Spa Boss Nykki Lee says She Brought A Piece of ATLANTA to MOBILE, Alabama!

Nykki Lee is a licensed, Medical Esthetician and Serial Entrepreneur. She is the CEO of CandiLash Wax and Wellness Spa, the first Black woman owned spa of its kind in Port City. She also owns her feminine care product line, It’s Like Candi, which was created to offer top-quality products for her loyal spa clients and brand supporters all over the globe who want to partake in the CandiLash experience. Possessing a passion for fashion since a child, she also operates her own boutique-style mother-brand, Pretti n Pink Beautique LLC.

Hello Queen!!!! We are so excited for this conversation today, as we are so proud of your journey. – Please tell us a little bit about your Back Story. What is it like growing up in a small town as a southern gal?

Thank you so much for having me.

I’ve always said that I am a Country Girl with A City Heart! Growing up in Mobile, Alabama was very interesting.

When I look back over my life I thank God that I am still in my right mind. My father was murdered when I was 7 years old, the following year I almost lost my mom to gun violence, I went to 4 elementary schools, 3 middle schools and lost my oldest brother to gun violence in 97.

What kinds of work were you doing, and what was your driving force, prior to opening THE FIRST med-spa of its kind in Port City?

I worked as a Practical nurse for 10 plus years and initially I just wanted a second stream of income. I had know idea it would wake up the entrepreneurial spirit they laid dormant inside of me. The earning potential is infinite. Whatever you’re willing to pour in is what you will receive in return.

Please share with us, what sparked your initial interest in the spa/beauty industries? And what have you learned about the growth potential for medically trained entrepreneurs?

When I was in Esthetics school. I fell in love with Body Waxing and while in school. I became friends with a few Russian ladies. Who introduced me to Lash Extensions.

How did you decide to make the transition to opening the doors to a business and service that had never been done in your region, the way you do it? What makes your methods stand out?

It was simple to open CandiLash in Mobile, Alabama. I simply brought a piece of Atlanta to Mobile Alabama because it was nothing of this sort in 2016.

CandiLash stands out because we’re innovative, informative and intentional Wehrmacht comes to self care services and products.

How did you come up with your business name, colors, products and service structure? Did you have any mentors or professional guidance as you built your foundations?

The name of my first business was Pink Candy Waxing Lounge. Pink is my favorite color, Candy to me is femininity, dainty and soft.

So when I opened my first brick and mortar. It was called The Spa Beautique. There I was the owner, esthetician and lash artist. My alter ego name as a lash artist was CandiLash. Honestly for years I did not have a mentor or professional guidance. Which is why I failed. I have a few now though…LoL

What are some of the new services, trends and products we should look out for in the upcoming season, as it pertains to spa, beauty, and aesthetics?

I am excited about my new Feminine Product Line It’s Like Candi. The products are all natural Yoni wipes, Yoni scrub, Yoni Wash, Ingrown hair serum and Yoni Pops

How do you manage to consistently learn new tactics, and stay on top of the trends, while still keeping clients safe and healthy?

I am a member of The Spa Boss Tribe and with in the community. Our founder Candace Holyfield and her amazing team makes for certain that we’re in the know.

As a WOC with such a powerful position of innovation in your home town, how do you plan to keep raising the bar? What do you hope to offer your community as you progress?

I will forever be a student and as long as I am a student, I will constantly keep learning, being creative and unapologetically fearless to be the first to do it! I hope to offer my community unity, to always do things with great intentions and do everything with a spirit of excellence.

Tell us a story about a time when you could’ve given up, but you chose to persevere instead! – Share with us a major lesson you learned along the way.

Oh wow! I have wanted to give up so many times because of me wanting perfection instead of productivity.

Nykki Lee

I wanted to give up when my entire team called in for work one day and all their schedules were full. I simply communicated with the customers that I was the only person available that day. I gave them an option to reschedule or I would get to each and every one of them. If they would give me some grace of being a one man show for the day. The customers were very understanding and I serviced 25 clients in one day. I learned a valuable lesson on how to build a team.

Do you have anything else you’d like to share with our networks? – If our readers want to connect with you, what would be the best way for them to do so?

Yes I would like to leave this with your audience. Being a Spa Owner is not for the weak. If you have 100 customers, you have 100 people that you have to answer to. 

 You can visit my website at

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