Vocal Wealth With Voice Monetization Coach, Ashaala Shanae

In the next five years, Ashaala Shanae plans to launch her first home for orphan children and partner with private sponsors to assure that children have safe spaces to call home. She also plans to mentor over 5000 mentees within her Vocal WallstreetTM Innercircle Creative Entrepreneur Mentorship Program, and enroll at least 7,000 students into her Vocal WallstreetTM Online University. Ashaala’s goal is to vocally insure 5,000 voices. It’s important to her that anyone who uses their voice to make money protect their vocal wealth asset. She desires to start a family soon and travel the world with her family; exposing her future children to vast and diverse cultures.

We obtained an exclusive interview to see how the Expert Celebrity Vocal Health, Performance Pedagogy, and Voice Monetization Coach with over 20 years of professional experience got to this point.

We are thrilled to interview you as a voting member of the Recording Academy, a member of SAG-AFTRA, and an Expert Celebrity Vocal Health, Performance Pedagogy, and Voice Monetization Coach. We are honored to gain your expertise today!

Tell us a little about your brand and how you’ve come to this vastly successful peek in your career.

Ashaala: In the early stages of my career as a professional singer, speaker, and music teacher, I developed vocal nodules on my vocal cords (nodules are little calluses that grow on both sides of the vocal folds) that caused me to lose my voice. As a result of this, I went into a deep state of depression and anxiety, as I could not speak nor sing for almost 2 months. Losing my voice also caused me to lose a lot of money; in addition, I had no health insurance at the time and could not afford surgery to remove the nodules.

I had to figure out a way to heal myself holistically without having to go “under the knife”.

Ashaala Shanae

I decided to apply my degree in Music Education and Vocal Pedagogy, along with seeking more knowledge and understanding of the anatomy of the human voice along with completely changing the way I ate and treated my body; and using it to holistically heal myself from nodules. Fast forward nearly 20 years later, I now operate a highly successful Vocal Health Institute and Creative Services Business where I teach high-earning and high-performing speakers, singers, and edutainers how to maintain, manage, maximize, and monetize their voice and creative skills into wealth generating assets.

What are the best qualities you have that keep you in high demand?

Ashaala: Some of my best qualities that keep me in high demand are vast knowledge and experience in voice care, vocal restoration, and the voice monetization world. I also believe that I have the ability to make even the most complex topics about the subject matter of voice relatable, feasible to execute, and non-intimidating. Most of my clients and supporters have testified that I have been able to help them learn to embrace the uniqueness of their individualized voice more; especially with the aid of my daily vocal affirmation prayers. 

Through my personalized and down-to-earth methods, I have been able to tremendously reduce vocal anxiety, imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs, voice criticism, performance fear, and nerves for those that have taken any one of my courses, programs, and/or vocal workshops.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

Ashaala: Having the opportunity to help other speakers and singers come to life again and believe that their voice is enough! I also enjoy educating creatives on the unique ways they can monetize their voice, which in turn gives them hope for financial freedom and a sense of purpose fulfillment. Each day, I wake up knowing that I get the honor of motivating others to live WITH purpose, IN purpose, ON purpose! There’s a peace that comes with that and once you have attained a certain level of peace combined with fulfillment, that to me is what I enjoy the most!

What causes are dear to your heart?

Ashaala: I am the Founder and Visionary of Lovestruck INC. a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which provides reliable psycho-therapeutic resources, mixed with a combination with inspirationally enriched community events, and awareness programs for creatives challenged by suicidal ideation, mental and emotional health issues. With over 100 volunteer staff, community leaders, and influencers in the entertainment and faith-based sectors; since the inception of the non-profit initiative (which began in 2010), we have been able to reach up to 10,000 individuals throughout the State of Florida.

How has your journey been so far as an Expert Celebrity Vocal Health, Performance Pedagogy, and Voice Monetization Coach and what does that entail?

Ashaala: My journey thus far has been amazing! I have worked with some of the most well-known speakers, singers, and creative voices of my generation. Since the inception of my business, I have been able to generate well over 7 figures and have also been able to travel all over the world teaching other creatives how to do the same. I am a voting member of the Recording Academy®; as well as a member of SAG-AFTRA®; and have made guest appearances on numerous media, television networks, and podcast platforms such as The Grammys on CBS; Showtime; BET, Social Proof Podcast with David Shands; and Inside The Vault with Ash Cash on Earn Your Leisure Network; TEDx Stages; and numerous online and printed news publications too many mention.

I have been fortunate to work with major music and public figure acts, such as a Grammy Award Winning Soul Icon, Betty Wright; Award-Winning Music Icon, Patti LaBelle; Award-winning Gospel Artists, Yolanda Adams; Erica Campbell (of Mary Mary); Grammy Award-Winning Latin Icon; Jon Secada; Grammy Award-winning Artist Q Parker (of the R&B Group ‘112’); Grammy-Nominated Best New Artist Tarriona “Tank” Ball; as well as Award winning speakers and edutainers such as Nehemiah Davis; Dr. Dharius Daniels; as well as a plethora of others.

What has been some feedback from some celebrities you’ve worked with?

Ashaala: The biggest feedback I have received from some of the celebrities that I have worked with is the amount of voice confidence they have after being equipped to utilize and maximize their voice to its greatest potential; especially without fear and insecurity that it will give out on them during their biggest moments on stage. That’s a great feeling to know that you play a part in the success of a notable client. When they have a vocal win, I have a vocal win!

What is your goal when you’re mentoring someone?

Ashaala: My goal for all my mentees is that they gain inspiration from learning about my story, my wins, my losses, and my lessons. I am intentional about them sitting in the truth that their voice matters and that there are people assigned to their voice. My hope is that they gain a passion for living a fulfilled purpose-driven life, and have a greater understanding and appreciation for the uniqueness and value of their own brilliance. I also want them to realize the greatness that is in them and that they deserve to live a life debt free and happy.

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