Nurse and Serial Entrepreneur Makeda Holt Shines a Light on the Entrepreneurial Options for Nurses

When did you develop an interest in healing and helping?

I have always had the passion to help others since around high school. Initially I wanted to be a pediatrician and had the thought of helping babies and small children. During high school attended a program called STEP ( also known as the Science Technology Entry Program), attending this program made me want to pursue a professional in the health care industry.

What made you sure you wanted to be a Nurse, and what was that process like becoming one?

Upon entering college I had my heart set on becoming an pediatrician, I had it all planned right lol well Once my premed major showed I had to take so many different chemistries I said hmm what can I do that I can still serve but not have to go through this agony of chemistry, so My work study job at the time I spoke with another nursing student and her description of the nursing program was everything I was looking for in serving the community, and right then I decided to apply to the nursing program and was accepted.

What has being a nurse, taught you personally and professionally, overall?

Nursing has taught me so many things, first it taught me to be humble, grateful and appreciative more than ever. I say that because there’s sick people out in the world who have to solely depend on a stranger to take care of them at any stage of their illness or incident. It taught me professionally me how to build tough skin, because as a new nurse, let’s just say not all nurses are welcoming to brand new nurses. It also has taught me not to take anything personal and that My priority is to make sure my patients are safe and taken care of and anything else is not a factor.

When did you realize that entrepreneurship was also a thing for you?

I always knew I wanted to have a business, I just couldn’t put my finger on what exactly I wanted to do and how I would do it. The pandemic really put me in position to be ready for entrepreneurship. I say that because when my back was against the wall and felt stuck, unappreciated, overworked and underpaid and completely burned out, I had to find an alternative to what I was experiencing and that’s when I really started to see how I can utilize my nursing degree all while becoming a entrepreneur.

When did your passions surface as far as helping others in this arena too?

I was so used to helping sick patients, when I was limiting myself in this nursing industry. I also was interested in helping those who may struggle in other areas not related to medical issues. And that’s when I decided to take care of people in a different light.

What do you think is one of the most common set-backs nurses experience when trying to phase into their own entrepreneurial initiatives?

I think the most common set backs nurses experience is education, we are trained and taught to go to nursing school, graduate, pass the boards, then work in a Hosptial. It’s never discussed all the opportunities we as nurses has when becoming entrepreneurs. I also think that so many nurses are afraid to to take that leap because it’s an uncomfortable feeling to just knowing if your going to have a consistent check coming in or benefits. All these things we already have set up for us as employees.

Please tell us more about Nubian Resilience! What is it all about and how can people get involved or support?

Nubian resilience is my business baby, I was so intrigued with body contouring the year I got married in 2019 and the owner of the body contouring studio was a retired nurse. And it took me some time to really look into how to start it up but once I received services and obtained results I believed in the system and from there I started to grow.

I had finally found something I can help others with without medication or hospital visits. At Nubian resilience we offer non invasive body contouring services such as laser lipo, cavitation, body wraps, education on wellness, and wood therapy. Nubian resilience can be reached on Instagram as @nubian_resilience and fb as Nubian resilience by Makeda.

Please also tell us about the Buffalo Clinical Testing Lab Corp? What is it and what has been your experience as Co-Owner?

Buffalo clinical testing lab corp is a mobile testing site, which means we can provide Covid testing, blood tests such as lead & rapid HIV tests. Where we meet the patient where they are whether it’s at their home or work place upon appointments we are able to serve our community by providing these tests without the patient worrying about transportation. My experience as a co-Owner is different, but helpful. I’m used to doing things on my own so to have someone to bounce ideas off and discuss our plans together is extremely helpful and we compliment each other.

As a WOC in both the HEALTH and HELP fields, what are some of YOUR needs, and how can people help who may be reading this and want to be of assistance or be a support source?

My main need is to be heard! I’m so driven to serve and educate others who may be in the same or similar position I was once with no guidance or anything while starting a business. The opportunities were limited when I started because I didn’t know who could help. Now that I’m so much more knowledgeable about being in business, I need to put that back into the community.

I want other WOC and MOC to know you can start that business it is possible to be financially free, and it’s okay to have a mentor and someone you look to for help. I have a mentor and my mentor has a mentor.

Any support, sharing or anything positive is greatly appreciated while I’m on this journey.

Makeda Holt

Do you have any advice or encouragement for Black and brown nurses who are looking to do something different or something more? How can we stay connected to your happenings?

My advice is to just start. Start that business don’t be afraid, I’m willing to help get my black and brown fellow nurses on this journey. It’s not easy but we all have the ability to make it happen and I want to help you get there! You can always reach me via IG at @theresilientnursepreneur or via email at or via website and i just want to say thank again for this opportunity to speak my truth I will be forever grateful.