Affirmation-Wear Designer, Kim Robertson says What We Wear and Hear, Shapes Us

Hello Statement Queen!!!! Such a great experience connecting with you! Please tell us about your life before business; what were some of your early passions and interests in life?

This is a great question! It’s funny, up until late last year when having quality time with my childhood best friend, I didn’t realize I’ve always had my own expressive style and actually started “designing” as a kid, around 6 or 7 years old.

She said Kim, “I’m so proud of you, I remember when you use to draw these detailed dresses and when you first got the Barbie computer design program.” I had forgotten all about it in context of starting my brand and the products we’ve created. It was a great reminder and full circle moment for me.

To think, fashion and design was one of my first passions before life took me on a learning journey!

When did you decide you wanted to be an entrepreneur and what inspired the idea behind “Always Make a Statement”?

The idea of Always Make A Statement came to me about two years before I actually started the brand. I was very hesitant because at the time, the plan I had in my head wasn’t fully flushed out. My dad always spoke about entrepreneurship to us, he tried to push us towards it but it wasn’t until almost three years after he passed that I actually took the leap. When I initially decided I wanted to start AMAS, it was a way to encourage my niece who was 16 years old and a student in a fashion design program to come out of her shell. I seen how talented she was but knowing she didn’t see herself that way led me. I’d like to add, it took some time before I took a look in the mirror, and realized the brand was created for me too!

We notice that your brand features a heavy presence of affirmations! Tell us what affirmations mean to you and how they affect your life personally?

Positive Affirmations are soo important to me and the brand. They are a tool to help build confidence, a coping mechanism for when nerves take over, and a practice of self-care! I personally became fond of positive affirmations back in 2018 when I was reclaiming my identity.

We don’t realize it but, what we wear and hear shapes us.

Kim Robertson

So creating affirmation wear came naturally once we defined our why.

What do you hope your customers and supporters takeaway or experience through supporting your brand?

It is our hope that our statement makers feel and become confident, that they are excited to express themselves freely and strive for balance in their lives. These are our brand values, everything we create or curate embodies this mission.

We love all the detail within your designs! – How do you come up with the style behind your looks, and how intentional are you when creating?

Thank You so much! I’m very intential about our designs, what they say about our brand and how potential customers will see them. When it comes to our custom statements, a lot of our designs were inspired as a response to current happenings in our community and the need to shift the mindset of myself and others around me. More of our expressive products are the result of ideas starting in our heads, getting to paper and then coming to life! As we have started to expand and offer curated products, it has taken more market research and discernment on how the piece aligns with our brand.

We love that you have a secondary designer! What has it been like expanding your team and welcoming new talent into your workspace?

We haven’t expanded just yet. My niece Nateya who is our secondary designer and seamstress has been with me from the start! It is important to mention, this is truly a family business and during crunch time we call for all hands on deck including my 5 year old daughter!

It’s great that you make products for the whole family. We also love the culture within your work. – How did you define your target market and choose which products to drop, as in your accessories, decor and more?

Thank You! When we first started, target market was a struggle! We had such a large net and wanted to create soo much for everyone. Honestly, it took us close to a year to learn, access resources that helped us define our target market, and really hone in on our values and create a brand voice. Now our focus is primarily women of color.

Talk to us about self care. We notice you have a section dedicated to self care, and we’d love to know your thoughts behind that concept. Why is self care important to incorporate into our lives?

Self-care is soo important and I had to learn that the hard way, in fact I still get a lesson every now and then when I fall off course.

To quote the great Toni Morrison, ” You are your best thing”! You have to take care of yourself both physically and mentally. Burn out is real. Once you stop prioritizing you and your needs, things can easily fall apart. Self-care is a practical way to prevent burnout, feel like you, and make strives toward being balanced. Now more than ever, in the world we live in, self-care is a must. So our way of helping our community and ourselves stay on track is to create products that promote self-care!

If you could send an encouraging message to WOC who may be struggling to feel confident or significant in their own right, what would you say?

Sis, sometimes life comes at us hard and distracts us from seeing our “magic”.

Kim Robertson

You have to remember that inner ambition, fearlessness, and confidence that lives within you! It will take time but you can start by showing up, saying affirmations, and wearing that thing (color, hairstyle, dress, etc) that makes you feel like that girl! And of course making a statement with us will definitely empower you!

Is there anything coming up soon or happening next at AMAS that you’d like to share with our readers? How can we stay connected with your ongoing news and updates?

Yes, 2023 is a BIG year for us, we turn 3! We have some new products and events in the pipeline that will be released to our statement maker community first!

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