Keyona Lashawn says Performing at The Apollo Made Her Feel Like She is a Part of History

What was childhood like for you and when did you discover your talents?

Childhood for me was pure, innocent, no fear.

I would make up songs and create choreography and anyone who was my friend would have to be in the group lol. We would perform anywhere; we could at the grocery store, church or the hair salon or even the boardwalk in Atlantic City. My family first realized I could sing when I was two years old.

I sung happy birthday to my grandma and they were like she is really singing singing lol. For me I realized I could sing when I was 5 years old when I did my first talent show. The reaction from the audience and my peers felt good but the way performing made me feel it was indescribable and unmatched to any other feeling I’ve ever felt and I haven’t stopped singing since lol.

What do you love most about music and the art is SONG? (Both singing and writing)

I love that I can create a song that a person who has never met me can relate to.

Keyona LaShawn

I also love the fact that Music has the power of healing. Have you ever heard a song that just makes you feel good? Sitting on the dock of the bay is one of those songs that puts me back into my grandparents living room at age 6 sitting and listening to it with my grandfather.

It’s exiting to know you won The Apollo! Tell us about that experience and how it made you feel.

The Apollo was hands down one of the most memorable moments/ performance I’ve ever had.

When you walk on that stage there’s this energy of everyone who’s ever been on that stage that makes you feel like your a part of history.”

What has your support system been like throughout this journey?

My support system was great growing up.
I started recording when I was 13 so my mom drove me to my studio sessions and stayed there with me all night after she worked all day. She Took me to every talent show. Watched me practice. She Encouraged me and supported my dream. In 2020 I started working with climax entertainment where I was encouraged to push myself musically as a songwriter and artist.

Is there anything you’ve learned about the industry that you wish you knew earlier on?

Absolutely! I wish I knew that Everything isn’t always what is seems to be. Not only just in music, but in life.

We live in a time where we have social media, and everybody’s posting their good moments and not showing so much of their bad moments; and that’s kind of how it is in this business. We see the record deals, the Grammy awards, the songs that go number one; but we don’t see all the No’s that the artist received, and how many doors didn’t open before they had that one that did open. So I’m learning to enjoy each moment and celebrate my wins and learn from my losses.

What have been some of your biggest challenges along the way? And what have been some of your greatest accomplishments?

My biggest challenge has been learning how to balance it all, being a single mother and following my dreams. On the other hand my greatest accomplishment is Being a mother. Another accomplishment has been finding a team of people who support me and my vision. Who are willing to grow with me but also humble me and give me a sense of reality and allow me to be myself.

Who are some of your favorite singers to date and why?

I have so many artist that I love but to name a few, Beyoncé would have to be the first person I name because I watched and studied her growing up. Her performance style and the way she demands the stage is like no other.

Jazmine Sullivan; not only is her tone and runs and voice effortless but her pen and writing style is so vulnerable and uncensored.

I have to mention Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. These are two names that to this day, every household knows who they are, even the children who weren’t born while they were still here know the music. Kids are still imitating Michael’s dance moves and sound effects he made. Their music was and is able to bridge gaps of not only age groups but different ethnicities, and genres of music. They are the true meaning to Timeless music.

Talk to us about the New music era! What do you like/dislike about the modern day music scene?

I love the space that were in with music right now. I love that with streaming we have tons of songs at our fingertips. I’m learning about new music everyday.

I’m just amazed that how music is constantly pushing the culture toward.

Keyona Lashawn

As a WOC, what would you like to see more of within the industry and culture of music?

I feel like we’re seeing it now and I love the space we’re in.

Do you have any new projects or updates coming up that our readers should know about? And how can we keep up with your ongoing news and updates?

I’m Getting ready to release my new single “lights on” I’m so excited about this record and can’t wait to share. You can keep up with me on my website

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