Woosah Bride: A Support System For Melanated Brides

Woosah Bride hopes to bridge the gap between the glamour of planning your big day and the reality which involves learning how to set boundaries and take care of yourself. It also has a specific product line to show illustrations of black and brown women of all shapes, sizes, and ages.

Woosah Bride was founded in 2022 after the founder, Shonte’ Parrish Norgriff, and her husband experienced planning their wedding in 2021 during the pandemic. This brand is for those planning brides who may feel anxious, overwhelmed, or pressured to please everyone but themselves.

We obtained an exclusive interview with the Founder of Woosah Bride, Shonté Parrish-Norgriff to see what has made her extremely successful at what she does.

What was the backstory behind your brand?

This is brand is so personal for me.

Shonté Parrish-Norgriff

My husband proposed in August 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic, countless people dying, losing their jobs, and people who look like me still being gunned down for no reason other than being black. Although the state of the world contributed to my depressed state at times, I struggled to find balance in taking care of myself mentally while planning.

I struggled with finding a circle of people who understood that I was excited, I was happy, and I did have and love my wedding planner, but I was in a constant state of anxiety, worry, and frustration. I was shocked at how there was so much in my 32 years of life, I never knew about how planning a wedding changes the dynamic between your family members, friends, your partner’s closest loved ones, etc.

I was shocked about wedding etiquette no one seemed to understand. During my planning process, I ordered all types of planners, bridal boxes, etc. to help me be organized and excited, however in these products, there was barely any representation of black faces. No black women, no black love, no black weddings! In my bridal groups, brides asked the same exact questions, looking for the same things, and I am here to provide a solution. For US by US.

This is why Woosah Bride was created. To provide relief so the bride can take a DEEP BREATH.

We have to know about your wedding planner product. Please tell us about it.

My wellness wedding planner titled- “Sis, let’s plan this wedding! “is intended for melanated brides who are underrepresented in the billion-dollar wedding industry. The lack of options in bridal magazines, bridal fashion, and couture, bridal boxes, and planners, dress sizes, flattering shades, and colors, and bridal expos in 2023 is alarming. Black women and women of color should not have to visualize one of the best days of our lives through the lens or standard of someone who doesn’t look like us.

What makes your business stand out from the rest?

Our contributors include several specialists in healthcare (dermatologists, psychiatrists, general physicians, nutritionists, intimacy and sex doctors) who provide curated advice and recommendations specifically for melanated brides.

What do you define as success?

Success to me is impacting. Having a large impact on others’ lives and being a well-known household brand, and also seeing my hard work impact my life for the better.

Woosah Bride was founded to create awareness for melanated brides. While being their support system while navigating the importance of prioritizing mental health during the wedding planning process. The goal is also to create a community specifically to uplift this change.

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