Gospel Singer Anisa Fowler Talks About the POWER of MUSIC & Where It Was First Created

Anisa is Trinidadian born, now New York based singer-songwriter who has stepped out of the box of traditional gospel music and creates music from life experiences that we all can relate to. Anisa’s focus is the world at large – in the church and more importantly, out of the church. Having experienced failures on every scale, she effectively relates to issues real people deal with and looks for every opportunity to encourage both the young and old to pick themselves back up and never give up or give in.

Her message is “You are not your mistakes.”

In December of 2014 Anisa released her first single entitled Your Love. Its sole purpose is to empower the world to trust God’s love.

“If anyone can pick you up, clean you out, give you a fresh start, and call you by a new name, it’s Jesus Christ!”

Anisa Fowler

She has sung across the country with many gospel artists and even spent a month in Italy as a lead singer and choir director with Elder David Bratton and the Virginia Union Gospel choir in December of 2019. In December of 2020 Anisa joined forces with RNU Records, an independent gospel label founded by Joshua Arnoux in the same year. The two have been unstoppable ever since. Their first two singles together: “You Reign” and “Covered” are anthems of God’s goodness that they’ve been traveling around the country ministering to and inspiring people to praise God through every situation.

You Reign was nominated for the Maranatha Rhema Awards as ‘Best Gospel Praise Song of the Year’ (2021). Along with that nomination, Anisa also received nominations for ‘Female Gospel Artist of the Year’, ‘Outstanding Female Worship Leader’, and ‘Outstanding Motivational Speaker’. Since its release, Covered has been rising on the Billboard Gospel charts and has maintained a steady spot in the top 30 category of Billboard’s Gospel Indicator chart since April of 2022. She can also be heard on your local gospel station.

We Had The Chance to Talk with Anisa!

How does it feel to walk this journey as a gospel artist?

I see myself as a worshipper who has the privilege of sharing with the world what I do privately in a public way. The real goal is to encourage and inspire people to leave the corporate and public worship experience with a desire to cultivate a private experience of their own. I’m always praying “God, let them see, hear, and feel You to such a level that they leave this moment and seek You for themselves.” The world calls it artistry. I call it ministry.

Have you had any personal struggles with choosing the less-easy route, by chasing your dreams and living in purpose?

Purpose is such a buzz word today! Everybody’s trying to figure out their purpose.  And there’s just no easy route! Everyone who’s ever been great, including this Jesus I sing about, didn’t have an easy route to their greatness.  So I don’t necessarily look for easy.  My purpose is to be a vessel used to turn people’s hearts to God.  And God has blessed me with a voice (whether I’m singing or speaking) to encourage people to do just that.  The road isn’t easy at all.  I try not to focus too much on the bumps, and dips and pot holes along the way. My focus is on the purpose and fulfilling the call God has on my life.

What do you have to say to the people about the music we listen to and the impact it can have on our character?

Have you ever listened to music and thought “I wish I was married!”? Or listened to a song that made you feel like you could fight anybody? Or even something that just totally relaxed you and you fell asleep?

I know I have. Music is so powerful!! Of all the wonderful things we enjoy here on earth, music is the only thing that was created in heaven first! It has the ability to change everything about your mood and perspective. Depending on how long you listen to something it can even change your character. For that reason I choose to sing Gospel music. I sing about Gods love and His promises because I want to be a conduit that shifts the atmosphere and causes you to see your situation differently. I sing songs that minister to where people are and to the situations they all are experiencing in one way or another. ‘You Reign’ has the listener shouting that God reigns in every circumstance. ‘Covered’ is an anthem and a declaration that no matter where you are in life God has it all under control and He’s got you right up under His amazing covering!

If you could name 5 people that inspire you in your industry, who would they be?

Yolanda Adams has been my forever vocal coach! She doesn’t know me. But that’s okay. I’ve listened to her from a very young age and tried to mimic every nuance of her voice! I just love her. 

Kierra Sheard, Jekalyn Carr, and Tasha Cobbs are women who are extremely impactful. They are powerhouses that one day I definitely want to share the stage with.

I can’t talk about Gospel music and not mention Kirk Franklin. He unapologetically breaks all the rules. He’s a gospel great that gives me courage to be me! I don’t have to fit a mold or do what everyone else is doing. I can just be exactly who God calls me to be. He’s a huge inspiration to stand out!

What’s some advice you have for those looking to pursue their dreams as a gospel artist?

Figure out who and what your assignment is. Then, make that assignment your focus.  Don’t be distracted by the hype of fame or money.  Be about your Father’s business and in due time your gift will make room for you and your Father will be about your business.  I really believe when the dream is artistry you’ll chase the wrong things. Ask God to teach you how to make the dream truly ministry. 

Once you get the ministry aspect into proper priority, make sure to get some books on music business and stay close to people who are honest. Be teachable. Be honest with yourself. And never ever stop praying, studying and practicing.

On July 15, 2022 Anisa’s firstly EP with RNU Records entitled ‘Anisa – The Next Chapter’ will be released. This EP takes you on a journey of worship and praise and even a bit of biblical teaching that is sure to captivate the listener. Anisa’s latest music will be one of the best gospel EPs you’ve never heard…yet!!

When hearing her story of resilience after being church hurt and surviving a broken marriage, this birthed this new chapter and she’s sharing with the world that God is a healer and a restorer. This gospel powerhouse named Anisa Fowler is here to stay! You can catch her performing in Atlanta, GA during the Stellar Awards weekend July 14th-15th, 2022!