20+ Year Entrepreneur Tracey Bryant Swint is “WOMANifesting” Everything the Next Level Holds

We absolutely LOVE the fact that you have invested yourself into the Wellness industry. We are excited to tap into your knowledge and expertise! – Can you tell us a little bit about your back story? What were you doing prior to what you do now?

I have been an entreprenuer for more than 20 years. I owned a romance boutique that helped women to tap into their sexuality and pleasure. At that time I lived in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The name of it was Honey Luv Lingerie & More “The Romance Store.” Women in the community loved coming into my beautiful and classy space where sexuality was a good thing, and nothing to be ashamed of. I would host classes, and romance parties. I had a party plan business and recruited party reps in different states and we all had fun making money and creating pleasure. I also owned a pole studio where we taught women the art of sensuality, pole dance, and strip tease. It was a beautiful time.

Although I was helping women to connect with their pleasure their were women who had resisitance due to sexual abuse or trauma. I decided to become a rape crisis, and domestic outreach counselor. Once I completed my training it felt even more rewarding. Now, I had the tools to actually help women who struggled with their sexual pleasure. This led me to Vaginal Steaming. I desired to help women on deep holistic level. Vaginal Steaming, and learning about holistiic feminine health gave me that knowledge and opportunity. I went from encouraging women’s sexual empowerment to creating the largest, nationally accredited and only board certified feminine health and womb wellness  academy in the nation and abroad. Love My Womb Academy was celebrates it’s 7th year this year and we have graduated over 2900 women and shared the knowledge of women’s holistic health and how to open a holistic spa business from front to finish. We have helped women become financially free and earn six figures and more by raising the awareness womb health and self care.

Tell us about your walk into entrepreneurship? What did that look like for you and where did your inspiration come from?

My inspiration into entrpreneurship began very early. I never enjoyed working for someone. I fired employers all the time. I would get jobs and get a few paychecks and move on to something else. I always like doing my own thing. I appreciated jobs that promtoed social work and outreach work. That’s one of the reasons I graduated in Social Work. I love inspiring people to become better. 

What have you learned about the Spa industry, as a successful owner and instructor?

Me and my husband opened up Hey Honey Wellness Spa in the middle of Covid. It was September 2020. I still don’t fully understand why spirit had us move on that vision at that time. I was real obedient with this one. I’ve learned that the spa industry is a different entity. It requires that you appeal to your clients speciality of service. Whether it’s relaxation, beauty or health. Health and wellness for some people is not often a priority. They look at recieving a massage, or a facial as a luxury. We live in a world where we are told to maintain our looks over health and wellness. This is a blessing for the spa industry. Especially when you provide specialized services such as lashes, body conturing, and/or cosmetic applications. I’m big on self care, and I’m big on customer care. I truly love wellness. I love providing services that encourage a healthy mind, body and spirit. I love being a staple for the care of the individual which flows over into the family, and into the community. Wellness is 360. I never would have thought that one year in I would win the Best Spa Award, Best Instructor Award and inducted into the Black Spa Hall of Fame at The Black Spa Expo 2021. I felt as though it was GOD’s way and my Ancestors way of saying good job because we can trust you with a little now we will tust you with a lot. It was confirmation that I’m in divine obedience. This is an AWESOME feeling!

As the “Queen of V-Steam” can you share with us 3 myths regarding V-Steaming, that are untrue and need to be CANCELED?

1. V Steaming alone does not release or heal womb conditions, womb disease or dysfunction such as fibroids, yeast infections, or PCOS. Food is our first line of defense. We must change our diet first and pay attention to how we handle stress. 

2. V Steaming is not new nor is it a fad. It’s been around and used by women of indigenous cultures for centuries. It’s trending now because of a awakening of the Divine Feminine energy. There are depictions on the walls of Kemet (Egypt) of Women taking the Blue Lotus flower and adding them to Myrrh gum pots and women sitting on them. V Steaming is still a part of many cultures in the Caribbean, Suriname, South America, Haiti, and Korea just to name a few.

3. One of the main myths is it’s just throwing herbs in a pot of water. Anybody can do it! I have to say that it’s so much more than that. There are protocols. There are contraindications. There are safety concerns. There are herbal interactions. You should never go and get a V Steam and you didn’t fill out an intake and health assessment form concerning your health. Safety and integrity are a big one with me.

Tell us about Hey Honey Spa! What can we expect there as far as services, vibes and aesthetics? And where are you guys located?

