Unreal Entertainment — “Wicked City” All New Series on the ALL BLK Network

Wicked City on All Blk TV Network is the NEWEST content and series for “supernatural drama” and you’ve already guessed it; it’s all BLACK! — At least all POC and predominately Black women.

We had the opportunity to meet the cast on the Red Carpet and capture the moments of the official Premiere, which took place at the Silverspot Cinema in Atlanta.

There are so many compliments we can offer to this well-put together art work, which involves extremely talented writers, producers, directors, actors and actresses, crew members, sponsors, collaborators, media, and now you as viewers and supporters.

One thing we can always admire, no matter the theme, topic or genre, is the collaboration and growth within and amongst WOC. — Equally as valuable, is the power of representation, for women to pave the ways and make room for the girls! If we see ourselves through others who are just a few steps ahead along their journey, or even just taking strides in their own direction that may not even be the same, it can continue the momentum and progression of the entire culture.

This series seems to touch on and share tidbits (or even more than tidbits) of metaphysics, essential oils, natural herbs, ancestry, and sage burning. — It’s a show that showcases sisterhood, culture, and a fun and spicy view of the nature of Black women relationships; both romantic and platonic, as well as family and friendship.

The storyline is also rooted in “magic.” — We quote this because there are multiple interpretations of the word, however, for us it checks out to be creative, fictitious, sci-fi style entertainment, that features a sistah-crew of witches who possess powers for various purposes and from various sources.

The women all have their own stories and roles of course, and it’s heavy on Black culture vibes and style. Our terminology, our jokes, and our excellence.

We can also appreciate the quality of the special effects and graphics that made moments intriguing and intense! — We are proud of overall project and piece of entertainment; it serves as a safe space for fantasy fiction and juicy drama!

After exclusively viewing the first TWO episodes, (Episode 1 out now on ALL BLK), we have already seen passion, intensity, humor, friendship, sisterhood, entrepreneurship, tragedy, sex, family, determination, and more!

There’s many takeaways and messages between the entertainment and we can conclude that it was carefully planned and executed, as a major series that we can see being here to stay for some years to come!

The Cast:

Vanessa Bell Calloway, Taylor Polidore, Shaquita Smith, Mercedez McDowell, Chantal Maurice, Chanel Mack, Rhonda Morman, Malika Blessing, Columbus Short, and Rolonda Rochelle.

Executive Producers:

Tressa “Azarel” Smallwood and Donte Lee