My Networking Apparel Kicks Off 2023 with an Interactive Networking Experience at ATL’s EComSpaces

“I Want To Network, But I’m Awkward As F*ck. If you Ask Me What I Do, we can Network and Chill,” says, My Networking Apparel Brand, owned and operated by Natasha Hall.

My Networking Apparel and Events are exclusive networking events that act as a barter system, by requiring you to wear one of their statement shirts or hoodies, to be in the mix and mingle of all of the networking things.

Natasha Hall is intentional about ensuring engagement and is literally forcing you into the network by flowing through the event, asking you if you are conversing and sharing your creation. Natasha wants to disrupt the stigma that exists within the community that prevents people from networking because of the alleged ideas of people being nosey, idea stealing, don’t tell people what you do, and the infamous, clout chasing. Natasha says they are not thinking about any of that. “It’s not that you’re awkward, it’s that you’re unknowledgeable about how to network.”

Natasha’s 3 Primary Networking Keys are:

1. Friendliness. In order to have friends/clients, you have to be open and be friendly.

2. Preparedness. Thinking before you speak and your willingness of what to say and manifest when asked, What You Do?

3. Contributions. Don’t just tell people that you do nails, tell them about the experience you provide and/or how the receiver will feel from the service and/or material. My Network Apparel and Events is about self and business growth and how the people are a vital stimulator of expansion. Two or more minds that come together for a purpose, is a mastermind.

We came here to be fruitful and multiply.

Natasha Hall

My Networking Apparel events had been postponed since the first event commenced in January 2019. — In divine perfect timing, the events have recently been reactivated as of January 2023. They are in partnership with, coworking and e-commerce space, EComSpaces located in Atlanta, Georgia. The lack of comestibles, cocktails, and chairs may alarm you, but stay focused. Although the My Networking event is giving laid back, lounge vibes, the purpose of your presence is work and to fully consume conversations and connections, broaden your brand, and assimilate your alchemy.

My Networking Apparel events gives you access to business essentials such as, free headshots and a business card-esque vlog that the brand files into their digital rolodex and posts from their social networking platforms. My Networking Apparel also features their My Networking Blog from their website, in which they offer write ups, featuring you active in what you do, your journey, your networking tips, and all of the small business and big CEO things. Writing it down and watching things come to life, is another method the company uses to induce manifesting the projected outcome for your brand.

My Networking Apparel owns a monopoly of networking when it comes to Black Culture, in addition to the apparel which consists of cups, hats, pins, buttons, hoodies, and a plethora of events that you can tap into via

The question is, What Do You Do?