The Harmony Duo, R & C by Ciara and Russell Wilson + NEWEST Intense

A new fragrance has the ability to change your mood and those around you. R & C is filled with love and all the possibilities that follow. The perfect fragrance is like icing on the cake, it has the ability to set off any mood and look just right. Ciara and Russell do it again! The singer and NFL star have been moving full speed ahead with a variety of ventures including the launch of umbrella company House of LR&C, Wilson’s Good Man Brand and Ciara’s LITA clothing line. Now the power couple has unveiled their original fragrance, The Harmony Duo.

“We created this fragrance during one of the toughest times in life and it brought us such joy in the midst of it all,” Ciara told People Magazine of her new fragrance duo with husband Russell Wilson. The pandemic has impacted us all in different ways. It’s a blessing when people share positive stories of how they were able to channel their energy, create and continue thriving in such uncertain times. If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s not to take life for granted and live each moment to the fullest.

In 2020 Ciara and Russell released R & C fragrance, a fragrance duo containing hidden magnets inside the bottles that allow the bottles to intertwine. The design is par for the course with this couple. We LOVE the LOVE they exude.

Russell and Ciara continue to spread their love throughout the world in Harmony. The newest duo scents are Intense and Harmony. The duo is perfectly packaged in sleek matte black and shining gold bottles. Each duo may be purchased together, or a single bottle (customer choice) can be purchased. We love that the duo gives customers options, giving the customer the opportunity to choose Ror C if they only want one fragrance.

C offers whispers of sensuous flower petals & luminous musk that creates a fluid, solar scent, captivating you with sparkles of Italian bergamot, exotic Sichuan pepper & clouds of amber.

With R the swell of the ocean infuses a holographic salty rush into an aromatic heart of lavender & geranium, while luxurious vetiver & cedar create a cushion of quilted comfort.

R & C fragrance can be purchased online and in select stores. Visit the website for the location that works best for you. The pairings create the perfect synergy for lovers and represent the connection of two souls. R & C sounds like the perfect gift for that special someone.