Eudaimonia Wellness & Beauty Partners with Lake Houston Wellness Center to offer IV Hydration Services

Hello and Welcome!!! We are so honored to have the opportunity to speak with you! – Please tell us a little bit about your initial break into the field of healthcare and patient care as a nurse?

Since I can remember, I have always wanted to be a nurse. I have always loved children so my dream was to be a NICU nurse. At the age of 7, I fell out of a tree and broke my arm. The healthcare staff were so amazing with me and made the hospitalization process so easy for me. I knew then nursing was going to be my dream to fulfill. My road into nursing was not at all an easy one but it was during my clinical rotations in nursing school where my love for emergency medicine grew. I graduated from nursing school in 2015 and got my dream job as a nurse at a Level I trauma center, one of the busiest emergency rooms in the country!

During my first year as a nurse, I got burnt out! I considered changing careers altogether because what I thought was what I knew about nursing was not what I was getting! After 2 years in the ER as a staff nurse, I decided to become a travel nurse. I traveled across the US and have worked at some of the most prestigious hospitals in the nation. Seeing healthcare in different regions of the country, allowed me to really learn how to better take care of my patients. I learned their real needs and I began to really understand the downfalls of our healthcare system. My love for nursing returned and my role as business woman of my own career began!

What were some of your initial skills and talents that naturally contributed to the work you grew to do within your career?

Being a nurse requires a special individual, being an emergency room nurse requires almost a crazy special individual!

I have always had a Type A personality so that allowed me to adapt and define my critical thinking skills in the ER. Being an ER nurse allowed me to have a keen eye for detail as well as fine tune my time management skills. Those skills alone have evolved over the years and have been the biggest contributors to my work within my career success.

When you created the brand and service, Eudaimonia Wellness & Beauty, what was your initial plan and mission? How have you managed to adjust, achieve, or exceed the plans you set for yourself?

Honestly, my initial plan was to create something that could be my exit from the bedside. I knew that if I wanted to walk away from the bedside, I needed to have an exit plan so Eudaimonia Wellness & Beauty was that exit plan. 

As time went on, I began to realize that this was bigger than just an exit from the bedside, so my mission was to create a space that I could utilize my nursing skills as well as bridge my community together as well. 

I am making adjustments to my plans everyday but I can say within the past 3 months, I have really fine tuned my vision and plans for Eudaimonia. I had to sit down with coaches and enroll in courses to really understand running and operating a business. In nursing school I was taught to safely care for patients but running a business was a foreign world to me.

I officially launched my business in January of this year and although I haven’t hit all of the goals I have set for myself, I have partnered with 3 other businesses and am working on 3 more partnerships as well. We outgrew our first location in 6 months and I am adding on a new venture with my clinical lab and drug testing center that will elevate my business to new heights! I honestly didn’t think that in a short amount of time, I would be able to achieve and exceed the initial plans I set for myself. Each day brings new challenges but I am learning how to navigate them and not let them derail me from the mission. 

How did you discover the lane and focus in which you decided to center your initial business?

COVID actually helped me to discover my lane of focus. It’s no secret that a lot of people use the Emergency Room for their primary care needs but during COVID, after the initial wave, I really started to dig into how to protect myself and my family from the virus. This led me to a path of preventative medicine. In the ER, we are reacting to what is presented to us. People come into the department when they are sick and need us to get them better. I have seen the disadvantages that this has on someone’s quality of life so I wanted to take a different approach to healthcare and focus on the preventative side. If I can help people manage their wellness then they will be better equipped to deal with their illnesses when they do happen. 

Please share with us some great info about IV Hydration and your professional insight on the process, benefits, and risks if any?

More and more people are looking for alternative ways to optimize their health. IV hydration has become popular in alternative wellness because of some of the many great benefits you get from IV hydration! IV therapy allows for better adherence for vitamins and nutrients because you are bypassing the GI tract and you have 100% availability of all of your nutrients! Most people don’t realize that one of the main reasons they need to take vitamins everyday is because you are only getting about 25%-35%  absorption of your oral tablets. When you add in other factors that can cause lack of absorption like leaky gut, the aging process and nutritional deficiencies, IV therapy is a no brainer!

Not only do you get 100% absorption of all vitamins and nutrients, but you are also able to receive higher doses of nutrients directly into your bloodstream!

Most people are familiar with IV hydration therapy to help with hangovers after a night of partying but it also can help with anxiety, depression, muscle pain, fatigue, viral illnesses like common colds, allergies and the list goes on!

