Lifestyle/Fashion/Travel Blogger Hollie Cooper Encourages POC to “Venture Out” and See New Cities, States and Countries

Heyyyyy there Queen!!! – Thank you so much for your time in chatting with us!! Please share with our readers; who you are, what you do, and why!

I have always enjoyed fashion getting dressed taking pictures and overtime that Transpired into to Becoming a social media influencer by sharing my favorite styles and also bringing my followers into the enjoyment that I love as far as food traveling beauty and so much more.

Talk to us about “Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle and Faith”. What do those categories of focus mean to you and how do you work them together to present your brand?

I’ll start with fashion I’ve always had a love for fashion growing up I was always around beautiful women who loved dressing up and believed in great style so it was transparent that I would follow in those footsteps and I knew in early age that fashion and style was something that I would grow to love and still love

I love travel I’ve been traveling technically my whole life so whenever there’s an experience that allows me to see different parts of the world I jump on it because I love to experience things outside of where I live.

Lifestyle and faith for me go hand-in-hand because my faith is a huge factor in my lifestyle the things that I do the things that I except the way that I carry myself all are based on my faith because I know without God in my life all of the opportunities and all of the experiences would be nonexistent and I’m so grateful that I have been blessed with the lifestyle that I have and I am able to share that with others I’m eternally grateful. — And when I put those together I represent a Christian woman who can stay up-to-date with fashions be in the trend but still carry herself in a light that is set apart and different in a positive way to show women that you can still have a Amazing life and love God too.

What about “Fashion” gets you excited, and who are some of your favorite style mavens? What do you love most about their style?

Everything about fashion gets me excited.  whether it be the designs the designer The anticipation of what will be the trend for the season , fabrics, putting pieces together what’s hot what’s not all of these things get me excited about fashion

For me with style I literally am all over the place when it comes to things that I like to look for but I am a huge fan of classic regal timeless fashions that always have a hint of trend included in them

My favorite style mavens are a mix of celebs as well as instagram influencers i’ll start with my fave although it is a fictional character her style will be my go to which would be carry Bradshaw it’s just effortless and classic which I love This may be a surprise but I am a huge Hailey Bieber style fan she is always mixing casual with luxe giving every day girl with great style vibes, Whenever I’m wanting a sleek clean style I look to Priyanka Chopra oh she will always give elegance with a hint of sassiness but I cannot forget about my IG style Queens my top fave would be Iambeauticurve, Hintofglamour & highlowluxe, there so many more I just can’t list them all 

What have been some of your favorite places to travel to and why?

Some of my favorite places would include LA of course I mean it’s the aesthetic capital of the world I loved New York I recently visited Miami which was amazing. Right at the beginning of the pandemic I visited Mexico for the first time and although it was limited in my travels of what I could do I truly enjoyed the culture and the people and I definitely will be returning again soon that is just a few of my recent travels that made a memorable marks in my journey but I have a list of new places that I am wanting to visit very very soon.

Many POC live their whole lives and never leave their hometown or local neighborhoods. Please share with us, your take on the specific importance for POC to travel more and see other places.

Me growing up I was introduced to travel at an early age being that I would be able to travel with my mother for work which would expose me to places outside of home very early in life and looking back I think it was a great opportunity for me to know and learn that it is important to try to see a world outside of your four walls of your community. For me it was a great help to learn and meet people from different backgrounds different cultures and different life experiences to show me an Broaden my ideas of what and who I could be.

I strongly encourage people of color to venture out whether it be the next city the next state or another country go travel see and experiences & what all is available to you and really open your mind to becoming a individual who is always looking for a better way of life.

Talk to us about your lifestyle. – What does the concept of “Lifestyle” mean to you, and what does yours look like?

Lifestyle Can mean an array of different things. For me my lifestyle is pretty normal I still work a 9 to 5 and I am a full -time influencer I try to experience the luxuries of life and mix that into my brand because I believe everyone deserves nice things at least every now and then but I truly think lifestyle is what makes you happy and brings joy to your life for me that can mean going to dinner or walking into a new trendy store, going down the organic section at the grocery store .. or traveling to a new city! all these things are what make me happy and allows me to share with others but I do want to say I want people to understand lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to spend every dime you have on luxury goods expensive cars first class travels it could be very simple very affordable and rememberable

How can WOC hone in on their own lifestyles and be more intentional with the direction in which they are going?

I believe women of color must first know what makes them happy things that they enjoy that they aspire to see or do and to not box themselves in of ideas that social media has placed on how women of color should be pertaining to lifestyle. You don’t have to expect to be Flewed out you can fly yourself out you don’t have to wait for someone to take you to a nice restaurant call your girls and enjoy a girls night or even a solo date you don’t have to wait for particular holidays to receive nice things or gifts girl splurge on yourself love on you these things are what people perceive as lifestyle but whether that be reading a good book, going into a store that you window shop in.. experience walks in the parks, getting dressed and taking cute pictures! getting dressed to go to the grocery store.. all of these things create a lifestyle and once we understand that it’s not monetary value that creates enjoyment in life but it’s when we put ourselves first and bask in self-care that’s when we create the luxurious lifestyle we want.

How important is your faith? Where were you first introduced to the concept of “faith” and what have you since learned about it?

My faith is extremely important to me; always has been, always will be.

Hollie Cooper

I began my relationship with Christ when when I was a young girl I grew up in church and around my great grandmother and great aunts who worked heavily in church so growing up that’s all I experienced majority of my life and unlike some of my fellow peers I grew a love for Christ and loved church but as I grew older I saw that at times loving God and being a young adult was not cool or something many people my age didn’t want to speak about but I never felt ashamed or hid my faith and that’s what helped shape my brand knowing that yes she dress well and is super cute but she saved too. But as I grew older I experienced things in my life that only my faith and prayers could get me through and only my faith and prayers lead me to the opportunities that many people would say I wouldn’t have had and that is why I will always contribute my success to first God and secondly those who prayed for me and spoke kind words into my life

How do you feel about holding the title as an “Influencer”? Talk to us about what that means to you and how you leverage it overall.

For those that know me know that I rarely like to use the tile influencer only because I feel that I’m just sharing what I like what works for me and hopefully what can work for someone else but I have embraced the title influencer only because I’ve worked so hard to get to the spot that I feel that it’s time to except the rewards that have come along with it but it’s never an easy task once you become an influencer because your life is always expected to be on display breaks and pauses are very rare and you always are thinking and wanting to give the best of yourself to your followers which can sometimes be overwhelming especially in a world of algorithms negativity i’m trying to keep up with whatever social media tells you is the new best thing but in spite of all of those pushbacks I still strive to give my followers the best Contant the most realistic reviews and the most affordable ways possible

Is there anything influential you’d like to leave our readers with? (Tips, advice or insight?) And what is the best way for supporters to stay connected to you?

If there’s anything I can leave your readers with I would say to always be your authentic self! — I always get messages of women who are afraid to be who they are because social media has given the idea that you have to look and be a certain way in order to be successful on platforms and I am a true testament that if you stand firm to who you are never waiver and do what you want and how you want to be perceived you will find others that appreciate the realness and Rareness of who you are! Find confidence in yourself and share it with others as much as you can!