Women’s History Month Overflow: Peculiar Mo Says Collaborations Create Impact

Please tell us a little bit about who you are and what life was like for you growing up?

Greetings Woman to Woman community! I’m Moline Luscar, founder/CEO of multi-million dollar health and wellness brand Peculiar People Holistic & growing up, life for me was very challenging. Challenging because I lived my life recklessly on the edge. Especially by being rebellious & disobedient to my strict Haitian parents. Growing up, I was always chasing freedom and didn’t know as an adolescent, certain freedoms shouldn’t be sought after until you’re at a reasonable mature age to handel it.

Was there anything you learned along your journey that you had to learn the hard way? If so, what can you share with the masses as an overall takeaway?

I learned that those who really love you, will warn you from going down a destructive path and those who doesn’t have your best interest at heart (or are on a destructive path themselve) will lead you down a dark road that you’ll later have to fight your way out of alone.

Overall, those who tell you the things that you may not want to hear are really the one’s you need to hold close and not let anything come between/break your bond. You’ll realize one day why God put them in your path to begin with.

When did you become passionate about the Health and Beauty industries?

I became passionate about the Health and Beauty industry in my early twenties. After experiencing a bad breakup, I needed something to do to not continuously think about my ex, therefore I started hitting the gym. From there, I started to be more conscious of what I put in/on my body which led me to researched A LOT of natural remedies. I eventually bought more vegan/organic products and also started formulating my own.

Did you always know you would be an entrepreneur? When you did know, what was your initial thought process/game plan as a new business owner?

No. I never knew I could one day be an entrepreneur. I just knew I was tired of working for people that had the ability to disapprove whether I could go on vacation or not. I always wanted to free up my time and do more with my life. When I say my path was being directed towards an entrepreneurialship journey, my thought process now became focused on giving other people opportunities they may not have had anywhere else and become the boss I wish I had when I was working in Corporate America.

Talk to us about your support system! — Who are some of your biggest supporters and what is your feedback on the impact support or lack thereof can affect aspiring business owners?

Whew! Support lol my support came mainly from my fiance Michael Simon because no one knew how well the business was doing until I needed additional help because of how rapidly it was growing. Sometimes you just need that one person who believes in you and your vision during your beginning stages.

When you start evaluating further, other people may come along that genuinely support you and a few might come along because it’s popular to support you BUT you will never forget that one person who was there during your humble beginnings and believed in you when you couldn’t see the fruits of your labor yet.

What is your favorite thing about the work you do today? And what do you hope people experience through working with you?

I truly enjoy growing the business and not having to micro-manage my team on a daily basis. In my day to day work I love searching for new collaborations and opportunities to expand Peculiar People Holistic and working with me, people will experience that there’s nothing impossible with God when you put Him first in everything you do!

We love that faith seems to be a huge pillar to your success; please tell us about how faith keeps you grounded!

Faith keeps me grounded because it humbly reminds me that I’m not in complete control of the future and I need to have faith on this journey no matter what comes my way.

Faith gives me the ability to see with my mind before I can see with my eyes which helps be believe in things I hope for.

Peculiar Mo

Name something you feel could improve within the Women of Color community as a whole. – What is a suggestion for something we can do now to begin making improvements?

As a whole, the women of color community could improve on the support we give each other. We could start making improvements by doing more collaborations with one another. It doesn’t matter if we’re in the same or different niche, there’s an audience out there awaiting certain collaborations to happen that’ll impact our community.

When considering Women’s History Month, what comes to mind? And what do you want to eventually go down in history for?

What comes to mind is Laurel Thatcher Ulrich quote, “well behaved women rarely makes history. ” In order do be magnificent and go down in history, especially during the marvelous month of March, your will to succeed has to challenge every limitation placed on your dreams! I want to eventually go down in history for my dreams being so big, when I achieve them, it made other women realize the sky is not the limit when there’s a whole galaxy out there. I want to be remembered in history as a woman who started off as an entrepreneur but was pushed beyond her limits and discovered a path that also helped other women break free from there limited beliefs in themselves.

Is there any upcoming news or announcements we should know about? How also can our readers connect and support you?

Yes! I’m excited about my new Podcast Peculiar Minds coming April 21, 2023. This Podcast will have thought provoking conversations about self accountability, mustard-seed faith, church hurt, starting a business, unequally yoked relationships/marriages, family trauma, plus more!

You can connect/support everything Peculiar by visiting https://linktr.ee/peculiarpeopleholistic

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