Faith Influencer Briana Petty says Having a Relationship with God is ESSENTIAL

Tell us about your life and the beginning of your journey as a WOC advocate for Jesus Christ and the word of God!

I began taking my walk seriously back in 2020 I got tired of how I was living and I could not keep ignoring my convictions. During that time I lost weight and started studying the word of God more closely and sharing what I learned.

What does that experience look like for you in modern day 2022, considering the pandemic and all other social injustice issues?

What sharing the Gospel looks like today especially the way the world is going is me using my platform to share HOPE & comforting WISDOM. It is so easy for us to get caught up in our emotions and forget that God is still alive and still watching everything so I encourage people to look to Him.

How has social media been a tool for your business and mission? What have been some of the pros and some of the cons?

At this time social media has played a vital role in being able to attract the right audience for my business and assignment. I am still working on things behind the scene with my business and learning what works for me and so far things have been steady which is something I like.

When you speak, who are you essentially speaking to? Who is your market and what would you like them to know most?

When I speak my audience is of women who are in desperate need of hope. Who need someone to look to that can help them in their time of need. I remind them of their authority in Christ and who our Lord and Savior is while sowing seeds of hope through the word of God. Because I want them to know that come whatever season if God is their only hope then they are going somewhere.

Tell us about Flourishing Faith and Fashion! – What can we find here and what is it all about?

Flourishing Faith X Fashion is my baby she’s not even a year old. It is a faith based clothing line that is dedicated to sharing the good news of Jesus in a fashionable way. So far we have 2 collections that is available at FlourishingFaithxFashionTell us about your podcast!

What kind of things do you cover there and how can our readers connect and support?

My podcast is called The Flourishing Faith Podcast. It is more on the personal side. On there I share my experiences of God and I also exhort and encourage listeners to seek the things of God while going through real life situations.

How do you maintain your authenticity and self-expression while still living a life for Christ?

I give myself grace and remember that I am saved by grace. I used to try to be righteous and change who I am in order for God to love me and I was so serious to the point where He humbled me and showed me that He loved me before and He loves me now. Knowing that inspires me to be myself.

What is some advice you can give to millennials who want to live a more righteous lifestyle, however would like to have creative freedom in self-expression?

Start now! Start seeking the things of God right now and He will give you the desire to start being creative and do things that will further share the Good News of Jesus. Don’t compare your walk with others, your only competition is the old version of you.

Can you share with us any essential lessons you have learned along your experience as a Christian influencer?

What I have had to learn the hard way is that I am not saved because I do not sin or because I’m perfect. I am saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. I was so hard on myself in the beginning because I felt the weight of my mistakes but with a renewed mind God helped me to see why He sent someone before my time to pay for my imperfections.

What do you think about our relationship with God as it relates to our mental health and wellness?

Having a relationship with God is ESSENTIAL when it comes to your mental health and wellness because we live in a world that is cold and selfish. We look around today and see that there is so much deception and wickedness and issues of life that can wear on the way people think. But when you have a renewed mind in Christ it helps to better balance your mindset and gives you comfort in hard times.

Do you have anything else that you would like to share? How can our readers stay connected with your initiatives?

I want to encourage everyone to read their Bibles and study what you’re reading in contexts because there is a wave of deception misleading people and giving false expectations, but…

When you read the bible and experience God for yourself it’s not as easy to be deceived.

Briana Petty

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