Black Women Empowered Founder, Dr. Jacqueline King says She Feels Extremely Blessed to Have Dr. Mathew Knowles as Her Mentor

Hello Queen!!! What a phenomenal opportunity this is to speak with you for such a great purpose. — Please tell us about your initial feelings when you first saw Black Girls Rock on BET.

I was just as excited as almost every Black woman to see a show that recognizes us, our brilliance, talent and more.  It was in my opinion the door that opened up so many opportunities to recognize Black women, including Black Women Empowered.

How did you spark the courage and focus to translate your experience into service, through creating your own group on Facebook?

 It was easy. I felt that God was calling me to take it to the next level making “Him” the primary focus  “Love God, Self and Each Other. God has always been first in my life and I could not start a movement without Him being first.  I felt that the group would be a place for women to get daily empowerment and encouragement. We started out with just over 200 women in the group. That particular group today has over 200,000 women. But we have over 2 million on all platforms combined. 

We love that you have a strong focus on Black women battling homelessness or suffering from mental illness. What made you passionate about these areas of focus?

I have served in many capacities in my lifetime, including but not limited to Human Relations Commissioner (Vice Chair) for Greensboro, NC. In my role, I had the opportunity to deal with both issues. I along with the City of Greensboro had a five-part series on Mental Illness that provided information and resources for Greensboro Residents. I also served on the Guilford County NAMI board National Alliance for Mental Illness.

So many black women suffer in silence because of the stigma associated with Mental Illness. I also feel that we do not do enough to provide adequate housing for Black women who sometimes struggle to make ends meet and ultimately end up homeless without knowing where the resources are.

What are some of the things your organization/platform offers to women that join your community? — How can those who are interested connect and get involved?

First, we offer 24/7 encouragement though live broadcasts, prayer, interviews and more on our Social Media platforms. When we have live events, women can network with each other, have vendor tables and get empowerment through speakers.

We will soon be launching our Business/Spiritual Network where they can join at different levels. Visit us at

We love to hear about the success you’re experiencing with the rapid growth of your network and the opportunities that have come your way. – Please tell us about the new business partnership you have with Mathew Knowles?

Since the launch of the network, we have been blessed to present some major empowered interviews with but not limited to Actress Malinda Williams, Dr. Bill Winston, Reverend William Barber, Bishop Paul Morton and of course Dr. Mathew Knowles.

Dr. Knowles and I connected on a personal level, and I consider him to be my big Brother and mentor. We have partnered in business and will soon be launching our Business Network as I previously mentioned. We also have our sights on an exclusive dating site as well.

Is there a place for volunteers and/or opportunities for new partners in your network? What can affiliates look to experience by being a part of your movement?

Black Women Empowered Safe Haven is our Non Profit and we can always use volunteers to do marketing/fundraising or administrative work. If they are in a area when we are doing live fundraising, we welcome them to help out as volunteers.

I believe that everyone who gets involved with BWE grows spiritually, professionally and personally. That is our goal to help women discover and walk in their purpose.

What is the core mission behind all of the work you do? How do you stay grounded and committed to your why?

 The core mission is to empower women Spiritually, Professionally and Personally.  God keeps me grounded and my why is because this is the call on my life and I am fulfilling my God given purpose which is evident in our massive growth on most social media platforms.  

Have you had any mentors or greats that inspired you or helped to keep you motivated along your journey?

Yes, first it was my late Mother Betty L. Parker, she always encouraged me to strive for excellence. I have had two others and they were both men. Dave Daily was my boss when I worked for the largest Electric Company in NJ for over twenty-five years. We met in the eighties and reconnected in the nineties after he left the company and came back as a General Manager. Dave saw greatness in me. He mentored me to a very lucrative salary, company car and more.

I know for a fact that not many black women are able to have those who are committed to their success in Corporate America.

Dr. Jacqueline King

I feel extremely blessed. Dr. Mathew Knowles is my current mentor and of course we know his success in raising Beyonce and Solange so again, I feel extremely blessed to call him my mentor and big brother.

As a Black woman, what can you say about the challenges in society in general, for WOC? — What are some things we can do as a community, to help solve these problems?

The biggest challenge that I feel black women have battled is being told they are not good enough and then believing it. I believe that networks like Black Women Empowered, and others allow WOC a place to get encouragement, reinforce their greatness and allow them to elevate to the highest level possible with programs, networking opportunities and of course collaboration opportunities.

What’s next for Black Women Empowered? — How can we stay in the know with your ongoing news and updates?

Our next big move is of course our business network and then our dating site but sky is the limit! People can follow all of our social media sites at they can email us a with general questions.