Spring Skincare Must-Have Products Brought To You By The Owner of Fran’s Organic Bodycare, Fran Ngong

Happy Spring Woman To Woman Talk Magazine readers! As a new season is upon us, we want to let you know about new ways and new products to better assist with your everyday skincare. Fran’s Organic Bodycare founded by Fran Ngong specializes in natural products that moisturize the skin and can help your overall health. Sounds amazing right? Specifically, their all natural deodorant, FreeMe, will give all-day protection while allowing your body to release toxins naturally. It is free of aluminum, talc, perfume, and every other harmful, pore-clogging substance. It comes as no surprise that FreeMe is one of their top selling products.

Having suffered from Venous Insufficiency and extremely dry skin most of her life, Fran was introduced to natural Shea Butter and its benefits in 2005. When she incorporated the use of the butter with organic soaps, her skin maintained moisture and began to heal for the first time in her life. Her constant search for all-natural products became a struggle for daily use, So in 2008 Fran made her first batch of handmade soap utilizing organic Shea and Mango butters, fresh fruit and vegetables, and pure essential oils.

The recipe was such a success requests from Fran’s friends and family soon became demands for her bodycare products. In 2009, Fran’s family encouraged her to sell her beautiful soaps and moisturizers to everyone. It was the inspiration she needed to start her business and develop a full organic bodycare line. Fran’s Organic Bodycare is a registered business in the state of Maryland. They currently operate retail locations, ecommerce webstore and offer wholesale options to various natural markets like Wholefoods Stores.

Tell us about your recycling program.

Fran Ngong: We offer a Free Deodorant for every 6 empty, clean tins returned to us for recycling. If you are a monthly subscriber, you receive free shipping label to return your tins. Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint and encourage our supporters to do the same.

What’s your top-selling product?

Fran Ngong: FreeMe All Natural Deodorant and it’s currently available in 14 aromas/varieties.

Please tell us about some of the product feedback.

Fran Ngong: We have hundreds of positive reviews online and can reduce our carbon footprint while keeping our customers happy.

How important is self-care to you?

Fran Ngong: Extremely, if you are not leading the way in your own self-maintenance then you will not have the information and essentials necessary to create the best life and provide true awareness. Self Care leads to Optimal Health and Wellness. Nothing matters more.

Who is your business role model? Why?

Fran Ngong: Myron Golden is a master business instructor who uses bible principles to grow business. He has instructed me on many lessons that have proven essential to how I run and grow my business.

What makes Fran’s Organic Bodycare the number one choice if you want to moisturize and purify your body?

Fran Ngong: The versatility and variety of our products.

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