Actress & Radio Personality Monei Sutton says “Fake is the New Real and I Don’t Fit In”

What a wonderful day to talk with such an amazing WOC! – How does it feel to share your story publicly, so that others can learn and gain insight from your experiences?

Sharing my story is a true testimony. Dealing with my stage 3 cancer and overcoming, is a blessing. I want to be a light for women if you go through you, you can survive it.

Please tell us a little bit about how you got started and what geared you towards media and entertainment?

I got started as a teen model, then life happened, and I got pregnant but never gave up on my dreams. After having my daughter, I got back into modeling but this time as a plus size model.

I was able to do New York Fashion Week. Even though I enjoyed modeling I got into radio with World Star Hip Hop and my career in modeling stopped. I became everyone’s favorite radio personality.

Have you always been a people-person, or an extrovert? Tell us about how your personality compliments your career!

I’ve always been a people person, still am. I’m a Gemini I have 30 different personalities in my head. Which one do you want?

I know how to meet people where they are without having to make them feel indifferent.

Monei Sutton

Who are some of your favorite media women of color?

Some of my favorite actresses are Angela Basset, Queen Latifah, Viola Davis and Kerry Washington

Is there anything you thought you couldn’t do, that you worked hard and accomplished? We love to share triumph stories with our readers!

I thought I couldn’t do acting, even though I knew I could accomplish it, however with my notoriety in media God told me my desires to work with every director was not for me.

I had one director that wanted to work with me, and I turned them down but my fiancé worked with them instead. He went around and spreaded rumors that I couldn’t act. Which hurt me and made me consider leaving the acting world but GOD, said otherwise. I now have movies on Hulu, Amazon and Netflix.

How do you suggest media professionals on the rise continue to grow their networks? Can you share any tips?

Promotions and stay active, be engaged with what’s going on. Try to be at the hottest events. Also make sure you adhere to deadlines, if they want recaps in 72 hours beat that deadline

What’s your favorite radio era and why?

Gospel and trap music. If I could do what Ray Charles did and mix gospel and trap music together I would

What have been some of your favorite cities to travel to? What did you like about them most?

My favorite city is LA, everyone lives in the now and they dress like they are going to the Grammys and because I’m over the top I love it.

What are some of the characteristics that make you stand out as a professional in your network?

What makes me stand out is because I do standout. My circle is very small I do ride the short bus and everyone can’t get on my short bus. Its only about 4 people that ride that bus. My famous line that’s copywritten is “Fake is the new real and I don’t fit in”

What’s next for you? Do you have any news or events you’re a part of that you’d like to share?

I have several new movies coming out this year. I just booked a new movie called the “Hay Guards” with tray from the wire and Clifton Powell. We also just finished the trailer for “The Dispute” which has been sent over to lifetime. I’m also in a play “Angel Palace” starring me which is about sex traffic. I’m finally coming out with my book “Still Standing”

How can we keep in touch with you and your work?

My Instagram has been hacked so many times but my Instagram in @therealmoneisutton_ or my website