves. We will offer a variety of skincare, hair care, nutrition and activewear at our location.I am currently working with an attorney to get the timeline of when the first one will be available for purchase! 

With all that you have going on, it’s admirable that you also intentionally give back to the community! Please tell us about your nonprofit, Women Who Boss!

Currently I am working on a college tour for my little sisters this year! I love seeing young women evolve and I desire to help them. They are so hard on themselves! I believe the intimate environments will help them feel confident in their future and make the best decisions.

What is your favorite thing to put aspiring business owners on to? How does it make you feel to be admired for your success and work ethic?

SELF CARE! Take care of yourself, invest in that trainer, meal prep, skincare, nutrition program….

Me prioritizing my self care has changed my life. Don’t neglect you anymore, you deserve to feel good.

As a WOC yourself, what are some things you’d love to see change within the WOC Community as a whole?

I would love to see more WOC collaborate more and join forces. I feel like we have so much talent and together we are so much more powerful.

When women like yourself are always so focused on service, the community often forgets to serve you back. How can we better serve YOU? Is there anything you need more of or need advice/help with?

THANK YOU! Outside of everything I post on @nathalienicole, I need more support getting the word out about my mission with the Women Who Boss network. We are a 501c3 committed to helping more women evolve spiritually, financially, emotionally, and mentally. We can be found at womenwhoboss.org


Interview: Brittany Miller @mrsbrittmiller

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Makeup: Keena @KakedbyKeeks

Wardrobe stylist: Tiffany B @styledbytiffany_b

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