Jan/Feb COVER STORY: Eudaimonia Wellness, STRONGER TOGETHER!

For the past 7 years, Janeisha and Christina have been dedicated to the health and wellness of others. Majority of their careers have been spent in the emergency room but they have also worked in interventional radiology, pain management, home infusions and various ambulatory settings.

While working as a travel nurse in the ER during the pandemic, Janeisha and Christina realized that there was more that they had to offer and their focus switched from employee to employer. Janeisha and Christina have worked countless hours reactively caring for patients in the ER. It was then that they began to really dive deep into preventative wellness and thus Eudaimonia Wellness & Beauty was born!

Janeisha Mays, BSN, RN has been intrigued with healthcare since the age of 7. Her first experience was when she fell out of a tree and broke her arm. That experience began the dream of Janeisha wanting to be a nurse.

Christina Coleman, APRN, FNP-C is her board-certified partner and nurse practitioner, who is a major pillar and essential piece to the Eudaimonia Wellness & Beauty puzzle.

Together, they continue to serve the community and offer the opportunity for clients/patients to be HEALTHIER & STRONGER! — Let’s dive into their world, as nothing serves us better than a WOC dynamic duo!


Please tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do and what life was like prior to your career.

My name is Janeisha Mays, I have been a Registered Nurse for 7 years. Before I started my career as an entrepreneur, I was(still am) an ER nurse. I began my nursing career at one of the busiest emergency rooms in the country. I spent 2 years in that ER before I decided to travel the world as an ER nurse. Life was very predictable with work but adding the travel aspect into my career definitely allowed me to be the CEO of myself!! This was the first introduction into being a business owner.

How did you meet Christina and when did you know you wanted to work with her?

I first met Christina when we worked together as baby nurses at our first ER
jobs. We clicked after we spent countless hours and days together learning the ER ropes. We became really good friends and later down the line the talk about business came up. Honestly, when I first started my business, I didn’t think I was going to work with her. We kind of had a conversation about her joining forces with me and the rest just took off on its own!

What has your partnership with Christina taught you about business?

PATIENCE. I am a very ambitious, driven and determined person. My perseverance to do things in my life has allowed me to get further in business. On the flip side of that, I am also very Type A. I like things done the way I want them to be done and I want to be sure my hands, eyes and ears are involved in every aspect of my business.

With my partnership, I had to learn that you have to trust the people that you put into place in your business and trust that they can do the tasks that you have them to do and not always the way you would want it to be done.

You have to allow and give people space, time and freedom to be able to do their job without you breathing down their neck. No one wants to work that way and no one want to work with someone that way either. So, I have had to be patient and let some things go.

Do you have any advice as it pertains to maximizing the value in professional teamwork?

The best advice I can give is start working with a team and start early.

Janeisha Mays

A lot of newer entrepreneurs feel that they can do everything in their business on their own because we feel that a team costs money (which yes, it does). But in hindsight, had I started putting together a team early on, I feel that I could have avoided some of the problems that arose early on. In order to maximize professional teamwork you need a team and everyone has to be clear on the goals, mission and values of the company. Set the expectations early and then you won’t have to worry about playing catch up later on.

Please talk to us about your weightloss program? What are some of the processes and benefits for clients?

I am so excited to be officially launching my weight loss program. Weight loss is something that is near and dear to my heart and a battle that I too struggle with. Obesity and individuals being overweight puts them at risk for countless health ailments such as diabetes, heart disease, strokes, osteoporosis and the list goes on.

The benefit of joining a medically managed weight loss program is that you are able to get professional help and guidance to be able to safely lose weight. A lot of people don’t understand the negative effects losing weight can have on a person’s body. A lot of people also don’t understand how to properly track and manage their weight, which is where we come in!!

When you hear the term “Healthier and Stronger”, what does it mean to you and how can we as a community continue to work towards it?

Our process not only allows you to lose weight with our different weight loss programs, but you are also managed by our medical team. You get monthly blood work, nutrition support and an individualized plan to get you to your weight loss goals! Our programs really are unmatched!!

When I hear the term Healthier and Stronger what comes to mind is being your best self.

Getting healthier is not always about losing weight.

The continuum of health includes 5 different stages. In the symptom stage, your symptoms can come from any dimension whether it be emotional, financial, physical, social or occupational. In order to be the best you you can aim to be stronger, you have to figure out how to become healthier. This looks different for everyone but in order for your to be healthier and stronger, you have to figure those pieces of your wellness out.

How does it feel to be a safe resource for wellness and beauty services?

It’s an amazing feeling. I honestly didn’t realize the responsibility I had until
my clients started to tell me what a difference I was making in their lives. I take my job as an RN very seriously and I take my business even more seriously. So, to be able to be a safe and knowledgeable resource for my clients and my audience is a job that I don’t take lightly.

