Hallmark Mahogany for your Melanated Festivities

Have you heard about Hallmark Mahogany?

Woman to Woman Talk is here to tell you about it just in time for the holidays!

Hallmark is known for being the seasonal and holiday haven to add that razzle dazzle to your holiday aesthetic. In an increasingly digital society, the gift of giving someone a personalized gift and heartfelt card, signed, sealed, and delivered, is still active.

Unbeknownst to many, Hallmark also has a subcomponent of their company dedicated to African Americans, called Hallmark Mahogany.

This subcomponent is not a recent addition, as Hallmark began creating African American themed card content in the 60’s, they launched the Mahogany brand in the late 80’s and then by the 90’s, Mahogany became a year-round brand. The Mahogany Hallmark brand has also collaborated with the iconic Philadelphian vocal powerhouse, Jill Scott and the late and incomparable, Maya Angelou.

Hallmark Mahogany has all of your Melaninated personalizedcards, trinkets, and gifts, from inspirational journals, and affirmation candles, to drink coasters and print artwork that reflect the African American culture that increasingly influences all cultures in more ways than one. The Mahogany brand linguistically and artistically covers every celebration from Kwanzaa to an HBCU graduation.

If you have been seeking wrapping paper and ornaments that reflect your Melaninated family for your holiday celebrations, it isn’t too late in the season to pull up to a Hallmark retail store near you and/or Hallmark.com/Mahogany and @hallmarkmahogany to collect a few things and enhance the Melaninated holiday magic in your stockings, gift bags and your home.

Photos: Hallmark Mahogany