Dr. Sasha Johnson is Calling All Entrepreneurs and Community Leaders

Dr. Sasha Johnson is the Chief Executive Owner of Sasha Mercedes, LLC; under this platform, she attends interviews, attends speaking engagements, and more.

She also is the Chief Executive Owner of Inside and Out Consulting, LLC. In this private practice, she provides mental health treatment as a counselor focusing on trauma, relationships, and the LGBT community. We obtained an exclusive interview to discuss her media career as the Co-Host of Off The Script Radio Talk Show.

Please tell us about your radio talk show, Off The Script. 

This show was created to allow space for entrepreneurs and community leaders to come in and talk about specific topics, such as mental health, business challenges, and relationships. Occasionally, we also have celebrities come on and talk about some of the challenges they have faced in the industry.

How did your career in media begin? 

My career started in media when I decided to get into filming. I feel passionate about providing information on real-life situations in documentaries and Talk Shows. I decided that I wanted to use media to provide more information about mental health, trauma, and relationships and bring a more visual type response or knowledge base for consumers.

What are some of the most memorable moments in your media career so far? 

One of the most memorable moments in my media career was when I was filming my talk show, and we talked about just so many of the traumatic experiences that the guests had. This is a space to allow them to be able to speak freely with a licensed earpiece about some of the channels that they hurt without any judgment.

How does journalism connect with or play a role in the additional inspirational work that you do? 

Journalism plays a considerable part in the other resources and emotional work that I do because I provide a lot of my knowledge and experiences through my blog.

What are some of the topics you chat about during the radio program? 

Some of the issues that I have touched on based on the door on the radio programs are things such as mental health, stigma challenges for business owners in many specific fields, and relationship dysfunctions.

Are you currently seeking guests? If so, who will best fit as a guest on the show? 

Yes, I am presently seeking guests for my show.

Dr. Sasha Johnson

We are looking for individuals that are entrepreneurs and business owners that can provide information on their experiences with mental health issues, business concerns, or relationship disconnects.

Let’s discuss your companies and the services that you provide. Please share vital details about your work as a CEO. 

As a CEO, I am the founder of a nonprofit organization called Sister’s 2nd Chance. We focus on providing free mental health services, emotional support, financial assistance, and case management services to individuals or families in need suffering from challenges like homelessness. At Inside and Out Consulting, we provide mental health counseling and coaching to individuals, and we maintain a nonjudgement-free zone during treatment.

What else would you like to share with our readers at this time? 

I want to share that their main goal is to impact as many individuals positively by offering knowledge on mental health and providing overall support.

What does the rest of 2023 look like for you? 

The rest of my 2023 looks very busy as I am going to be doing book tours and conferences and just expanding my horizon overall.

What advice would you have for aspiring media professionals and business owners? 

The suggestion that I have for aspiring media professionals and business owners is to know your net and also not allow people to pull you in a lane. That can affect your future perception and how your future brand will be viewed.

More on Dr. Sasha

Dr. Sasha serves as the President and Founder of Sister’s 2nd Chance, whose mission is to inspire and accommodate women and children who need someone to confide in through difficult phases. Their mission is to fight against mental health stigma and homelessness and provide mental health support for families in need of wholeness.

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