It’s the “Best Spa in Atlanta.” We are a whole vibe! From the time you walk in you feel the energy of relaxation, wellness, and comfort. We provide elite spa service for women and men, such as facials, beard treatments, massage, foot detox, waxing, Vaginal Steaming, sound healing, energy work, and more. We also have a natural hair technician for your natural hair care needs. We are bringing in additional services such as body contouring, and lymphatic drainage. We are located at 3220 Butner Road in South Fulton, Georgia.

Tell us about WOMANifest! What is it all about and how can our readers get involved?

Womanifest is my baby! I love what I’ve created with this event. I love all of those men and women who connect with this event. Womanifest Your Vision Empowerment Conference was created to aid in the success of female entrepreneurs, visionaries, and creatives by connecting with seasoned entrepreneurs, success coaches, branding experts, marketing gurus, business strategist, influencers, and motivational speakers. We share our wisdom, lessons, knowledge, and strategies that help us to continue with our purpose filled vision, and through our testimonies, and interactive teachings we look forward to helping others with maintaining their purpose filled vision and sharing the blueprint of the process that comes with any great vision. We look forward to growing our attendance to 300 participants this year. I’m big on collaborations. We have some amazing speakers that are bringing the heat!

We have vendors opportunities so that businesses can showcase their products and their goods, and we are open to partnering with other businesses that have the same target audience and believe in the mission. check us out at www.WomanifestYourVision.com and get your VIP, general, and/or vendors ticket now! October will be here soon. It’s one of the best empowerment conferences in the 4th quarter. Just in time for the new year, and new money. We support your vision.

Why would you say it is important for women of color especially, to invest in Self Care and Total Wellness? What does total wellness mean to you?

I stated earlier that total wellness is whole wellness. It is 360. I need to express that mental wellness is a big part of this 360 equation. Self-care should be a priority. Especially among women of color. We are brought up to give and share in every area of our lives and never taught how to refill, restore, refuel, nor how to receive. Our first relationship is with ourselves. Everything and everyone else actually come after that. We’ve been taught to think and care for ourselves first is wrong and selfish. We’ve been conditioned to believe that pouring from an empty cup is what we do, that’s it’s normal. We are told we are strong before we are told we are beautiful. I say to not care for ourselves first is the biggest betrayal to ourselves and the ones we profess to love. Self-care is self-love and it requires healthy boundaries. Our mind, body and spirit depend on our decision to choose health and happiness over everything. I AM my responsibility, and each of us are accountable for the edification of our health and wellbeing. I say soul care is self-care and it is required, period!

Talk to us about “the womb”. What is the overall significance of womb knowledge and care? How do you personally pour into this space for your community?

The womb is the portal, the transportation of a soul into human form for destination Earth. It’s divine work. As women we are the life givers,the gate keepers of this world. We are the transportation and the food source.  We birth humanity. Every person on this Earth came from a vagina. We need to connect with this sacred space. Our fertility, and creativity is housed in this vessel, in this organ. Our work is deep and heavy is the crown, hunny! I help women to reconnect on a sacred level of wisdom, and reestablish a healthy relationship with her womb, and release trauma that can be associated to many different factors. I share tools of healing personal trauma and traumas that have been passed down from previous generations. It’s a beautiful healing transformation.

What do you enjoy most about the work you do, and how do you maintain your own health and wellness while doing so much for others?

I love inspirinng and encouraging women to be great, and understand and know who you are as a women. I enjoy helping women to feel free to express their spiritual gifts., and to own their power. Most of all I activate the Goddess gene that may lie dormant. I often breakway from it all and travel. I love nature, and I love being alone. It’s hard to believe because I’m very social when it comes to my work. I have to get grounded often. I love staying home and closing the computer, cooking a good meal for me and my husband and sharing quality time with him. His love helps to refill my cup. Also, I’m a firm believer in therapy. 

Is there anything you’re working on now or have coming up that you’d like for our readers to know about? And how can we get and stay connected with you going forward?

I’m working on growing my network of and building teams. I truly feel we are so much better together. I’m looking forward to opening another Hey Honey Wellness Spa and working on creating our Love My Womb Academy Instructors network so that we can share the wisdom and love of womb health, self-care, and Sistahood worldwide. It’s such a beautiful time to be alive and witness the New World, this new consciousness. I’m just happy to be a part of the change.

I’m happy to be a part of the new women emerging.

Tracey Bryant Swint

You can find me on all social media platforms. You can email me at womanifestyourvision@gmail.com

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