A lot of individuals are turned off by the process because of their aversions to needles but with highly skilled and trained professional nurses like the ones we have at Eudaimonia Wellness & Beauty, we make the process as seamless as possible. There are always risks when it comes to introducing a foreign object inside of your body which is why it is imperative to be sure that you are receiving your IV hydration therapy from trained professionals who are not only proficient in their IV skills but also in vitamin therapy. All of our drips are customizable to our clients specific needs. That way we are making sure you are getting exactly what you may be deficient in from foods or oral supplements. 

We love that you include the beauty and makeup experience with wellness, in what you offer to your clients. Tell us about your passions there?

I have always loved getting dressed up and dolled up. My passion for makeup and beauty actually grew as an aversion from busy nights in the emergency room. When I would have crazy, or traumatic nights, I would just zone out with my makeup brushes and my palettes and started creating makeup looks. A lot of people around me told me to make it into a business and after months of deliberation, I  created my first business, BrusHER Artistry, combining my love for ER and makeup. From there, BrusHER Beauty, my own cosmetic line was born. 

Initially I just planned for BrusHER Artistry to be the beauty aspect of Eudaimonia but as I started to research how beauty and wellness really fit together, I knew I needed to grow the concept. It has allowed me to combine 2 things that I am passionate about into 1 idea and I love it here!!

How do you feel about the recent incline in WOC utilizing spas, med-spas, and practicing more consistent mental health-care habits?

I think it is an amazing space and it excites me. For far too long, WOC saw spas and med spas as a luxury service. Now, we understand that it is an important part of our self care.

WOC deserve to have luxury as part of their everyday lives and it’s more important to our mental health-care habits as well.

Janeisha Mays

I love that us WOC now make our mental health and self care a priority. If we don’t take care of ourselves and most importantly our mental health, who else will. It is an amazing season to be in to not only educate WOC about utilizing spas, med spas and practicing good mental health-care habits but to be able to provide a space in the arena of spa’s as well.

We are excited about your New Partnership! Please tell us about that and how it came about? — What can we expect as a result of such an amazing fusion of WOC in business?

Honestly, the partnership fell into my lap! I met Dr. Tray on a zoom call about another event that I was invited to participate in. She asked about my services and if I knew someone in the area that could offer my services. I was thinking about other businesses who I thought could do it and then I was like, well Janeisha, you have all the services she is looking for, why don’t you do it and the rest was history. We sat down and had a meeting in person so that we could feel each other out and ask the necessary questions and from there we were able to come up with a plan to execute the partnership.

As a result, Eudaimonia Wellness & Beauty offers our vitamin shots and IV hydration therapy to the clients of Lake Houston Wellness Center twice a week. We service her patients as well as other people in the Humble, TX area who are needing B12 and Fat burner shots as well as IV hydration therapy! For us to be based in Dallas, TX and to be able to expand into the Houston market in such a short period of time was a blessing and I am so excited to continue to work with Dr. Tray and the clients of Lake Houston Wellness Center.

Please share with us some of your new services, deals, and or updates that you’d like our readers to know about!

So many amazing things have been happening at our spa! Our newest service that we are launching is our medically managed weight loss program! We are excited to begin to offer this service because weight management is something that a lot of people struggle with and a major contributor to many health conditions. We have structured our weight management program that takes the guesswork out of weight loss. As a person who has struggled with weight management, it was easier for me to to structure my program around things that I know most people struggle with which is exercise and proper nutrition. 

Our weight management program  not only gives you the supplements and medications you need for success but we have built in the accountability aspect that a lot of people don’t get on their own. We have partnered with a personal trainer as well to be able to build in exercises within the program! 

I am so excited to begin this journey with my new clients because I know we are going to have the opportunity to change so many lives with this program!

Please share a piece of advice for the next female entrepreneur of color, as it pertains to embracing growth in business and investing in expansion?

My biggest piece of advice that I can give to the next female entrepreneur is to go after what you want and know that you cannot do it alone! As a black woman, I have been conditioned to believe that I don’t need anyone to help me do the things I want to do for myself but, that does not hold true in business! In order for your business to grow, you need a strong team! I have been fortunate enough that my team has started with my family and friends. Without the support of and help from them, I would not have been able to grow to the level that I have thus far. Know that you can do whatever you put your mind to, but just not by yourself! Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to those who have been in the industry longer than you or who may have more knowledge than you.

At times I know it may feel overwhelming or that we are boasting and bragging about ourselves and our business but in order for you to expand beyond what’s in front of you, you have to be willing to invest in yourself! The most important thing I could have done for my business was to invest in coaching programs, mentorships and classes to learn what I didn’t know. You can only get so far on your own. If you want to expand and reach new heights, you have to invest in your continuing education!

How can we keep in touch with you, shop your services, and/or catch your ongoing updates?

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