The Days of Boxy Blue SCRUBS Are Over, says Val Hunt of Thumbs Up Scrubs

When did you know that scrubs were something that you could become a reliable resource for?

The medical apparel business is growing and expanding. The days of the blue boxy scrubs are over. Scrubs equal fashion.

The New York Times a few years ago highlighted this in an article. There are now endless styles, sizes and colors to accommodate anyone’s need and preference. Scrubs are recession proof and many professions need them. I enjoy meeting with my customers and ensuring they find the proper style, fit and color scrubs to meet their needs.

What were your initial thoughts when you considered becoming an entrepreneur? Did you have any fears or challenges? And how did you overcome them?

I was at a point in my life where I wanted to gain control of my own destiny and reach my full potential. Owning my own business has allowed me to use my skills and knowledge in an area I find interesting. I’ve been a manager for many years but when you manage you operate under the leadership of an organization. As a business owner I am able to control this.

Yes, there are many challenges that will come in the entrepreneurial space but I always look at the glass half full. This is why coaching and proper mentorship is important. Reading and studying is important. Believing in your business is vital. Answers to the challenges are out there and it’s important to not give up. It’s a process. You can either wake up every day and support someone else’s vision or support your own vision. I am at a place in life where I take joy in supporting my own vision.

What would you say sets your scrub line apart from other distributors? It’s not my scrub line. I sell industry standard brands.

Thumbs Up Scrubs is a five star Google rated online and mobile medical apparel business.

As Atlanta’s premier uniform concierge, I am based in Metro Atlanta but I do have an online store and offer concierge services so I am able to accommodate customers nationwide. Whether you are an individual looking for a pair of quality scrubs, an office, spa, facility or even a hospital looking for a vendor to provide uniforms and accessories.

We provide a luxury experience by bringing the shopping experience to the customer. We only sell quality brand name uniforms that have stretch, are moisture wicking and have odor resistant properties. Also, they have a modern silhouette and offer joggers, cargo and yoga pants.

What’s something you wish more people knew about scrubs in general, as a supply for their business?

You only get one chance to give a first impression. Providing quality scrubs for your staff automatically increases and uplifts the aesthetic of your business. It makes your staff stand out and there is no confusion of who works there, departments and so on.

Also, quality uniforms saves your staff time and increases morale. Our scrubs are wash and wear and do not require ironing. A flattering fit goes a long way. We offer petite and talls for women, short and tall for men. It’s an investment that will pay off in the end. As business owners you want to attract a high end client but it’s important to present a luxury image. 

Recently I’ve visited two luxury spas in different parts of the world. One in Jamaica and the other in Dubai. Both spas and the staff wore uniforms. It’s all a part of the luxury experience.

Tell us a story about a time when you were able to save the day for a client! How did it make you feel?

I have a VIP client, shout out to CEO Chris of Luxe Body Studio who regularly takes a group of body contouring professionals to Colombia to learn and upgrade their techniques. As a part of her luxury experience she provides them with uniforms.

Well, one time the wholesaler was delayed in filling the order and her departure date was fast approaching. So I put on my cape (lol) and did what I had to do to ensure she had all the uniforms she needed with the proper sizes. Long story short, all the uniforms were packed and ready on the flight to Colombia! (Smile)

Does your company offer ongoing subscriptions, and if so, what are some of the benefits of that program?

Yes, on our website we offer a subscription where the item selected can be delivered to you every three months. When you sign up for this option you receive a 10% discount. This is a great option for busy professionals who have found the perfect scrubs and do not want to log back in and reorder. Very convenient to our clients.

Do you have any special scrub tips for professionals that wear scrubs?

Yes, do not be in bondage to the tag when it comes to sizing. Sizing varies from brand to brand. What is important is the fit. Also, many brands have tall and petites for women and short and tall for men. You can have a proper fit. You do not have to compromise fit for style. You can have both. I’m amazed how many people who have worn scrubs for years do not know about the tall and short options.

What are some of your favorite scrub styles and why?

I do not necessarily have a favorite style but I do have a favorite fabric. I love the heathered fabrics. Heathered charcoal, greens, purple, wine and blues are very attractive. To me it stands out and has an extra uniqueness that is classy and stands out. Clients who select the heathered fabrics always express it really made a positive impression for their business.

One client expressed that her daughter said the heathered fabric made her look “expensive”. I agree, the heathered fabrics really do give a luxury aesthetic.

Do you have anything new coming up we should look out for? How can we stay connected with your news and updates?

We are always expanding our offerings.

We have grown to where we now need a sales team and will be hiring for those positions very soon.

We are always looking for partnership and sponsorship opportunities.

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