What’s the 411? Mary J. Blige Good Morning Gorgeous Tour: Fall 2022

Mary J. Blige’s U.S. tour will begin this month opening in Greensboro, North Carolina on September 17, 2022. Ella Mai and Queen Naija will join her on the tour. The tour is expected to end October 29, 2022, in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Blige released her Good Morning Gorgeous album just a couple days before her performance in the Super Bowl 2022 half-time show. True Mary fans are ready to see the Queen hit the stage. From What’s the 411 to No More Drama and Good Morning Gorgeous, we can feel the raw undeniable passion that pours from within. Blige has made a significant imprint on culture with her music. She cuts to the core and lets the ink bleed across blank sheets leaking lyrics immersed in the most passionate delivery. For her fans, the only thing left to do is FEEL.

With all the health, political and economic concerns constantly happening in the U.S., it’s nice to give fans a dose of fun for a few hours. Indulging in great music and vibes is food for the soul. We’ve watched Mary J. Blige evolve creatively for decades. It makes perfect sense that she would be chosen as one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people.

Blige, like many other celebrities and just people in general, has dealt with life changing trauma and unexpected life circumstances that would break and debilitate many. But, beyond being a survivor, she is a warrior, working through life’s challenges and facing them head on, one breath at a time. Mary’s music makes you breathe differently. That exhale is invigoratingly life changing. Mary tells her truth through her music taking the listener on a shotgun ride through her eyes.

Her transparency is golden, a couple of Blige’s quotes stick like glue –

“So as long as I’m a human being and I’m not perfect, I’m able to say I’m having some growing pains. Because in order to sustain where you are once you made such a breakthrough that everyone is looking at you, now everyone is like, Ooh, is she gonna make a mistake? Yes, I’m going to make a mistake. Yes, I’m still gonna do things.”

If you didn’t get the message, it’s a reminder that she’s only human.

“I’ve been praying to God to show me how to forgive myself. Because maybe … that’s the thing I’ve been searching for.” — Mary J. Blige

We are looking forward to all the feedback from this Saturday’s opener in Greensboro, North Carolina. The energy will be epic and we are here for it. The Las Vegas date sounds quite intriguing. Are any of you planning to catch a leg of Mary’s tour? She’ll be visiting over 20 cities in the next two months. Fans, get your tickets soon before they sell out.

The Good Morning Gorgeous Tour dates may reviewed www.maryjblige.com.