Convo to Currency: The Royalty Edition at THE VAULT

Jenni Graham, Founder of the JCHIC Lifestyle Brand, opened The Vault and millions of dollars’ worth of information spilled out and eager entrepreneurs collected and ran with all of it.

Woman to Woman Talk was in The Vault Gallery, a venue that was formerly a bank that contained millions and millions of dollars, located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. In attendance, were some of the chicest Women, dressed to the nines, genetically and divinely motivated to motivate other women to be the best, richest, and most royal versions of themselves by any means necessary, with no harm to none.

The JCHIC Lifestyle Brand asked the questions of, “Are you fundable?” Ultimately, when needing to acquire funding, the goal is to be fundable. What have you done to invest in yourself prior to you asking for funding? How is your heart, mind, and ambition around what you desire to be funded? The brand also insists that you must know your ABC’s: The Branding, The Content, The Funding, and The Marketing.

The exclusive conversation was saturated with generous amounts of insight and a heavy list of active websites and resources to get you to that big business coin. A few of the shareable gems that were talked about are: get your publicity now and do not procrastinate until you are poppin’ later, stay in regular contact with the investors you are seeking investments from, you must show real sales early on, inflating the numbers only works against you, and you must demonstrate a workable business model. When those things simple things are covered, the investment opportunities will come.

Some of the royals had more pertinent messages for the community:

Financial Educator, Trelles Williams aka @lady_finance said what she said and what was said was, “It’s your winning season!” Why not make winning one of the top things on your agenda.

Marquisha Palmer who can be found on IG at @insuranceforbosses says, “Use your life insurance while you are still living!” — Marquisha explicitly teaches and answers the age-old question of what good is life insurance beyond the death benefit.

Serial successful entrepreneur, Candice Holyfield, thee @sixfigurespachick thinks, “It’s so ghetto not to have a business checking account and running your business like a stepchild!”

Interview with Convo to Currency Creator, Jenni Graham:

Jenni Graham is tuned into high vibrations, starting off the interview with deep breathing and also beginning the currency conversation with positive affirmations of abundance and prosperity that the attendees echoed back to her.

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