S&L Caregivers is Changing Lives & Serving Families with Top-Notch Care for Elderly Loved Ones

Hello Queen!! We truly appreciate you taking the time to chat with us regarding your work and your story! — Please tell us a little bit about your background, and how you got into the industry of home care.

How I got started in healthcare is because of my father. — He ended up needing more help as he got older and began to have challenges with day to day activities.

Before he passed, I made sure to give him the best care and comfort. He is my inspiration behind S and L Caregivers, and that is why this journey is so personal for me.

I started out as a CNA and now I am a CEO.

Lovie Glover

We understand that your father inspired this journey for you… how would you describe your relationship with your father?

My father and I had a great relationship; he was a man of few words but he was sweet as ever.

Caring for him is what gave me a deeper passion for elder care, and the importance of making sure I was a reliable resource for families who needed legitimate help for their loved ones.

As a WOC, what has your journey been like as you navigate Owning ans Operating an Agency?

Being a WOC has been challenging at times, opening an agency. They give you more of a hard time vs. if I was Caucasian. Being younger is also a challenge. Sometimes they think I’m too young to be the owner of an agency and they don’t think I know what I’m doing. — But once I show them, they say “Ok, she got this.”

What’s something you’ve learned along the way, that you wish you knew from the beginning?

I’ve learned how to be patient, and that I will get a lot of No’s before I get a Yes.

Lovie Glover

If I knew that in the beginning I would’ve worked harder for myself than I did for anyone else. I thought I was going to be able to chill. — No ma’am! It’s even harder now because it’s my business and I don’t want to fail.

How’s does home care services help families in their day to day routines?

Home care services make life easier for both the patient and the family. We take care of the heavyweight tasks and responsibilities like bathing, grooming, meal prep, cleaning, medication administering, transportation services and so much more.

We help keep elderly lives ones active and mentally fed. We do activities and we support healthy hobbies that families don’t always have the time to keep up with.

In-Home care or in-facility care services are a breath of fresh air for families because it frees up their time and allows them to focus on building more memories and just having a good time with the ones they love most.

What kind of benefits come with working with S&L Caregivers vs other agencies out there?

S and L Caregivers goes above and beyond!

A lot of times, other agencies just take care of the patient or client and they don’t think about the family as a whole. They hurt seeing their loved ones suffer. So, we go the extra mile and we clean the house. We prepare meals. We help with laundry. We make sure that when they come home from work they can relax as well.

Name something you’d like more families to consider when deciding if they need to hire a caretaker for a loved one?

Consider the bigger picture. S and L Caregivers comes with the full package and we have personal experience with caring for loved ones.

As I mentioned, I cared for my father myself, throughout his last days, so I know first hand what these families are facing with care responsibilities. We train our staff to embody these values and principles that can only come from personal experience.

As for staffing, do you have open opportunities to add personnel to your team? If so how can qualified people connect with you?

We do have open opportunities! If you feel that we are the right fit for you, please feel free to send us an email with your resume to sandlcaregivers@gmail.com and we will be in touch!

What advice do you have for the next woman looking to build and launch their own agency for home care?

Make sure this is their passion, because if not it won’t last. They won’t produce quality service and when dealing with people one on one and holding their lives in your hands, you have to perform at a top quality level.

Also, be patient because it will take time to build the agency up. Make sure you don’t hire friends or family; it is a #1 “disaster”. Make sure your foundation is solid so it will last.

If families are interested in consulting with you or working with you, how would they go about the initial contact? — and how can our readers keep up with you and any new announcements?

Families can contact me directly via email or phone, and they can follow our network on social media via Instagram or Facebook.


(404) 207-4426

IG: @lovielamour and @sandlcaregivers

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