What are some things you’d like to see more WOC prioritize in 2023?

Their total wellness. I love that so many more WOC have been prioritizing self
care but I would like to see more WOC taking care of their overall wellness. So many WOC have multiple hats that they wear on a daily basis and although they take time for self care, other aspects of their wellness tends to be neglected and it’s usually their physical wellness. Making their physical wellness i.e working out, maintaining a healthy body weight and preventative healthcare.

What makes you proudest about your journey so far?

Being able to be a helping hand to those around me. There are a lot of other
business owners or aspiring business owners who come to me to help. Whether it’s bouncing ideas off of each other, accountability calls or just being a listening ear, it makes me proud. Oftentimes I feel that I am not doing enough or what I am doing is not good enough. So to have other people come to me to help them makes me feel that I am indeed doing a great job.

What’s next for you and how can we keep up with your news and updates?

Eudaimonia is growing!!

We have some great events lined up for the year and more expansion! The best way to keep up with our news and events is to follow up on Instagram @Eudaimoniawellness.beauty.


Please tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do and what life was like prior to your career.

I’m Christina Coleman, a nurse practitioner, wife, and partner in Eudaimonia Wellness and Beauty. Currently I’m working as a nurse practitioner for a pediatric urgent care and work in Eudaimonia Wellness and Beauty. Before my career, I was an urgent care and ER nurse in the local hospitals in the Dallas area.

How did you meet Janeisha and when did you know you wanted to work with her?

Janiesha and I actually met at Parkland Hospital ER residency. Ever since then, we have been friends for 7 years and work together at almost every ER job. I knew I wanted to work with Janeisha when we had the same vision in mind of building a business and an empire that is woman and black owned.

We came together and brainstormed on what Eudaimonia Wellness and Beauty would be and stand for.

Christina Coleman

Have you always been into health and wellness?

Health and wellness is the center of being a nurse. I love explaining to clients and my current patients the benefits of being healthy and keeping a good wellness plan. It’s important to have a healthy life and lifestyle.

What have you learned about teamwork and business partnerships?

Teamwork makes the dream work! There is no I in team and all hands on deck is a must. There is not only one person in a business and/or partnership. I’ve learned to be open with communication, learn from your business partner , and make sure both partners are in tune with the vision of the business.

Talk to us about IV hydration and the benefits that come with it!

IV hydration is an amazing service to receive! We start off by asking what deficits you have or what vitamins would you like to replenish to give your body rejuvenation. Clients have options to pick from the Eudaimonia Wellness and Beauty menu of IV hydrations drips we offer. Once picked, liquid forms of vitamins are placed in a saline bag and infused through your vein.

This is the best way to get vitamins and minerals you are missing because oral pills have to go through your digestive tract. After that process is complete, your body might absorb about 30% vitamins and minerals. It’s better to get an IV hydration drip because you absorb 100% of the vitamins and minerals infused in your body. It goes straight through your vein to your bloodstream and circulates in your entire body.

What is one of your favorite things about doing what you do?

I truly love patient and client interactions. I love expressing how IV hydration and vitamins injections work for and in the body. I love attending events to meet new people and tell them what Eudaimonia Wellness and Beauty is all about and how beneficial our services are.

What have been some of your biggest challenges along your journey?

One of my biggest challenges has been stepping out of my comfort zone. Everyone that knows me know, I’m an introvert and I used to stay in my bubble. I like to help in the background and not get the recognition. But when I was presented with this opportunity to partner with Janeisha, I had to change and learn how to be in the forefront. I could no longer hide, I had to learn to be loud, bold, and speak about a business I have passion for.

My other challenge was avoiding self doubt. When something is new to you, automatically your brain is like, can I do this? or am I ready for it? I had to stand tall and tell myself that I got this and nothing and no one will stand in my way of becoming a better person and business partner. The challenges taught me how to become a bolder Christina!

What’s your opinion on WOC in business in 2023 – where do you think we are headed as a community and industry demographic?

To be a woman of color in a business is an amazing accomplishment! We have come a long way and we are still progressing in a forward motion. WOC is a powerful movement that every black woman should strive to be a part of. Its a dynamic sisterhood that’s driven by unity and professionalism.

When you hear the term “Stronger Together” what about it, resonates with you the most?

Two can be more powerful than one and can be a force to be reckoned with! Stronger together gives each other the accountability to be your best self in the business and as a partner. It gives each other the motivation to persevere through the tough times of having a business.

How can we keep up with you and in tune with your updates?

You can always follow me on the following social media platforms:

IG: christinaj_aestheticnp

Eudaimonia IG: eudaimoniawellness.beauty


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