‘Unprisoned’ Roles: Kerry Washington, Olivia & Paige

There’s a lot to be said about the variety of roles the many actresses and actors in our world and society today have on their audiences. For example, history, documentaries, crime, love, politics, sex, religion, and revolutions are all portrayed for the audience’s entertainment. And sometimes those entertaining moments are teachable moments as well. For some of us, we have the opportunity to experience greatness and even learn what and not to do as humans. The amazing part about the ability to deliver spontaneous meaningful characterizations is demonstrated through how audiences struggle with separating the role played from the real life actress and or actor. 

Let’s face it! Some of us have seen and experienced a lot of what happens on the screen in our own lives. We all can remember shouting at the screen, being mad, crying, and sometimes imagined ourselves living the lives of those on the screen.

But every now and then, we experience mind-blowing roles that leave us looking at our own lives and wondering how can what we experienced, from the role played, be applicable to our own story. We contemplate imitating the roles played, reminisce about when we shared the experience, or totally disagree. Meanwhile, we continue watching just to see the outcomes that we know are sure to happen.

Overall, we realize that the roles being played cannot be taken lightly because the actress or actor that portrays those roles brings so much clarity of thought to what the heck is really going on in our world. In other words, what really is happening while being entertained is that show, play, or movie makes us form numerous opinions about various topics all being cultivated in one drama that could possibly leak out and onto every other role played by the actress or actor, sometimes.

Here at W2WT Magazine, we love to celebrate those moments, and especially when those roles are played by one our own Beautiful Women of Color.

Ms. Kerry Washington, born Kerry Marisa Washington January 31, 1977 in The Bronx, NY. She is married to Nnamdi Asomugha and they have 3 children. One can only imagine how her life experiences from her family life and marriage is being transferred through her artistry onto the screen based on her conviction within and surrounding each of her roles. But if we are honest, we must attribute Ms. Kerry’s artistic prowess to the truth that WOC, we simply rock at whatever we do because of what we’ve been through and because we are unstoppable.

Experience vs an Idea

When ABC Television released the televised drama series, ‘Scandal’, in 2012, which was created by Ms. Shonda Rhimes, audiences experienced 7 seasons of what it looks like for WOC to break the double standard of men ruling and reigning in the workplace. Some have criticized the adultery and even the corrupt government tactics on the show. But Ms. Kerry’s role playing of Olivia Pope left some of cheering her on because of her portrayal of a WOC who lacked nothing in her convictions of going after what she wanted. Her beauty was even referred to as Helen of Troy. And we all know that the writers, producers and all involved didn’t make her beautiful face. They just seemed to see what was already there and shined the lights on her. Some may even say that it was the groovy music that kept us focused on the storyline.

Or maybe it was us wondering what she was going to be wearing as she bounced through the hallways of the infamous White House in those red bottom stilettos. She is and will always be the trenchcoat Queen, for me! Regardless of whether we agree or disagree with her role in ‘Scandal’, we cannot deny that Ms. Kerry slaughtered the role. Period.

We would like for our audiences to see Ms. Kerry as the beautiful WOC that she is on and off the screen.

Tonia Williams

She is a powerful actress with Jamaican ancestry, she has complimenting natural features that shows off her high cheekbones, a wide infectious smile, along with that thing she does with her nose when she’s expressing herself. Some may even admire her full lips and how she used them to accentuate her voice tone and diction. Either way, W2WT Magazine celebrates all of who Ms. Kerry is as well as what she brings to her audiences from the plethora of roles she plays on screen.

Fast Forward

In 2023, Hulu released, ‘Unprisoned’ created by Ms. Tracy McMillan starring and produced by Mrs. Kerry Washginton and Mr. Delroy Lindo. Instead of the trench coat, she is portrayed in a variety of short sleeved jacket ensembles. On the surface, it appears that Ms. Kerry is in a more relaxed mode because she isn’t wearing those wicked colorful suits and fly straight flat hairstyles. Ms. Kerry, as Paige, sports a curly puffy look with gold highlights which shows off her black not cracking even more. The idea of constantly self evaluating yourself on the screen seems to be more complex than advising the president because at the end of the day regardless of our roles, we still have to deal with ourselves and the truth about who we really are.

Although the comedy series is new, it’s like one of those times when one role leaks out and onto another role played by an actress or actor. On ‘Unprisoned’, Ms. Kerry plays Paige, a single mother of a son but the conflict surrounds the fact that her father comes to live with them after being imprisoned for 17 years.

Both Olivia and Paige are emotionally unavailable stemming from daddy issues. However, both women are convincing and relatable WOC on a global scale. One could think that maybe if Olivia had access to the therapist in Paige that maybe she could have handled her job more professionally. Or maybe if Paige had Olivia’s determination then maybe she wouldn’t 2nd guess herself so much. We don’t want to surprise you with too much information. But W2WT Magazine encourages you to watch the new comedy series, ‘Unprisoned’ with Olivia on the inside of you and the intent of showing up being the best version of yourself.

Here’s Why…

As  WOC, our message is clear and precise: It’s ok to be uncertain, unclear, and have no idea about what’s going on or what’s going to happen. 

Just Don’t Give Up!

Thank you, Mrs. Kerry Washington for being bold and demonstrating courage to play roles that contradict perfectionism, and reinventing social norms from a WOC perspective. Thank you for being a ‘Gladiator’ and setting the standard for Black Family Love.